my 93 ford E#350 is rnning ruff, and it will nut stay runing . it has a 7.5 gas engine. will some bad exhaust manifold gasket cus that ?

i have check for gas and everything, is good dut i am not getting no fire. can it be my crank sensor ?

Only during the colder months, my key remains locked in the ignition & the Park indicator light does not illuminate. I have to wait about 5 minutes for the Park indicator to illuminate, which then allows me to remove the key. According to a Honda blog it could be a shift linkage problem. It’s a recall item on some types of Hondas. Why is this not a recall item on 1993 Integras? Any Ideas to fix the problem?

I've already WD40 the key & ignition and the Acura Dealer made a new factory key. Both without success.

Again, key removal is fine during warmer seasons.

Car did not start, On the third day It started, I drove it twice that day then on the third time it was back to not starting. Fuel system issue? Maybe a crank shaft sensor issue?

I have a 2003 Toyota Sequoia SR5, 4X4. Just recently, I noticed two interesting things happening. 1) When i turn the steering wheel to the right, while driving, the interior dome lights turn on. 2) My door locks will randomly unlock while driving. Any suggestions?

had repair tyrod inner-left & outer-right also front struts replaced & front end alignment-steering was locking up
whengot back-took back bearing on top of struts replced-helped right-but left very tight when parking or getting out of parking place''Any ideas?? service provider has none thanks

My check engine light came on today with a message about the fuel cap being loose- I turned off the car, unscrewed it, retightened... it was definitely on tight enough. This happened about a year ago and after I did this, the light went away. This time the light did not go away. I also just had a major service done on my car in August. Wondering if it will go away on its own, if my car is safe to drive... I really can't afford a major problem right now.

I've had the a/c evac done at a shop, now I just need step by step directions.

It was fine when i got it used from dealership. Once i changed the oid and filter the noise started. What could it be

driver or passanger side?

1 of 2 pongs that used to attach mirror to fixture was broken. where can i get pongs?. How much delear charge for this mirror fix.

what is the cost, and the process involved?

How do I replace the bulb in the right rear brake light of the mercedes benz?

GL 320 diesel

05 Nissan Altima, 2.5L 4-cyl, auto trans, 140K miles. Just bought car ~2 mos ago. 3 starters & a flywheel since then, keeps chewing up teeth on starter bendix gear and flywheel ring gear due to bendix not fully engaging flywheel. No obvious misalignments found. Is this a common problem with these cars?