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Where is the Glow Plug Control Module to PCM Comm Circuit
Where is the Imput/Turbine Speed Sensor "A"
how do you remove the connectors from thr heater hoses? The plastic black ones.
my truck for a few months would not go into gear somtime. if i put it in 4 low for about a half mile then put it back into 2wd it would work fine and this went on for about 2.5 months. now when i put it in gear it rol...
My A/C in my 2002 Lincoln Town Car is not working at all. I am assuming it is the compressor. I need a cost estimate.
1990 Mitsubishi Mighty max 4 cyl, What would be the first sensor to check? Already replaced water temp sensor. Same amount of black smoke from cold to running temp. Thanks..B
The engine light stays on and the code reads po125 closed loop fuel control insuff coolant temp p1155 manufact control fuel air metering p1150 ? changeg coolant sensor and air filter reset and check engine light...
12-02-10 bought truck so doing maintenance tune up opened radiator cap anti-freeze was tan brownish color. opened all radiator hoses and flushed it but top radiator hose going from radiator to engine antifreeze is not...
My rx heater/defroster does not work. The ac works great and the fan blows but no heat any ideas
Last week, I noticed my washer fluid was spraying straight up into the hood. I went and reattached the hose to where the fluid was coming out, now all I hear is the motor, and no fluid hits the windshield. Please no...
what is the total cost, least expensive, for a total tune up (plugs, wires & coil, for a 2006 Ford Freestar 4.2 liter?
Hood Release jammed cable broke,did everything the web had to offer.So far drilled/filed and srewdrived to break release open. Help
I have an oil leak and the mechanic says I need to replace the front & rear main oil seals. Can you give me an estimate on what that type of repair would cost?
I keep getting a PO442 code on my 2003 Chevy S-10. At first I thought that maybe I didn't tighten the cap enough after fueling, but it comes in continuously and now I also have a PO171 code saying my fuel is too lean....