dash cover has to be removed i don't understand how the dash cover removes so i can replace the headlight switch it appears to me there is a top and bottom to the dashboard covers

will not start.has had complete tuneup coil distrib rotor all new.a guy said may have something to do with trans selector ??any ideas?

crankshaft sensor replacement cost?

Have a leak where lines run next to the firewall. can't tell which one is bad. bought both lines but need some guideing

abs works in big snow piles not on black ice or small pathches of ice?

can't figure to to dislodge the in bumber sensor to be able to replace it in new bumper.

I was driving about 35 miles an hour and suddenly my car slowed down and died. Everything else is on but the engine. It wont start again, but lights and radio will turned on. What's wrong with it? Is it expensive to fix? Please advise. Thank you.

i had to put a new battery in, went to get emissions, paid once, and they said i need to do a drive cycle. already drove 110 miles, but they said it may not work. i need to do the drive cycle.

my temp gage not working i replaced the sensor it worked for about a second and stoped working

I have to get out and release pressure on the line and use handbrake to stop then refilling brake fluid tighten brake line up and three miles later they lock up again. This is fricken crazy I think I run my self over now and all will be good!!!!!!Please help????????

I have the carmd and it is telling me the reason for light is gas cap. I replace cap and had it reset at a local kia dealer. Now 2 weeks later light comes back on with it stating the same problem. Anybody out there having the same problem. kia states it is also the gas cap. inspected gas cap and it is in perfect condition

is it cheap like 50 dollars

Only when I turn car on can I use my heater. I want to warm up my car.. isn't that what the point of an automatic starter.

after it warms up there seems to be no problem

My oil light stays on and it is full of oil