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Need to replace engine, any rough estimates?


New t-stat has been installed but same symptoms have come back.

changed thermostate changed coolant and still over heating the motor is good no ticking

Bulbs are good, flasher relay good. Not sure if turn signal switch is bad. Is there a way to tell if switch is bad?

not let us shift gears and the radio won't work what do you think might be wrong with it and what should we check?

it at like that guy you answer to

Is this a low hydralic fluid problem due to leak and how/where do I refill so I can get to mechanic

can feel every bump on the road, suspension related, possible leak in hydrolic fluid is stipulated. Where and how is that fluid added allowing me to get it to mechanic.

i have replace the fuel pump,tune up,crank sensor and cam sensor, still i am not getting no fire . can sombody please point me to my next lead, thanks in advance.
the sooner the better!!!

I was told a O2 sensor was the cause for the check engine and cruise light being on, I live abroad and the sensor is not available. Could a failed sensor cause engine damage and how do I turn the warning lights off?

i have no ground in the ignition coils

It happens at high rpms and it sounds like a problem with the intake system. Maybe an air leak or a turbo issue. It is not a belt.

cost 250 for parts and 350 for labor what do you think

wont go into reverse or 2nd gear its an automatic