I replaced my front driver side wheel bearing in my 06 g6 gt. After which I am getting an error message in the car of ABS and traction control...I don't know why. PLEASE HELP!

air suspension not working,replace front right shock ,check fuses,relays.front almoston tires,can not turn wheel

how much a shop would probably charge to fix it for me or atleast a rough figure.

The oil pan has a hole in it form running over a shovel, all of the oil leaked out.

I have checked the manual but it is difficult to find Toyota's description of that area/related to a fuse. It is the bottom line on the display.

Truck runs fine till I get a little heat in the engine then it acts like a pplug wires off. Checked wire harness being Dakotas had problems and re-sodered the main wire power wires. I have not run code test yet but it seems electrical. Replaced O2 sensor, but thinking about Map sensor coolant sensor or cam position sensor. What is a good place to start???? ECM is $200.00 and don't want to spend that till I have to.

the car needs new trans has 204,000 miles.

What does that mean and how or what should I be getting repaired or replaced to fix that problem and ultimately pass emissions ....

I need the firing order ,2008 Dodge Magnum 2.7L.Thanks

I added a new alternater and battery and van still wont stay running..battery charge indicator goes dead within a few minutes of starting then van won't start at all

now it runs rough when cold.

and the flash part of the mfs works.all the running lights and turn signals work. thanks for any help.

It sounds like the fan is on high speed too.I disconnected the thermo switch in the radiator no change.

ford f-150 302ci v-8 pick up

I changed the PCV and the MAP, but still no better. Runs fine when engine is warm.