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car has codes for miss fire 1 3 5 lean bank 2 plugs new wiers new coil fuel pressure regulater new cleaned out egr
all spark plugs are burning black on drivers 5.3 chev pickup 2007
how to clear (reset) overhead console "change oil now" I have done exactly what owners manual said and it still won't reset. Also parking assist will not reset either.
The heater fan doesn't work on low or medium settings, only on high.
oil leaks from lower engine area
i just nee to know what the name of the part is that i need to replace. i can only open it manually thru the trunk
The heater fan quit working, there is no blower, Could this be a fuse or is there a different problem?
I've already submitted a question concerning the RAV4 overheating - engine light comes on - thermostat was replaced - sensor replaced - gas cap is ok - still overheats. When the thermostat and sensor was replaced - ca...
When do I change my transmission fluid?
After paying for my water pump to be fixed and after the mechanic installed the water pump, to my surprise it was still running hot. I took it back to the mechanic and he stated the the motor was now ruined. IS THIS P...
I went in for a normal oil change and the service person at the dealiership told me I need to get 4WD service performed even if I never used the 4WD. I'm a little over 21,000 miles and never got the service with my pr...
my car starts just fine, but when i test out the volts level on the battery it says 12.31. what does this mean. do i need a new alternator? or is it something else?
i checked the injector resistance and the coil resistance and they came out ok
where is the fuel filter on my 1999 audi a6 2.3l v6 and how do i change it
what type and where is steering fluid