when i went to start my car and turn on the heat nothing is happening i even tried turning the knobs to every opition face feet defrost etc i even tried turning the car on and off and still nothing

is it the alignment or the struts/

Alternator checks out ok, battery is new, all fuses have been checked and are ok, but the voltage across the battery is 12.2 volts with nothing running and only 11.9 with all accessories on except pass compt fan motor for heater/ac. Can not get the car to actually discharge the batt below 11.65 volts-11.9 volts but the voltage never goes above 12.2 either. Any ideas?

Car still doesnt start, "Security" light doesnt go off after 10min while doing the key relearn. Also fuel pump stays on when the car is off and key is out of ignition.


Sometimes you can turn the wipers on high and move the wiper arm and then they may work. Also, when the wipers do work, they will stop in mid-wipe.

cost to repair brake fluid leak

check engine light wont go off, noone can figure out why.

Heater working, stopped engine for 90 minutes , then not working. Drove about 10 miles, no heat. Then stopped engine for 20 minutes, fired it up and 2 minutes into drive, Check Gauge came on then check engine light came on. Engine was kind of shaking.

what do codes 053 051 025 024

I'm at a idle speed in drive or park, it sometimes acts like is wants to die. Does this little chugging noise and shake.. I took it to the shop and they told me I needed new spark plugs and wires. After replacing them, the problem seems to be happening more often. The problem is there isn't a check engine light that comes on. Also, my head gasket went out last summer, so that was just replaced along with the radiator. Just so you know some history on this car. Any ideas would help.

tried with funnel to add to speedometer cable spot and flowed right wouldnt take the fluid.Wrong spot?

1999/2000 GMC Sierra 1500 4.8L 8cyl gear indicator intermittent. If I replace the cluster how do I reset the mileage readout?

my traction control won't dis-engauge. Activation button is on the center console. do i remove console to find the problem?

How do ou know when to change?