cheak engain light on i think spedmetor problem but icant find lockton

How are they fixed?

i had what i thought was the ignition switch replaced on my Pontiac grand prix gtp 2001. i am still having same problems. i am now being told that what i had replaced was the lock cylinder if that is in fact true wouldn't i have received new key?

i have a bmw 528i..1999 e39..with 140,000 miles and while at the shop getting my value cover gasket changed the tech said my aux fan was defective...also..what octane of fuel should i use....

just bought this used car, they said it needs a brake job

is it the altenator

could it be the abs system

indicator lamp keeps coming on and sometimes while i am cornering tires hesitate

idle is very ruff sounds like it is missing

it also has po505 and po300 code what can i do to repair it

I had an oil change about 3 weeks ago and was told my AC compressor was making knocking noises. I hadn't noticed it before. I recently started hearing the noise. On 1/27/12 I noticed a burning smell. Today, 1/31/12, I started the car and there was some smoke and a strong burning smell. I had to get it towed. The tow truck driver said that the serpentine belt(?) broke. What needs to be repaired and what is an estimated cost. I bought the car 09/30/2011 and purchased an extended warranty. Is this something that would be covered?

i have lost the key to my car and i had to pull the ignition out to start it but it still dont start i have went and tryed all 15 codes to start it but still no luck any ideals what i can do to get started.

i have a code readin of p0355 it was tellin me #5,3&6 coils now that i replaced the spark plugs and #5, &6 coils it just gives me this code sayin primary/secondary falfunction, the pcm fuse blew shut the car down on the hyway then replaced that and it started right back, so do ya'll think that it could be the pcm or is it maybe a short somewhere in the wireing?

It almost sounds like something metal is loose underneath and constantly hitting the ground with a clunk clunk clunk. Nothing is loose/dragging underneath though. It's been a long time and the car seems to drive fine.

Is there a difference between exhaust manifolds on a 4.7 dakota with california emission and one without?