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Dealership has said (friend that is a single Widow) that by putting the car on the lift for a brake job, that the struts extend fully and can cause damage. And that they are not responsible for any such damage. Is there any "jigs" or other such tricks of the trade to get around this damage risk? Thanks in advance for the assistance.

No problems so far. Have topped off fluids. Bought it used. Timing belt changed at 60k. New tires.

the last oil change I did on my car I used Mobil 1 5w 30 high mileage full synthetic and had no problems....I just did an oil change using Castrol Edge 5W 30 full synthetic and my car is jerking.

How to reset B service alarm after service is done?

Notice that it was on recall in 2009 for this problem. By replacing the power steering pump, will this fix the problem.

While driving truck bucks and make high acceleration noise

i turn on the a/c and you can hear when the compressor goes on.. it blows air but it is not cold air at all.

Two Caben filters? One inside and the other under the Hood?

The car shut down completely. Could not move key at all. All lights went out and the anti-theft light blinked several times. It was about a minute after I started the car and started driving. I could not begin to even tell you how scary this is. Especially since I am crossing railroads all the time. 2008 Chevy HHR

Sometimes it does this when I first start the car. I took it to my car repair man and let him have it for about a week and let him drive it and it didn't rev up on him. He also tried to hook it up to get a code and it didn't give one. PLEASE HELP!

AWD--front and back tires different in size. drove for 6 months until the smaller tires on the back were ripped to shreds along with a grindy, knocking noise coming from all the wheel areas. after putting the same size tires on, just a knocking noise by the wheels and big loss of power

it is coming from the back passenger tire i had my brakes changed and the noise is still there gets a lil louder when acelerating any help is appriciated thanks

the car failed emisions due to the check engine light not coming on what do I do

it said something about switching valve closed bank 1. the other is second air flow sensor high input bank 1. what should I do? i have a 2005 corolla xrs

how to fix it?