runs now but revvs up and down goes all the way to 2000 rpm by itself what could be the problem

i was at the light and i press my gas paddle to go but the car moved slowly ,like it was in neutral, and now while in park and pressing the gas paddle i have to press it to the floor to get the engine to rev up..is this cable or a line

I have replaced the alternator, the battery, the battery cables, and it still goes dead after 3-4 days parked.

when i turn on lights, it doesn't light up on left side of shifter P R N D are all dark

The signals will be operating just fine, and then suddenly neither signal will work. Sometime later they will randomly start working again. When this occurs, both signals are not functioning, but if I press the 4-way hazard button, the 4-way flashers work fine.

Checked the fuse and you can hear the speakers pop but no sound from the radio. I have read about other people having the same issue but they did not say how to fix the problem. Can you help?

What do i have to do to get to the spark plugs in order to change them

truck run very good except the idol wont go down,is there a senor?

I sounds like it is coming from the wheel area.

it is an automatic

I have a 2005 ML350 that I have had serviced only at Mercedes Dealerships since I purchased it in 2009. I have done every service/maintenance recommended in addition to an alignment, rear brakes and a water pump. When the water pump went out in Sept 2010, I was informed it destructed the belt and the belt tensioner. I had the dealership do the complete repair. Within a few days I noticed a squeaking noise and took the car to the dealership and reported the squeaking. They said they could not duplicate the noise. I took it in several more times for maintenance, etc. and each time they could not duplicate the noise. Last week it got worse so I drove it to the dealership on a Friday evening so they would have it Monday morn. The automobile broke down on the way and I had it towed in. I was informed yesterday that my power steering pump had torn away from the timing case. They also said they had never seen this happen and did not have any idea how it could have happened. I reminded them of the noise I had been having since the water pump repair, but they informed me there was no connection. After careful thought, I have contacted 3 other dealerships and 2 certified Mercedes Technicians. I was informed by every one of them, the only way this could have happened is that my power steering pump was not properly installed back after the water pump was installed, that the power steering pump had to be either moved away or taken off in order to put on the water pump. I informed the dealership of these answers and was told this morning that they did not have to touch my power steering pump and that they were not responsible. Has anyone else run into this problem? They are giving me an estimate of over $4000.00.

Heater was working fine one day then it just stopped working, blower works fine. Heater core and valve original equipment.

I went to a german car repair shop and they said I needed a Yah sensor ($1895.00)and new trans ($4,750.00). My car cuts out when you step on the gas and doesn't shift correctly.

One is resting on fuel line. Do I have to replace all of them?

At high speeds, the car wobbles when changing lanes. The car doesn't turn as firmly as it used to, and the roads in Seattle are the worst. Makes me think that all the potholes have finally taken its toll on the struts, and possibly the shocks too.