I am not sure if thr trunk should close slowly or slams as it do now. If it should close slosely what are your recommendation.

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S. Hardy

something caught under lid preventing lid to open completely

I bought the car in the winter of 2010 and everything ran fine. Now it is getting cold again the heat doesn't work anymore. I know for sure it isn't the heater core, Thermostat or fluid. Everything seems to be in shape but can't find the problem. I'm not very mechanically inclined so as much help as possible would be very appreciated. Thank you

In what order should the priority be to do the following:
Transmission Service, Fuel Filter, Air Filter, Coolant Flush, Fuel Injection Service, Throttle Body Service, Tune Up, Fuel Filter, Valve Cover Gaskets, Front Struts/Shocks, Synchronize Power Locks, ABS Sensor is bad...?
I inherited my car a little over a year and a half ago without any maintenance records and have had little money to put into my car other than for oil changes and the like, but now want to develop a priority list and start knocking out the maintenance. Thanks!

i need to change the head gasket , water pump and some other parts. my sebring has 111k miles on it and is going to cost me around $2000 they say. and i don't know if i fix the car , if i wont have any problems or if something else will need fixing after all this. thank you

Please respond if you know the locations. Note Z71 I have may it work by shaking wires under seat. Now that doesn't help.
Thanks Love the truck

This is the first and only time it has happened>

this is the only time it has done it

Is it safe to drive without damaging anything else?

The compressor is only 2 yrs old.All the freon is gone. Do I need a new compressor? Will a new pressure sensor fix it? Isn't the sensor supposed to PREVENT this? Thank you. Bill

How do I know which front end parts need to be replaced? The front end is out of alignment and it wobbles side to side at slow speeds. Much better at 45 and over. How do I figure out which parts need to be replaced first?

the car is over heating, we did the head, flush the radator. replace the uper and lower radator hoses what more can be wrong

I've been told that only the front part of the catalytic converter needs replacing. I need to have it done prior to inspection as my check engine light is on.
If at all possible, I would like the breakdown of parts and labor so I can fully understand how big of a job this is.

The Info Center on this 2004 Colorado z71 4x4 says "FUEL CAP" but I replaced the fuel cap twice, that did not help. The truck smells like rotten eggs.It has NO CODES. Could it be the EVAP purge Valve/control solenoid?

other 4 coils wont fire.I tried pulling 4 coils and testing on the 2 that were firing they will fire then.What do u think the problem is.?What would be the solution here.?why would 2 of 6 work and 4 others not?