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I would like to know how much it is going to cost to replace the lower control arm on the passenger side of my car.
I recently changed my battery,alternator,and serpentine belt; and emptied out my fluid recepticals to make access easier - now I am not getting any wiper fluid from my wipers enen though its do I get the ...
I was told that the left shock on the front was leaking the car would not go up on that side. so I had the car towed to the shop were I had the shock replaced for 835$ which was 500$ less than one year ago. I had to...
the engine light has been on the code said gas cap bad but it did not go off after i got a new one
The red air bag light on the instrument console is illuminated. Dealer said the sensor under the passenger seat is probably bad, and it will cost about $500 to diagnose and repair. The minimum charge just to diagnos...
I am leaking power steering fluid,is it possible to replace the power steering hose?
i put my truck in 4 wheel drive.4hi it heels like it don't wont to move at all.if i turn the wheel just a slight bet i really don't.i checked fluid in transfer case under motor its ok.
My car seems to misfire when i first pull off and when i go up hills it slows down as if i have no power. The check engine light has not come on. I have a stick shift.
I have a 2002 Dodge Durango 4WD that will not go into gear. I temporaily fixed the problem. The mechanism in the steering column is not engaging when you press the brake. Could you please tell me how to fix this pr...
the 12volt plugin that is hot all the time is not hot at all. Can't find a fuse for it
this first happened after a 200 mile trip , and is noticeable now on short trips
Going 65 mph on interstate the speedometer starting showing 120mph and the indicator would go past that speed. When I got home I shut the car off and then turned the ignition on and off to just the on position not st...
where do i get information, BEYOND the owners manual on the Eddie Bauer systems on my explorer ??
my explorer Eddie Bauer version has "advtrac". the "message center" intermittently says "ADVTRAC off" what performance, or safety issues does this affect??