my car reads 200 but don't seam hot

I've been detecting a mis/hesitation thought maybe it was the transmission. Also the headlights brighten when I accelerate. Just replaced the headlight switch on the dash.

tring to rebuild column cant find drawing

I replaced starter, cat converter, oil change, trans oil change, tune up, new battery, clean cables.

instructions for replacing water pump on 97 seville sls

bad antifreeze leak

The engine will idle, but when I try to accelerate, it coughs,dies and backfires

And used A001 989 21 03 10 ATF... seems the car is in limp mode??? How do I get it out of limp mode??

when should fan belt be replaced

4X2, automatic, 3.0 L v-6

on Wednesday morning, i put truck into drive and it hestitated when I pressed on gas. Once rolling it was slow, but picked up speed within a short distance. I added tran fluid after i got to work, and let it run a few minutes. Problem repeated until thursday night, when it became obvious I wouldn't make it to town to pick up new brake pads (issue i can handle - once tranny is set to go).

Truck is now sitting in driveway while i get info on repair. need truck for my jobs and i am really hoping this is a minor fix (ha ha?)

Does this sound like a drain, flush and refill will correct problem????

it will click once or twice or do nothing. once it is jump started, it drives good & seems to keep a charge for short periods of time.
I had the battery tested: good, w/ & w/o a load. They tested the starter & alternator - also good.
Only thing they could think of was,an electrical short or selenoid.
can you tell me how to fix & approx cost

Back blinkers work fine. hazard switch blinks only back lights as well.

This was a Penske rental cargo van and they installed a throttle govenor that will not let me go over 68 m.p.h. It cuts back and is hard on the drive line besides being very dangerous on the highway. I can't even pass a semi truck without being a problem myself to others. Its a real pain in the B_ _ _!!!Can anyone help me please?????

The engine starts fine, no rattling or any signs of engine or fuel pump problem, but the engine cuts off after 3 seconds.
I ran a scan, and it showed there is a problem with
DDE grow plug.
After doing some search on internet, I was unable to find similar problem for BMW, but for other brands, like Cryster, they said its the car not recognising the transponder in my key.

Please help me solve this problem!
Thank you