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My '97 camaro z28 has a slow start. It takes several starts to get it to start. When it starts, it smells. (like it may be running lean)I had a new o2 installed because the code said the o2 sensor was the problem. ...
When driving and putting my car into second gear, it pops out.
Off and on I can hear water sloshing in the dash. It just started about a month ago and it isnt all the time. I have already had the thermostat replaced 1 year ago and the water pump about 4 years ago.
i need a step by step guide on how to change the valve cover gasket. thanks
engine light was on, took it to a volkswagon dealership. They just called and said the evaporate emission canister is bad and cost $6oo.oo to replace. The volkswagon has only 8,500 miles on
the rear end in my Avalanche has a whirring sound notice it gets quite taking curves when the pressure is on the rear driver side, the noise is louder as you take a curve to the left with pressure on the passenger whe...
My Avalon has 310,000 miles and it is time for a timing belt replacement. I understand the water pump should be replaced at the same time. What is a reasonable price for the replacement of timing belt and water pump?
After about 15 minutes of driving and engine is warmed up, when I stop at a light,I have no oil pressure until I drive again. I have enough oil, so does this sound like my oil pump is going out?
I found a puddle of water under the car and the water reservoir was low. It appeared to be leaking from the water pump.
passenger seat frame bent.
when applying the brakes going over 35mph the front end starts to shake
We had new tires put on our Pacifica and now it is making a noise that sounds like loud tires. My husband says the "rear end " is going out. What does that mean and what does it take to fix it. Thanks
my brake lights come on periodically over thjthe past month even when the car is turned off and no one is in it. I have been driving away in another vehicle and looked back and the brake lights were on. I opened the c...
I replaced the Spark Plug Wiring and spark plugs after the dealer diagnosed as wire # 3 & # 5 were bad. and the spark plugs were bad. I bought the complete set of wires and new spark plugs at parts store and replaced ...
Needs one to two quarts every 1500-2000 miles. No leak on ground. Why am I burning so much oil?