keeps going hot then cold. would that be the thermostat? thanks

Would there be a reason that after being towed my SUV goes into limp mode with the brake light and abs lights coming on?I was away when my HOA towed it and I'm unsure how they got it on the flatbed since the keys were with me.....

After I picked up my car, it was running a bit rough but seemed to improve before I got home. It was probably driven under 100 miles (in a week)before the lights came on, speedometer died and it went into limphome mode. It would temporarily reset after turning off the car and seemed intermittent. Other strange things that started about the same time: A/C wasn't cooling, rear brake light went out, rear hatch lock has failed.
Limp Mode is triggered all the time now and it has started throwing p0720 p0500 is it true those could be part of the limp mode? I'm at a loss! Local mechanic told me to drive it until I could better decifer so I wouldn't be throwing money at it?? Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Defrost for front / side windows doesn't work well. Fan blow speed also variates according to car speed. (AC works fine). Told it was blower door, obstruction in mix box. Solution pull dash, repair /replace mixing box = $1,000. bucks.

I went to change my oil in my 2007 Honda Civic Si and when I took off the oil cap the inner ring of cap was melted? Does anyone have any clue why? has anyone experienced this before? Is it major

the place what shows the time, what radio station iam listening to, the cd player, and the tempeture outside
i just resently had my cabin air filter changed, but i don't know if that had anything to do with that.

fuel pump not running. MR MANNING GAVE ME WERE TO GET STARTED!. no fire at connecter to coil. crank postion sensor tested bad. put new senor on. still no fire and no fuel pump run!

we have done all usual checks turned key over, made sure all battery connections are tight and clean, load tested the battery. we cannot think of anything else to do does anybody have a ideas or solutions

i unscrewed the o2 and drove it and the skip went away so I thought the cat was clogged so I screwed the o2 back in and the skip came back THEN the check engine light came on and it ran perfect like when the o2 was out. Someone has replaced the maf and egr. I have a snap on scanner and the o2 is switching pretty good, so this is throwing me for a loop like the computer may be bad, any ideas? Thanks Ken

in 4wd rear whls spin but front whls don't turn

what do i have to do first in order to remove heads

This model has a V-6 and I would like to know what size the steel fuel lines are.

Diagnostic plug-in indicated EVAP leak. I had a smoke test performed and the canister purge-valve was bad. I replaced the valve and I need to reset the system to get the light off but I don't know how with this vehicle. Can anybody help?

after driving for like 2 hours total but with breaks between for about 2 hours then going up a hill bout a 7 prcent grade for 2 miles the engine sounds like ur goin like 70 mph but ur only goin 50-55 what are causes of that and what can i do to fix it

My mechanic said the crankshaft probably broke and ruined the engine. I had the timing belt replaced about 2 months ago. Could that be the reason I now need a new engine if it was installed improperly and whats the chances of that? Mechanic good friend and don't want to accuse him unless I should.

Impreza outback sport cost. I have 58K on the car and have never had the brakes replace.