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Red light diplaying battery and note saying stop engine. What does this mean

If it's the timing how much am I looking at in cost for parts and time in labor ??

After having the transmission , differential fluids changed/serivved and a ball joint replaced at 47000 miles, notice the car makes a strange "winding down" noise when lifting off the accelerator. Also notice the car seems to vibrate some and " idle rough". What could be the cause?

When will a repair man answer my ? Or will someone answer it at all? Thanks

clutch its leaking oil.. from some where ... I thought it might be the sleave but I am looking all over the trans and dont see the clutch sleave ... i bought a repair manual program on e-bay but it was a scam.. cant open it... now im lost... where is the sleave ??? PLEASE DONT TELL ME IS INSIDE THE TRANSMISION !!!

Got gas came home park car car shakes when I started up next morning and the check engine light is on.Drove it to store and the check engine light flash as I accelerated to 30 mph.

Everytime in order to change the shift, I have to insert the key in the console and bring it to the neutral and then start moving the gear shift.

service engine light came on ,had it checked out the code came out as fuel tank pressure senser

Is this a pinch hose?

its running at about 600-700 RPM's now.

Hi guys, I have a 2005 X5, 4.4i with 114,000 miles. I have a received messages from "trans failsafe prog" to "4F 85 EGS: Ratio Monitoring, Clutch E. I have no idea what exactly is going on with this car. The dealer had told me that I needed a new transmission. I had it rebuild instead but it's still acting up. There is a slight delay before the reverse gear kicks in. If you press the car a little hard while on reverse, I would switch to neutral. Additionally, stop and go traffic has become a nuisance now because the car is making this clunk noise like someone just rear bump me or something. The car really take a long time to respond when trying to accelerate to change lane on the highway. I don't know what left to do. Has anyone ever experience something similar?

I bought a 2000 mercury sable ls last june. i have replaced the tyrods,breaks,struts,ball joints,front control arm. recently i have been driving and everytime i come to a stop light or stop sign it wants to die and will. Even in the mornings it will not stay started it kills. so i have to keep my foot on the gas. and when i am at stop lights and signs i have to keep my foot on the break with one foot and use the other to rev the engine so it does not die. it is driving me nuts for how much i have put into this car.

i have a 93 s-10 blazer 4.3 vortec high output,1 of the screw
holes is stripped out,1 screw holding the cap on.if there are
any helpfull steps to replacing,the distributor i could use.i could do myself,before it goes to my mechanic .thanks

when i put coolant in my car, i can hear it pour out of the bottom of my car.

my front left turn signal and my right rear turn signals work and my driving lights work but nothing else what could the issue be also my driver side window wont go up at all now