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Hi, I was advised from Toyota dealership to replace all 6 injectors on my car. I had engine and VSC sensors on, and a rough driving before diagnosys.
ok on top of exhaust manafold there is a puddle of oil between the covers i have a bad oil leak checked the cover and all looks great but still cant see where the oil is coming from HELP! please
lost my chip key what must i do
the pressure gauge drops to the low side after the truck has been running awhile and sometimes it does not do it at all. I noticed when I'm going 30mph and if I notice it dropping I can let off the gas pedal and it co...
I was told that I need to replace the steering intermediate shaft and I would like an estimate please. Thank you
hello me again my car wont start it turns over and it will pop like its tryin to i think its the coil but not sure just wondering if anyone knows thanks
I am trying to figure out how to open the liftgate as well as what part I will need to replace. I have been told that it is an accuator, but am not able to find that part anywhere online. Keyfab will unlock all doors ...
My honda was in a crash & the only remaining trouble code is solenoid E. The a/t has difficulty engaging
How many Amps should the alternator be putting out on this truck? It has the Z71 Package.
After changing the oil on my Porsche Cayenne I need to turn the service light off. If you could tell me how to do this it would be very helpful.
any help on replacing this switch would be greatly appreciated
im about to buy a 2003 navi and wanted to know if it's a good suv??? i.e., what type of problems should i expect at 100k miles, 150k, etc...
recommended battery cca?
fan belt pop i tow vehicle in reverse now wont select revese