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If you are replacing timing chain, water pump, and serpentine belt at the same time should labor hours be adjusted so as not to be charged double. For example you would be removing/replacing some of the same parts wh...
unable to find transmision fluid dip stick
When I step on the gas, there is a klunking noise (only if I excelerate in a hurry and it will only do it up to 40 mph). If I ease on the gas, it will not do it. Can you please tell me what this may be and how much to...
my buick lesabre needs new hubcaps. how much are they and where do i get them?
Warning light w/dealer stating the CAT converter ($1400)replacement. Both brakes done & shop says both sensors bad($750)Help?
How do you remove the right rear interior quarter panel? It is making a knocking noise.
2002 Tacoma Prerunner Fuel Problem Prerunner accepts fuel very slowly and can take upwards of 30 minutes to fill the tank. HELP?
what kind of fluid goes in the clutch
my check engine light came on. diagnostic code p2402 and p2406 came up.
Symptom: when starting off engine runs fine through normal automatic gear shifting. Once warmed up then stuttering of engine starts at about 3000 rpm when shifting into gears. Its not transmission though since I teste...
i hook the battery up backwards and now the car will not start can you help
truck shut off after running very rough. would not restart. replaced the cpu. replaced the cam sensor. have good fuel preasure. any ideas
When parking the car, if I turn wheels extreme right or left I hear a "clunking" noise. While driving, the car will pull to the left or right or, rarely, not pull at all! On one occasion on a very cold day, the car ...
I need to find out if I need to reset my Timing and shift points after replacing the spark plugs? Can I do this myself, by disconnecting the battery for 10 to 15 mins?
has anybody put E3.54 spark plugs in there car.I have heard pros and cons I would like to here from someone who has tryed them in there cadilac.thanks triump68