i check the fuses none were broken. I dont have anything to test the fuses with. the circuit and relay i dont know anything about. BUT the power locks dont work and sometimes theres a clicking sound when you press the lock.

I have a 95 mazda maita mx5 that has 71000 miles and has started fluttering or missing when the gas pedal is pressed, and has gotten progressively worse now it also has a ruff idle, if the accelerator is slowly and steadily pressed runs great no flutter or missing. I have no check engine light, plugs look good wires look good, new fuel filter, and air cleaner, thanks

The radiator light is on, the ac is not blowing cool air, and it's running a bit hot. The fan isn't circulating ( unless I'm on the freeway).

where is the switch and how do you repalce it?

About three weeks ago had to replace the altenator and the battery. Could this have anything to do with the engine light coming on?

i pull the hood release and that pops then go to pull plastic lever and nothing cant get the hood open

I have a hole in one of the hoses that is connected to the heater and in between the manifold and engine. I keep losing antifreeze in this particular hose and my heater doesnt work quiet right. This hose is hard to get to. this is an everyday occurance.

when brake peddle is pushed it is full and the engine revs up and truck speeds up momentarilly after long time truck will stop . and a air release noise comes from under hood no dash lights ror abs comes on

now check engine light is on and stays on

it just wont turn over

Whenever it sits sometimes for less than 1 day...I changed out my battery and it still dies.

the engine starts right up but after a few minutes it will shut back off and when you press the accelerator nothing happens

My 94 Ford F150 power steering pump bearing is squeling, and needs to be replaced. it is a 4.9 motor. Can anyone tell me how to replace.

The car leaks oil when it is idoling. Is this because of oil filter or oil pan?

location of expansion plugs (freeze plugs)on my 1996 nissan 200sx