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4.3 v6 hard to start when cold starts fine hot has missfire around 2300 &5000 rpm
How difficult is valve cover gasket replacement. I did all my maintenance years ago when cars were not computers on wheels and I had more time.
when engine is still not warm with heater on you get smell of gasoline
My truck threw a P2106 P2108 fault code. I lost all power. I had a mobile mechanic come out to verify the code. Which was the ETC. The butterfly on the throttle body does not open fully when you press on the accele...
clutch slave appears to be leaking, i have to refill it every 2-3 days, i have a hard time down shifting
other vents work, won't come out of windshield vents
Why doesn't my car want to start since the cold weather. do i need to replace the battery? what will help prevent this?
I have been diagnosed at several auto shops that I need bushings replaced. They have all tried using all kinds of lube to stop the annoying noise but to no avail. What would be a fair price to replace front and rear...
My 2002 TL's SRS light is on after the head light repair by the dealer. When I brought the car to dealer, the technichian told me the SRS sensor is mulfunctioning. He told me they would fix it for free because the SRS...
The dealer already told me this is the problem but they want to charge me $265.00 to replace the part.
Hello, My car battery is dead in my garage cant change gears to roll it out of garage to have it jumped? Any it possible to get into neutral? I have a keyless push start car?
after fixing my battery and alternator that both broke my milage and speedometer stopped working. no clue how to fix.
i changed the relays for the truck i also tryed putting my old lights in also tryed flipping lights around checked the ground wire also
I need to have the following repairs done according to the repair shop. Please tell me if these are fair and if all are "must dos". Thanks in advance. front pads - $40 front rotors $144 back wheel cylinders - $54 air...
I actually own a low mileage 1987 Olds Ciera and purchased it new on Dec. 15, 1986. December 2008 I was driving from Seattle to Portland, OR when the water pump went out. Repair shop at time told me that since I had ...