Hello, So, I have a 1994 Geo metro XFI with 47,000 original miles. It's beautiful. It is a 1.0L 3 cylinder engine.

It does have a bit of a rough idle when coming to a stop. It has a manual transmission. Say I'm coming up to a red light and have to stop a little faster than usual (or sometimes stopping normally) I downshift 4 to 3 to 2 and then into neutral.. when I get to second gear and put it into neutral, the car sputters a bit like it wants to stall, but it doesn't.. it recovers.

New on the car: new spark plugs, distributor cap, wires, air filter, oil change and filter, and hoses.. there doesn't appear to be a vacuum leak anywhere. I'm really at a loss here! Many thanks!

once we start the car it will inflate with no problem, and sometimes it will not deflate at all during the night.

The other day I went to start the car and it would not even start at all. I have replaced the plugs and wires. I have taken off the breather hose and covered the throttle body with my hand to see what would happen and also sprayed some starting fluid in the throttle body,nothing has worked so far ! I'm thinking it might be some kind sensor ?

starts and shuts off driving car and at stops dies

I believe it has a timing chain. What would be the most likely cause of the engine just shutting off for no apparent reason? Was no noise at shutdown had gas and was running fine. Could an ignition problem cause this rather than being out of time? If the engine jumped a tooth or two would the valves possibly hit the pistons? Thanks

1999 Nissan Maxima GLE-Has 257K miles. What type of oil/s are best for this car with such high miles but runs good?

where do I find the purge valve at, keep getting code p0441, have cleaned and replaced gas cap

My 1999 Nissan Maxima runs good overall but should I be concerned about a timing chain? What other high mileage services are imperative that I have done aside of regular oil changes and routine maintenance? Thanks

I have been told I need a motor mount but the person is a friend and NOT ASE certified. How much does it cost for my vehicle and what does the service entail? (1999 Nissan Maxima GLE).

My car makes a "haunted house door" type of creaking noise when I turn hard left/right but only sometimes. When driving if I let the wheel go briefly it doesn't pull left or right but at higher speeds feels a little bumpy and loose on the front end. Could it simply need it to be adjusted. Is the such thing as rack and pinion adjustment because it is very expensive from what I gather. No apparent fluid leak though. I was told I needed a new rack and pinion. Please help.

Is there a relay or fuse that might be bad fir it not to turn on.

Car starts but runs like its out if timming wont idle. Any thoughts on what code 13 is_

I recently had my BM replaced and then re-flashed. Now my ACC will not function when I turn the key on.

I went and changed the timing belt. i got it on and checked every thing and tried it before i put all of it back together it started fine 3 or 4 times. so i finished putting it together and went to start it and nothing just like the starter was unhooked checked every plug and all even tried it in neutral nothing i check and it is not sending power to the signal wire on starter that tells it when to start i can jump the starter and it will start any idea what could happen all of a sudden within a couple of hours. thank you for looking and helping me out with this have a great day

other than that the engine starts right up, there is no smoke from the exhaust. any tnhougts of what might be the problem. Can valves be adjusted on this engine