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can abs light be reset on a 1998 lexus gs3000
does obd computers read abs codes can abs codes be reset
i tried wigling it pulling it but no success any advice?
No problem yet was told that brakes needed to be replaced with calipers?
I believe that the right front brake hose is bad. This happens whenever I apply the brakes, all the time under all conditions
about 3 months ago my abs,vsc lights came on what do i need do to resolve my problem
Arrived at work this morning and was not able to open my windows or use the power locks. I checked the fuses and they are working.
Vehicle ran until the dash cluster lamps were replaced. Has fuel rail pressure and spark. Injector pulse is intermittent. Please help.
I recently got into an accident with a car smashing into my back sliding door, leaving a huge dent on it, how much will it cost me to repair this? I don't have any insurance right now
I have a grinding noise coming from my front tires, after inspecting it I see my great explorer is stuck in 4 wheel drive. How do I get it unstuck?
I was charged 65.00 towing, 100.00 alternator assembly, 287.00 alternator, 165.00 labor.and they refused to return the old alternator so I could get my core charge back. Is this the correct way for a merchant to handl...
I have a vibration that occurs when i get to speeds of 65 to 75 mph. This will stop immediately when i let off the acclerator. It almost reminds me of a worn U joint in the older cars with rear wheel drive. Technolog...
I took my car in to find out why the thermostat lite was on. they say I need to replace the thermostat...can anyone tell me how to find it?
My rear wheels spin in snow, mud and gravel I don't think my AWD is working? Does anyone know what the problem is and how much it may cost to fix it?
I put the car in gear, and while it's idling there's a noise that seem's to be coming fron the transmission. The noise goes away when I apply the throttle.