why do i smell gasoline through my vents when the air conditioning or heat is on?

replace battery and starter , only starter move slow when turn ignition key

The car runs fine-no problem there-so I know it isn't the fuel pump.
the leak looks like it is coming from around the top of my gas tank.

How to change front break pads for 2002 lexus c430.

My driver's side headligh beam is higher than my left side. is there any way tu adjust this issue?

I may get two to three one-way trips and then it has to "rest" for awhile before it will start again. If it does start it will just misfire until it dies and I have to leave it on the street. I sat in my car for 2 hours the other night until it would finally start. Does anyone know what the problem might be?

my mechanic say's it is a hard fix.thanks

Well, the oil leaks from the break system and the break fluids leaks quicker.There's an indication on the dash board to check the engine.

Is this because of a loose mechanical timing component or jumped mechanical timing? And how much will this cost to repair?

Car wont move into and gear much less move into a gear so i can use the car???

I am having overheating problem with my mazda mpv 2000. the check engine light is on, so i performed a scan on the vehicle. I got 2codes: P0301 and P0305, both cylinder misfires. My question is: can cylinder misfire lead to overheating?

This is on a 2003 Cadillac DeVille

when car has laid for a while white smoke comes out of the exhaust pipe. what does this mean?

10 months after re placing the clutch , pressure plate and thrust bearing , the gears shift is very sticky and sometimes stuck in 1st or R , could this be the slave cylinder that needs to be replaced and is that easy accessible?

it looks like the battery is dead but it's not