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Hi. I would like to know how many batteries cell inside the Landcruiser 2005.

2700 mi on my 2011 RAV4 I've had for 6 wks & wheel wells somewhat packed w/ ice from wkend hwy slush, even after being in attached garage for 24+ hrs. Pulled onto interstate & steering wheel began shimmeying like out-of-align. By 75-80 mph, engine began 2 lag, "4WD Off" lt came on, performance got worse & CEL came on. Pulled off road, idled poorly but had to keep warm waiting 45 min 4 tow truck. Toyota Dealer sd "no DTC" & "no problems" when they test drove it 3X/day for 4 days. How is this possible?

Vin: 1FMZU65EXYZC14435, Mileage: 69500,
2000 Ford Explorer Limited, RWD.
My Dad took his Explorer in for service and they told him he need to flush and exchange transmission fluid and service the transxale fluid. I checked his service record and saw that the transmission fluid was flush at 60089 in 2009 but no transaxle servicing was recommended at that time. Is it necessary to service the transmission again before servicing the transaxle?

I ignition is on panel not steering column and with anti lock system i also need housing that the key ignition fits in if possible u can contact me faster @1209 752 1480 thank you

As the car reach operating temperature it makes a deseiling sound which sound like its coming from the trans and this how I found the disconnect line on top of the trans. otherwise the car runs good. where does the line connect?

1. Why oh why is there a ski bag installed in the car. Has anyone out there found a better use for that spot?
2. Cargo shades/nets. Scuze me? Does anyone know if Audi or a 3rd party manufacturer makes a hard parcel shelf and a metal gate?
3. My hope is that a ton of work went into the engine, as people seem to love Audi's and allroads, in particular. But if I took the cockpit and cargo of my 1999 Saab 95 Sportswagon and put it in the Audi allroad, well there ya' go! Hard parcel shelf, cargo gate, pockets in the front of the seats, air conditioned glove box, GOOD cup holders, better moonroof. The Audi definitely has some features, but a redesign of the interior was due for that year. I thought that they were a competitor of Saab. Perhaps not. Oh well, they were obviously better at staying in business.

what is the part in the vapor purge line that looks like a small inline fuel filter and its black no part number that i can see it has hose clamps on boyh ends feeds back to intake

the handle broke!!! I am seeing this is a very common problem. Is there a recall in the works??

As I said in another post, I'm going to separate my questions so they're easier to read.

Just bought my car used with a warranty. Seems like the in dash CD changer is blocked. By what? I'm not sure. I hit the load button, but can't get a CD in. There are no CDs already in there. It looks like it's blocked by something in the center of the slit. Perhaps an item that detects you pushing in a CD. Anyone know why that would be so stuck?

I just purchased the car used with a 1 year warranty and it has some issues. I'll separate them and address just one here.

The air spring system is nuts. I hear the air pump in the back often when I start up the car, but there's no rhyme or reason or recognizable pattern to it. Sometimes the "Self Levelling Suspension" light comes on and then just stays on. Then it's off for days. If press the raise/lower buttons, at one point it was trying to raise. Tonight it didn't even try. Does anyone have any idea whether this is likely the pump, a module or the springs leaking, or all of the above? And, yes, yes, I'm considering the conversion kit.

I'm new to Audi ownership (former Saab Sportswagon owner (LOVE)). I know that as soon as I get a moment, I'll take it to Auto Zone to have the codes read. I think they'll do it for free. The dealer charges $130.

the car jerks when you start the car and wen u start to drive it, it doesnt go in the right gear

Timing belt slipped one notch upon driving, car has 26000 miles It is an R/T and when this happened the engine lite came on and the car idled rough. Timing belts are made of rubber, they do not hold up under heavy accleration. They should but they do not. Is this a design flaw in the build of the engine. Car is in the shop. Covered by warrenty but whats the use if this can happan again. What to do???

have installed rotors,pads,rear brakes,front calipers,brake hoses.

The vehicle starts and when you release the gas pedal the engine will die.I'm told that the Crankshaff Sensor is the problem or the conections thereto.Who has this problem and repairs it and how.

Just bought car. Engine light came on & got these codes. Is it major? Should i return the car? 2005 Kia Optima, have owned it for a half hour. Please help!! Thanks