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things that are ok,fuel,voltage,compression.trigger or pulse

That was all I was told.

Out of three estimates that was from 1 to 2 hundred dollars cheaper than the other other two. Is their anything I should know before I have the cheapest price do the work. Thank you for any info.

we checked all the fuses and they still dont work can anybody help

I just bought my 95 SAAB 9000 Griffin Edition a couple of weeks ago. The guy I bought it from said it needed a new radiator, and a heater core. I bought the new radiator, but before I buy a new heater core I want to make sure it needs a new heater core for sure. Alot of people have been saying that alot of the time it's the o-rings. Either way the guy I bought it from said the heater core was leaking into the car. When I looked at it, the hoses were cut... All in all I guess my question is, is does anyone know how to remove the heater core? Do I have to remove the dash, or anything from inside the car to take out the heater core. Or, can I just remove it from under the hood?

My mechanic says this could mean the transmission is failing. It seems to shift fine and smoothly. What seems to happen is that the car hesitates and sometimes loses a little power while driving. From what I read online it may be a feul system issue. Any ideas?

no headlights,dashlights,wont even turn over

I just replaced the battery in my 2000 CLK430 and now both the drivers side and passenger side windows will roll down, but will not roll up.. Is there any relearn process that needs to be done after battery replacement?

Any idea how much I have 2 spend & if there could b an adverse affect if i continue driving it this way? Thanks.

car turns over but will not start

Brand new alternator was installed and a new battery the battery still doesn't hold a charge.

have a 1998 Nissan 200SX it has been sitting for just under 2 years, We have decided to use it again. We were told that since there was less than an eighth of a tank of gas it should be ok to put a gas treatment in there and then fill it up. So what we have done so far is change the spark plugs and cords, replace the fuel filter, bought a new battery, and put some heet in the gas tank along with something lucas brand to help clean the injectors and think out the gunk in the tank.. But the car won't start it just keeps turning over, We used some starter fluid and it started but only for a few seconds and then turned off. What else should we check for??

I have a 2005 Gmc canyon that keeps losing power and i don't know when it's going to do it.I have a son to protect and we were almost hit as my truck lost it's power in a blind hill yesterday on the way to their school!Thank God the car swerved out of the road & everyone was alright.This was a wake up call!I have already paid out hundreds of dollars on having it put on a machine & being told it was the throttle body,so i had it replaced & thought it was fixed til it started with the same thing happening again which is 2 lights come on saying reduced power and traction default-idles badly!!-and loses all power,but still runs?I pull over to a safe area then turn it off and on a few times and it's fine.It is getting worse though by doing it a few times before i can get back home.Can anyone please help me?My husband has posted asking what could be wrong,but no luck yet.Anything would help.Thanks

It makes the noise whenit is not accelerated also

Most of the time the guages work; however, periodically, the RPM will stop working. Sometimes the speedometer won't work. Sometimes the battery needle will pulsate and the engine will pulsate with it. Maybe these are two seperate issues, but not sure.