Just dont wanna start

The car has been making a loud noise. Repair shop says it needs a new exhaust sytem and new catalytic converters. Cost equals $1300. The car has less than 60K miles.

My car has only 45000 miles, but is 9 years old. So, I'm wondering if I need to replace the belt and how much it would cost.

Today I had two issues. Went to car and remote would not open door or trunk and a clicking was heard under the dashboard. Roadside assist came and jumpstarted the car but then I was unable to move the shifter out of park - a neighbor said the brake lights were not lighting as I depressed brake. Car was towed to local mechanic but I just am trying to figure out what it might cost as I am disabled and don't have the money at all. Oy

put in a new battery still nothing

I need to replace a parking and turn signal bulb in my Suzuki XL and want to know how to do this

I get a light that comes on: Driver Malfunction defaught seatbeat light comes on. What do I check.

How do I turn the lights off on my 2003 745i

I trying to put the cover back on but one side are the other will not go on

the bulbs and fuses are ok.

I can put the car in Park but the key doesn't always come out. Sometimes it releases and comes out, other times even though I restart the car, run through the gears, put it back in park 10, 15 or 20 times, it still won't release. I'm not sure if this is just chance, but it seems if I am putting it in Park slightly UPHILL and steering wheel to the right, the key will come out. Yes, by leaving the key in, I have had several dead batteries.

How do you replace the door inside light?

it's 2.4L 5 speed manual, was making a chugging sound when idling so i replaced the spark plugs, now it is over revving whenever the clutch in and revs anywhere from 4000 to 6000 rpms. As soon as the clutch is released the rpm drops.

when i went to start my car and turn on the heat nothing is happening i even tried turning the knobs to every opition face feet defrost etc i even tried turning the car on and off and still nothing

is it the alignment or the struts/