I can manually shift vehicle, but when in d feels like it its in 3rd or 4th gear. Under load, the cab's voltmeter dips below 12v, dash and other electricals dim, but returns to normal after taking foot off of accelerator. Other boards suggest electrical; i'm thinking alternator. I haven't been able to get a code reader to it yet.

Is it the pump or what?

no leaks all seems to work no heat

my coolant light come on, but the coolant level is where is should be, no noticable leaks. only have 27,000 miles on car.

there is water from the radiator leaking from under the dash on the passenger side

the head lights flicker/pulse as do the dash lights. It doesn't happen all the time but quite a bit. I also notice that the amp guage fluctuates. Any idea on what it could be?

The gentleman said it was only seaping not exactly leaking

Oil change was done 6 months ago, but driven maybe 800 miles in that time. Truck has low mileage (43,400). I'm getting air blowing out of oil fill cap when removed. Could a stuck valve have caused the burnt oil and air blowing out of oil fill cap? I changed the oil myself this time and the filter looked like it has not been changed for a long time. Very little oil came out of filter and it was very heavy. Not very easy to change/remove filter.

do I need to replace something and how do I do that

Trouble code: P0602 P1618

ive swithed transmissions, the old one did the same thing but i could put the car in first gear the new one i cant do that but i can manually shit from 2nd - drive gear

remove and replace radiator on 2004 tbird.

air but it want turn on the back defroster is working but the air for the inside of the truck is not else can we check so we can have it fixed but I want to do it myself can someone please tell what needs to be done or what else I need to check. Thank You...

Knocking sound from underneath vehicle; diagnosed as a bent flywheel.

When you first crank it up it is gassy smelling. It uses a lot of gas.

i tried to fix my horn and when i put the airbag back on it went crazy now i have no radio no interior lights what can i do to fix this i need the radio screw the horn