'03 Silverado 5.3 V-8. Barely runs while driving through rain. Loses power, misfires, backfires. Simple tune-up, or something more needed?

Just had tune up 1 week ago

change all ignition parts and fuel flush but still codes po301,po300 cums back. car jerks and lose of power but not to bad...need help please

Is my trans a 4L60E??

when slowing down and depressing the clutch my car stalls and i have to restart it again. i sometimes will have to do this a few times. sometimes the lights will go dim and the car won't start again until i let it sit for about 10 minutes

I replaced the alternator. No voltage. I grounded the (-) field terminal to the alternator chasis and the alternator then produced voltage. The alternator stated it is internally regulated. However, I was informed that my D250 has an external voltage regulator. I cannot find it. If it does have an internal and external voltage regulator it seems like this would create large problems.
I have not been able to locate any shorts, or opens yet. Fuses seem to be good. I have had conflicting information about the SMEC/PCM. I have check engine light on. codes 12, 33, 35, and 41 via flash codes. Break light, check engine, mainenance required idicators are lit. Truck runs great on battery power.
I don't want to put a bunch of money into the vehicle. Any suggestions?? Thank you

Jeff Mohler

It almost feels like when you have the cruise control on and it doesn't quite catch up (like on a hill), but this is happening with no cruise control on, and it has happened on level streets at around 20-30 mph.


when I start my car in the morning, the knocking is heavy and I can hear it all the time but low after engine is heated up.
Car has 85K miles on it.
I dont know whether it is the problem with ignition timing or spark plugs.
Please help me

Will start perfectly and run at idle or even holding gas pedal down alittle but will only run for about 30 - 45 seconds then just stalls immediately. Will restart and just keep stalling 30 seconds later. what could be the cause.

transponder key chip + dash in scion tc = starting the engine?

How i know when there bad

Got code e-49...cleaned throttle body and checked the hoses from the egr valves no leaks. car ran good for two months. now the problem is back.checked codes and e-49 came up again. I cleared the codes and got0.9.0 then 7.0..now when I drive it seems like I have the cruise control on. it will hold the speed of 30mph and i don't even have my foot on the gas. should i replace the diverter valve and the egr valve?

econditioned module cheaper. Automatic Transmission

2001 nissan xterra whines when first taking off and jumps into first gear