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it is hard to shift gears,after installing a new clutch what can i do to fix it?
Codes E-13 & E-39 were found after Service Soon Light came on. Mechanic is telling me that the transmission code requires more diagnostic code which will cost me about 200.00. Also told that trans oil cooler hose ha...
what should i start to check or replace first
I had 3 dealership mechanics in the past 4 years tell me the CV boots are leaking and need to be replaced. I looked and don't see any leaks. Is this realy necessary? I had a friend tell me he drove his vehicle for 4 y...
Truck doesn't go into 4 WD. Can turn switch on dash and it will read 4 WD High but it just clicks if you are trying to go but doesn't engage. 4WD was used maybe 15 times in 6 yrs, and never for more then maybe 5 miles...
What is a ballpark figure to replace a lower intake manifold gasket on a 1998 gmc 5.0 2wd with a/c.
I neded to know the location of the pcv valve.
When I start my car in the morning or anytime it's been sitting for several hours, I notice that my car makes a squealing noise when I steer it to the right or the left. It's also very slow to turn and seems to be sti...
As I am driving my oil pressure gauge bounce around stops on low and stays there. What should i do?
Wondering if it is possible to clean the injectors and how hard it is to clean them? Car was running rough under acceleration and above a certain rpm. Had to ease up on accelerator to upshift. Replaced gas filter twic...
Need to replace the timing belt, serpantine, tensioners and plugs. Also should I replace the plug wires with the plugs? They are the 90k mile plugs.
the check engine light stays on all the time
I have a 1991 chevy s-10 4x4 that when I pull the lever to put into 4 wheel drive and it sounds like its engaging, and feels like it, but the front wheels do no lock in
heater works but wont blow on floor