is something missing on the frame

i have haynes repair manual. the crank sensor was bad. put new 1 on still no volts at coil.all the wires from asd and fuel pump relay check good 4 resistance. from the powertrain control module. the ignition coil driver to coil,asd to coil and injector, asd relay from pcm to asd and fuel pump relay. all check good 4 resistance.but the book says that the connector behind battery. its closer to firewall.number 3 on connector on pcm to that pin on that connector are the same. well when i check it for resistance at first got nothing.then started wiggling it around and i could make it go from high to low to no resistance.can't get any thing now. but i can hook meter to that pin on the conector behind battery. and 7 wires on connector to pcm show resistance. two of them go to a printed left and right circuit board connector that i can't find.

what is missing

the car litterly accerates fast when i step on the gas pedal slowly

The electronic Throttle control light comes on while running and looses power and the check engine lihght is now on as well

I am not sure if it is one of the two side struts or the single one. The motor works fine. I might be able to fix it myself but if not, any idea of the cost?

not sure if a fuse is blown i get on heat when i turn on heater. ac works ok blower is working.

My car begins to vibrate intensley when I reach approx. 65 mph, it is not constant but is frequent. This also happens when I am descending from this speed.

This is causing me to replace front passenger tire and brake pads almost every three months

Just recently, the dual switch for the front power windows started working intermittently, and now doesn't work at all. I checked the main fuse behind the center console -- O.K. The passenger side power window switch works fine for that window, but the driver's side window won't roll up at all. Any ideas?


I have a bad alternator on my '99 V70XC. I want to swap out the alternator, in order to accomplish this I have to relieve the tension on the accessory belt before removing old alternator. What is the procedure to follow before attempting the swap. I've seen a YouTube video which seems to indicate that turning the tensioner counter to it's direction of rotation will relieve the tension, is this correct, if not, which direction works with a Volvo, if at all?

my nissan just turn off on me will i was on a traffic light I try to turn on the enging back & was dead, I put the ignition key on and evething work radio,wiper,lights, I push the car to a gas station & try to turn the car on & it turn on like nothing happen. any body have a idea what could be the problem. car have a code po505. thanks

Door does not swing freely at all, tried all kinds of lube, no help.

I need a schematic for powerm steering pump and hoses for a 2002 Jaguar XK8.

Have replaced it twice in ten years and now I need to do it again exactly one year from the last one.