I replaced the right rear blinker bulb and socket. The light works now, but the blinker is not. I don't know what else it could be.

Is it something I can change myself?

Also, mechanic says has to order parts from Hyundai

had a garage put scanner on and gave me these codes I was told a dealership would help to find out what it is and what to do

all fuses and bulbs have been checked

reinstall and pressure test

The charcoal canister has been replaced. The check engine light came back on in about 45 days with code P0446 VSV valve malfunction. Where is this valve and how can I find out how to fix it?

i work at motorworks and this car was put on my lap and nobody here has set the timing chains on one of these cars before. the person that brought me over this car couldnt either! from what i understand is that i need special tools to set timing on this... if i do then i cant do anything but if possible i would like to get some knowledge from you if possible on how to do this. thank you!!

I was told the fluid leaking from my car was from the differential. Last time I drove it, it smelled really hot. I was told not to drive it or it would cost a ton to fix. How do I replace that fluid so I can actually get it to the shop?


had my oil change about a month ago and know is leeking oil i have been told is leaking from the oil coller housing how can these break and what could be the cost to fix thank you


I've tried to reset the computer by unplugging the battery.

When should I get my brake pads replaced?

My dear 1 year old son likes to fill my CD player with coins. First just the CD player wouldn't work, and now the whole system won't turn on. Then, my heater started blowing cold air. Then, the car wouldn't start. Brought it in to the dealer and they say it's shorted out the wiring all because of the coins in the stereo. Not sure how big the problem is yet. How easy is this to fix and how much is this going to cost me????