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I inherited a 2000 toyota carolla that has sat for approx. the last 3 years. Was told that I might need to replace all the hoses, and was wondering the approximate cost.

Needs response ad soon as ppssible.God blesd

I am missing some of the weather stripping so I am not sure what type to purchase. When it rains hard there is a puddle on drivers side floor. I think it is comming in some where from the door.

Trying to empty fuel lines so I can replace them. If I disconnect the relay, the fuel pump should stop working, right? If not, what else could I do to accomplish this?

Hello, Only the drivers side low beam is out the passenger side works fine. I changed the bulbs and don't see any blown fuses. Any ideas on what the problem could be? Thanks

Need to replace ac compressor

cant get car to run

How much will it cost to get my dip stick out? The top brokr off thet gave me a price of 350 that seems crazy high too me. Any idea

Step by step how to remove and replace water pump and the timing belt.

I have a 325i wagon with very low miles that has extensive repairs and needs just about everything else original replaced. I have a garage, and a spare vehicle to drive. Would it be a good idea to buy the Bentley repair manual and begin to familiarize myself with repairs?

I need a new thermostat, brakes, I think I have a vacuum leak.
In under 2 years I've replaced the brakes, steering rack, belts, and 1 window regulator.
I realize I can't repair major components but If I could save some money on the minor things doing it myself the major repairs wouldnt hurt so much. The Bentley repair manual isn't cheap, does it explain the steps so a newbie could follow along or repair things at home?

1. Struts/torque?
2. Gasket valve covers?
3. New spark plugs
4. Auto transmission service?
5. fuel system service?

replaced top shock absorbers new rear shocks now with 45,000
on them. still thumping mostly on old roads not new smooth ones.

PCM is good, scantool powers but no link to pcm, 12vdc and ground is good on pcm, can srs stop pcm? is there an immobilizer? how do i troublesht obd ckt. service manual is poor. thx I&C experience

This would be the light at the shift lever

vibration is slite at low speeds. but when i get to about 60mph its stronger and louder. its like a humming vibration that you here. i dont realy feel it in the sterring wheel. i do feel it on the front floor my side and in my seat. i have changed the left side hub berring and front tires but no change. can anyone help me with this problem.