i just bought the van it has a 3.8l engine, it has 2 codes present a p0156 and a p1151 the previous owner also stated that it used alot of oil what do you think the fix would be, thanks for the help

I believe the sensor was damaged when a brake pad detached from the brake shoe.

just one wheel.


oli is leaking into the spark plug wire hole

The car was not running when the leak started. I had my son crawl under the car to see where leak was coming from and he said there is 2 hoses and it is coming from the top hose, but cant determine where. I also have a issue where my car makes a knocking sound until it warms up.

that when he was driving it home it appeared to overheat and just die on him. Does this vehicle have the auto kill switch that kills the motor if it becomes overheated? I was told this car has been sitting for 3-4 years butt only has 84,000 miles on it and is overall in excellent condition. Please advise as quickly as possible. Thank You in advance.

Had A/C worked on at a local shop.Compressor clutch had went bad but I went ahead and had compressor and drier replaced.System was serviced but a/c wont come can suppy power direct to coil and system blows cold.He says he got lost after that but thinks a/c amplifier is bad .I dont want to THROW parts at t to see what works

it's a 2006 jeep liberty and it does it after driving awhile not at any certain mileage,then it might not do it again after you stop and check the wheel out. Put new brakes on it about a year ago. Any help would be thankful.

it is turning over, but like its not getting enough fuel. i have tapped on the gas tank, tapeed on the fuel relay, pumped the gas pedal, to avail

I'm not sure if one of my spark plug wires is a little loose.

it seems i use alot of gas ,i can go 45 miles and use a quarter of a tank,does anyone else feel this also? my display panel has partial light,i cant see my gas gauge,on the left, till i turn overhead lights on, i can see odometer, but cant see the right side gauge. also my headlights have very poor lighting,what can improve them..sorry ,hope you can understand my questions

i have had the dash apart a bit and cant see anything that would be causing this. is the led shot or is this loose wiring some where????

check engine light will go on at times.when it does, sluggish and jumping until it starts gaining speed?

turn signal don't work. Fuse and relay