will that cost to get fixed

The other day while driving on the open highway, the seat belt and battery light would intermittantly flash. Then for about a day it stopped. Then yesterday it started intermittantly flashing, along wtih the ESC and the ABS lights coming on. no other problems, no loss of power, or acceleration. Auto Zone tested by battery at 100% and also electrical checked out good. Alternator belts appear fine. No other symptoms at all. I drive a lot for my job throughout the day and no loss of power, no acceleration or deceleration problems, no idling problems, no reving problems. No trouble starting and no sluggishness on driving or any electric componenets (cab lights, windows, etc.) The only things was these trouble lights showing on dash. Then tonite, I stopped at a red light and upon driving through the intersection, the car died. It will not restart. Only clicking and seemingly little power, power windows sluggish or stop and dash lights barley come on. I cannot get it to start at all and had to get it towed home. Codes read p2106 and p1295, but only these two codes - nothing else and most forums don't make sense as I had not experienced most of the symptoms that others seem to talk about in relation to this.
Ideas? i am outside the warranty. 86K miles as second owner, certified pre-owned.

wasnt working my engine light came on and my esp was knackered and the car went into limp mode i took it to my mechanic who tried to put his star machine on it but it couldnt read anything because it couldnt get into the esp programme his sugestion was to get another esp which im in the middle of doing this has been a total nightmare

I have a 2003 Silverado 1500 HD with a little over 100K miles on it. It is having intermittent starting problems. Checked the fuel lines/pressure, so it has nothing to do with the fuel system. It will crank, turn over, then die. I have talked to countless people and no one has any idea what it is. Took it to Advance Auto and checked the computer for codes, nothing, not even a check engine light. The only thing I haven't ruled out is the PCM going out or a sensor.

idel bounces around when engine is warm.

truck runs good until you turn on the lights. It starts loosing power and dies within minutes. turn off the lights, starts up just like normal.

rear drum brk locking up, releases in rev. but locks again when you put in drive.

I'm wondering if it's worth installing a performance chip (such as the ones from Performance Chips Direct) on this car. The claims of increased HP and fuel econ. are impressive. Too good to be true?


I just bought this car. It needed new tires and a wheel alignment, as well as new tie rods. I had this done, and the car handles very well now, but I am concerned about a more-or-less constant rattling/squeaking coming from the rear of the car. I'm assuming I need new rear shocks?


What is cost of repair? He thinks he damaged the oil pan.

cross bar rusted out. Common problem for 1999 & 2000

My check engine light came on and is showing P0453 code Evaporative Emission System Pressure Sensor Switch High
input, this is the only code showing. Suburban runs a little rough and hesitates alot.The float on my fuel pump is bad fuel guage doesn't work over a year now but the fuel pump seems to be working fine unless it's starting to go now and is the reason for the running a little rough and hesitating? Any help would be great.


front wheel area has a grinding noise and some vibration when driving.

light blinks 3 times than 2 code 32

tire pressure was low, shop corrected that & pushed button. Light still on a week later. Shop says vehicle does not have sensors.
Thanks for any help.