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I need to replace the X engine in my s10 blazer, I bought a 50.000 mile 4.3 with different Heads intake bolts are at a angle, the intake of the blowin engine are vertical, can I use the heads and intake from the blowi...
just started today they come on when i start up and stay on all the time
shifted truck into park (auto trans)truck would not shift into park turned off engine vehicle rolled back.currently in store parking lot with emergency brake engaged
I need to know how to change the driver side front turn signal light bulb on my 1993 Ford Ranger XLT
GF drives this car. coming out of work one day and car almost started then nothing. manually put fuel into air port. nothing. pulled coil wire from distributor and got no spark.
I changed the oil i took the old oil out i got 5 gal of oil.. I think I'm getting fule in the oil.... what the heck...
i bought it used at a car lot, i think they probably had it tuned before i bought it, i have put 51,000 miles on it and has 118,000 miles
my power stroke engine works starts but it doesn· accelarate!!!
Which one is the 5th cylinder
i have replaced the hater core 4 times at a dealer and once at an independant repair shop. why do they keep blowing out in 1500 miles?
when im driving it cuts out and going up hills it backfires
how do you change the bulbs
when stopped in traffic oil light ,turn off engine sign comes on ocassionally mainly in warm weather, light goes off when engine is reved
shifetr on steering column just flops up and down, won't shift into any gear "P R N D 1 2" I've been told it's a simple job of replacing a little linkage, inexpensive and easy. True?