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What is the price for a hydraulic system repair. What does it mean when when the light stays on. Please only honest answers. Iv'e already been taken for 700.00. I am disabled and can't afford these rip offs. Please h...
If I wait until the next day, it might start. A friend said that it's either the crankshaft sensor or the modulator. What do you think
It stayed on inside the panel of the truck. The mechanic's said they had to replace the master cylinder. Well that wasn't the problem, 700.00 later. I know a few things about trucks and believe me I no when the master...
Recently (March 2015) with the headlights on the rear tail lights won't work. I replace a 15 amp fuse under the hood and it's ok for a while. Then a few weeks later while headlights are on, same problem again, the ta...
My van began to misfire so we changed the coil PAC and spark plugs and wires but it didn't help now it is worse and my signal lights, tachometer, and speedometer quit working. Can u tell me anything?
burns oil fast and seems as if it gets hot under my hood
lever will not move it. it is jammed i guess how do we fix this
It will not shift when it gets hot