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Does the hub and rotor come off separately or are they one piece.
What type of engine oil do I put into a Dodge 2003 Dodge Stratus?
I have coolant coming out of the exhaust pipe. just started doing this. oil does not seem to have any coolant in it.
I can't seem to find the trick to get the coupler disconnected? Is there a simple trick? How is the coupler release? Do I push on the outer collar? Mine seems not to move, like a air hose collar coupler.. Any help wel...
There is a engine knocking when car is in drive. If i am driving i can put it in N to stop the knocking. i was informed that i have 2 bad spark plugs or cylinders would that cause the knocking? can the engine be rebui...
where is the shift lock solenoid located and a procedure to change it
Thanks for the information.. no fans do not come on when I turn a/c on. But when I gently press down on the fan relay, the fans rotate until I take finger off..,,,
After it rains, about every 3-4 days where I live, I have about 2-3 inches of nasty standing water in the middle of my trunk! I have checked the seal around the trunk opening and it is in excellent shape, no tears or...
front passenger seat belt retacts with difficulty.
Should anything eles be changed when the timing belt is changed like water pump
the engine lite is on and i want to know where are the 4 oxygen sensors on a 1995 lexus ls 400
Is there a way to shut off the service engine light without having to pay the dealer an exorbinant price? I changed the oil myself and want to turn off the light. The dealer charges $70 just to shut the light off.
ABS dragging kills engine, doorlocks quit,except manually,ignition catches, moving gear shift lever it started. Then Cristmas Eve it choked while in transit.. wanted die. Made a stop, tried to restart, but no power a...
my 2005 Taurus just decided to quit running on my while driving it yesterday. It tries to start & turn over but just continues to crank. We checked the fuel shut off switch in the trunk (it's not triggered), changed t...
My Dakota engine stalls at low speed or when you let up on the gas pedal. The throttle body was cleaned with spray. It helped but didn't cure. Any more suggestions. Thanks