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the temp mode buttons light up, but the display does not light up

OXY SNSR andOXY SNSR HEAT what do i do?

I will need a step by step intructions to be able to find it's location looking at the front of my car. Thank you!

Fan only works full speed - not in 1, 2 or 3 speed - can you tell me where the fan amp control board is located and how difficult it is to change myself? Thanks!

Checked for spark shot some starter fluid in the intake and she fires. Checked pumps and they work but only if I put power directly to them. Changed the fuel pump relay, ecm and still wont start. Any ideas???

so my issue is in last summer a/c and thru winter heater was great as well. Well since it has been warming up I no longer use heater but i still feel heat coming thru vents although my heater is off. tried turning on a/c and it is not working. any idea why?

My Check engine warning lamp is not working properly/would not illuminate during smog check.

When the car has been running for awhile, I have less success getting the release button to let go. I have no diagnostic lights indicating a problem. What would be the best fix for this problem?

6-8 X during a 40 mile trip.

looking into purchasing used mercedes clk 320. Want to know what to look for questions to ask and what to expect in future with maintence and big money replacements should be ready for. 1 I have in mind has 75,000 on it. Thanks in advance

i have a mazda mpv van 1991 and we had to replace the altornator after it was replaced it would die on me from time to time until it wouldn't start so we had a mechanic check it out he said it was the distributor after that was replaced it still didn't work an he couldn't tell us if the little box on the side of it was suppose to read anything or not so we took it to another machanic an he hooked it to a machine said it was the distributor coil but now it keeps blowing the coil it doesn't stay on any longer than 20 minutes before it kills the new coil we've went thru 4 coils trying to figure out the problem the machine says everything is fine but it still won't turn over the mechanic is stumped what could be wrong with it?

the check engine light comes on and the code says its the 02sensor.

its a 3.0 V6 it hapens every time i go to put it in reverse it takes a few seconds to go in reverse and knocks into it hard when it finally does engage

starts it runs pretty rough until you open it up a few times the it seems to smoothe out...plugs seem fine fuel pressure is good holds fuel pressure losing 5 psi over night..checked egr seem to be in good condition replaced the ect sensor for the ecm has codes 13 and 43 knock sensor and o2 sensor..knock sensor was just unplugged has fairly good compression all the way around all with in a few psi of eachother...tried to get a look at the rgulator and it doesnt appear to be leaking...any ideas

i need to know how much torque should i apply to the header bolts since i replaced the headers