i have heard the evap canister could be leaking slightly out of a hose. where else can I look.

To change the timingbelt and water pump and also change rear brake?

To change the timingbelt and water pump and also change rear brake?

About 10 days after Honda dealer replaced my spark plugs, I tried to get a smog check for registration renewal. I had drive more than 50 miles at varying speeds up to 65. I have had two smog checks rejected because some test parameters (OBD catalyst and OBD evap) show not completed.

returning to the water pump. no water in the oil???

I still don't have heat in the back but I do in the front.

When we bought the car the engine light was on and dealer said it was O2 sensor. They replaced sensor and light went off for a few hundred miles. Light came back on and code is for catalytic converter. P0420 Cat Sys Efficiency Threshold That was two years ago (still trying to get dealer to fix problem). In the past week the car shudders-almost feels like it is downshifting and upshifting or like hitting a patch of ice where car slows and then catches and speeds up. We had the code cleared and checked and still only says catalytic converter. Thank you in advance.

When I start the car the battery light stays off for a couple of minutes then comes on. It'll stay on for a few minutes then goes back off and on intermittently. I just replaced a 10 year old battery at Advanced Auto and they checked the charging and starting system and it's O.K. What it seems like to me is that the light is off while the battery is charging and comes on when the battery is up and then goes back off when the battery is down a little and needs some more charging. Does this make sense?

we have cecked the starter alt. and battery.on the fuse box under the hood on the passager side clicks .you can feel the clucth fuse when you try to start it

So when I start my engine (v6)the car goes up to about 2.5k RPM, then drops to under 1k RPM (almost dying, but then it picks up again). It does this repeatedly, Up...Down....Up...Down. If I try to drive off, it acts like there is zero power, and I cannot get further than about 500 years, and it doesnt die, but it the engine will not produce ANY power. This has happened as I left the parking lot at work, got onto the road, and I had to coast to the side, or be hit by oncoming traffic. SCARY. I had check engine lights come on - they got cleared by the guy on accident, but it was running too rich, running too lean, on both banks (5 codes in all - relating to the same thing) If I wait for about 20 mins, and just sit there, while it "does its thing" I can drive off like normal. This is my 2nd Passport, and my first one did NOT do this. The dealership I bought it from replaced a sparkplug, and the EGR Valve. But is worse now. I have no faith in their mechanichs. I took it to a Honda dealership, and they have had it for 2 weeks and counting, with engineers looking at it, and they cannot seem to simulate it, and there is no check engine light to pull codes off of. I have had no transportation for a total of a month and I just bought this thing 7 weeks ago!! If you can give me any direction......I would really appreciate it. Currently its at a Honda service center....but they have no clue what to do for it, so I have gotten no Bang for $130 diagnostic fee Buck! It was fine for two weeks, then all of a sudden, If I did not get that warm up time, even on a warm afternoon, I was not able to drive it.

1998 Nissan Sentra right rear brakelight only works when headlights are off.

I recently a yr ago or so rebuilt my front end (it wobbled) so I relaced tie rods.steering box,passenger knuckle. passenger axel. passenger hub, front breaks and motor mounts....Its doing it again and all my seals are leaking what the f?????

I know I have to get the serpentine belt off, any thing else?

87K Original on the Odometer.
just this morning I got in it, started it right up as usual but when I put it in reverse to back out it didn't move, So I put it in drive, hit the gas, it didn't move just revved like I was in neutral. up to this point gave no signs or shutters of transmission problems.
I haven't checked the fluid yet, but have noticed no evidence of it leaking, it is parked in the same spot every night.

any ideas guys?


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