i have never had my car over heat till i had the coolant flushed then i could not drive move than 5 miles without it over heating took it back two days in a roll to the place that worked on it they gave up sent me some where else said they would pay for it i've been told it was the head gasket then i was told its the water pump and now they are saying its not their fualt because the car has 315000+ miles so they are not going to pay even tough i never had this car over heat before this

I checked the serpentine belt and it looks fine. The car drives fine, but makes an annoying noise. Sometimes it stops but it does it most of the time

Whenever the car is shifted from park to reverse there's a noticably long delay before the transmission engages. Then I feel a "thud" and the car moves in reverse. This occurs whether my foot is on the accelerator or not.

Lexus Gx470, Dashboard lights go out when automatic lighting sensor is activated. Problem sometimes goes away when I cycle the lights from auto to off. But now it appears to be getting worse.



Wife was driving car when check engine light came on. She checked display, all working except no coolant reading was displayed. Where should we start?

cost for replacements question not answered

its a 96 plymouth voyager

have all the bolts loose and the pan has come down some not enough and all the bolts out of the timing cover not coming off any clues...

he bought this car brand new! told him that i work on cars on the side 4 people! it blowed head gasket at 67000 miles! now in the morning or when sitting 4 a long time it starts wright up. but after its warmed up or been drove if he shuts it off. like if he goes in house and goes back out and gets back in it.he has to crank it over and over 4 a long time. check engine light is not on.

how do you adjust the air gap in the crankshaft position sensor in a 2002 mitsubishi galant?

I just got new plug wires, changed the fuel injector, (niether of these matter in compression test) took car to autozone for diagnostic test: said, "misfiring", no bad sensors or anything other than just misfiring. This happened after the teeth all came off just around the crank on the timing belt, and i got a new timing belt and changed it. I bought the camshaft timing belt tool to hold the cams still while you put on the belt. I put on the belt step by step according to the chilton book on my meake and model. After I got it running, i coulkd tell right away that it wasnt running properly. I pulled the plug to each cylinder while running. all either bogged down to almost shuuting off or shutting off. The 1st cylinder was the exception. Pulling the plugwire to the 1st cylinder did not make a difference. Then I did a compression test. all cylinders had consistent readings except the 1st cylinder once again had absolutely NO compression. not even a slight of air came through.

There is also a sequnce that they must be torqed in as well, what would that be?

were is that relay and circuit