When I drive, my 2nd gear only works for about 500 RPMs and then moves on to the 3rd gear. It was not doing this before and Im not sure if I need a new transmission or maybe fluid?

When I brake, a rattling noise begins from inside the dashboard and then stops when the car comes to a stop. Its not anything to do with the brakes or tires.

or should i go to a mechanic

i just replaced plugs, oxygin sensors,( all 4) fuel filter,and front belts, It did the same thing last year, mechanic replaced one of the coils and a sensor. it ran ok until now with the cold weather

ABS is always on then I drive a little bit and the 4WD comes on?

Once car starts the 4WD light comes on

I purchased this van cheap the previous owner had the timing belt replaced after the distributor locked up but he had problems with it not running correct after that! So I bought it for next to nothing and found that the cam timing gear that drives the distributor has a couple teeth missing & it jumps time occasionally. My question is how costly of a job is it to replace it?

Check engine light came on and car went into limp mode. Mechanic reset it and it did it again so he hooked it up to the computer and it said this is what needed replaced. He did this and when I got about 12 miles away from the shop it did it again. Now he says Chrysler said that the connectors needed changed.

I have a oil leak where the lower intake meets the block at rear of motor. I got a seal kit from the dealer but it doesnt include a gasket between the block and motor. The dealer said to put a 3/16 bead of silicone at that area but it didnt stop the leak,is there anywhere i can get this seal or any ideas on what i can do to stop the leak?

cables were corroded and almost completely disentigrated

wont turn on or anything

When I firmly press in the knob it works and I can feel the heat but when I release the knob nothing happens.

rus very rough then dies

The truck will not start after a quick stop.It will crank over good. Eventually after several attemts the vehicle starts up. This happend few times only. I have replace spark plugs and fuel filter.Good example I drove from VA to PA and at PA after a 20min stop the truck will not start but it did after a while. I was told by Mechanic that as long truck starts up they cannot trouble shoot.Please advice

i put new power steering pump, hose and pulley on it and tha belt is still breaking