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My coolant reservoir has coolant in it but my coolant light stays on
how much will it cost to have blendor motor replaced?
little over 100k auto,check engine and ima light came on driving pulled up,p1456,p1449.just happened today,12/29/10.could feel power loss compared to before lights came on.
what could it cost to have the check engine like checked and turned off.
when the weather turns cold the check engine light comes on. i then take my truck to AutoZone and they tell me the error says "left bank lean". This only happens during cold weather. During the summer the check engine...
the ignition switch is bad have to wiggle the key to get heat,a/c to work.What is fair price?
My headlights work just fine, but my tail lights, license plate lights, running lights and dash lights won't work. I've changed the fuses and replaced the illumination relay and the bulbs and they still won't work. I'...
Everything, except electrical has been checked and the heat does not work except a little on the passenger side, very lukewarm set at 90deg. Repair checks all made, still a mystery. The doors and motor work, there's a...
the fuse has repeatedly popped on fuel injector battery will die you jump it replace fuse will start right up but does it again
my od off light started flashing yesterday and the engine went of few minutes later.
how to remove a broken lug bolt
please tell me where the oxygen sensors are located on this car. if you can show a pictured diagram.
Would like to get an estimate of repair
Ignition key is not turning in lock core. Takes 1 minute of 20-30 turns before it gives a full turn and starts car.
replaced fuel pump was blowing the fuse(ecm-b)reassembled problem unsolved checked fuel pump with direct power runs fine replaced relay and checked voltage of relay connector no voltage except.3voltsfrom orange wire s...