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The 4WD won't engage, no light indicators, lights work, but only when first start up they all light, then none after its started...I can't change to another mode.."Service 4WD" light displays...could it be the actuato...
the engine shuts off while driving. it mostly happens under 2000 rpm's . will start right back up most times.
My problem is intermittent, usually in the morning when its cold i can push on the gas and the tachometer will increase but the engine doesn't. Also at times when i am trying to accelerate my car starts will start bo...
I'm in need of a new motor or to have my crankshaft and all replaced, how much would either of those cost?
My abs light goes on with the traction control light for a trip of 15 miles. Then next trip of 25 mile the lights are not on. It has been doing this for two days. I asked the dealer and the told me if the light is on ...
"This is not an ashtry" container is stuck in open position.Although only used occassionally for change it will not close.
Is it normal for my car to have a ticking sound when the engine is running. It doesn't use any oil or anything and it still runs smooth.
The stain started at around 1200 miles and continues to this day. I can wipe some of it away, but have never experienced any thing like this. I look at the muffler and tailpipe of other IS250 and no rust stains.
What is the cost to replace ball joints
No problem--would change just for maintenance purposes.
what should it cost to replace power stering pump.
what is the cost of ball joint replacement
car just cranks wont start takes about three times to start sometimes starts and idles and dies immediately