Both headlights went off while I was driving last night.HDM module replaced today,low beams work but still no daytime running lights. This is first replacement of module,low beam bulbs replaced in 2008.

Daughter blew up the original engine and when trying to drop in a used engine, we discovered that the newer engine has an electronic distributor. The old one was mechanical. Since my wiring harness has no extra wires for the electronic distributor, can I swap them out and use my old mechanical distributor?

Will it cause any problems to the computer or car alarm

loses power. Around town everything seems fine but can't drive any distance without this happening. Has been in shop Most everything that has been done has been electrical, Plug wires,rebuild distributor......I'm starting to think it must be fuel related, but not sure. Any ideas??????????

I just bought a car and had it running for a week. Then it decided to not start anymore. We have already replaced the Battery, Altenator, and Spark Plugs BEFORE it stopped working. It is trying to start but it's not firing. There is no spark happening! We replaced the Distributor and still nothing. Tried replaceing the Crankshaft Position Sensor and we could not find it! Starting to think this is not the original engine. It is not fuel related because the problem isn't that it's not firing and shutting off, it's just not firing at all. We are running out of options and can't afford labor costs to take it to a mechanic. What else could it be?

Hi can anyone advise me what is wrong with the dome light. The bulb is good as the fuse is intact. When i switch on manually, it just don't work.

What will be prices for rebuild transmission costs?

I am going to drive 7 hours with the malfunction indicator lamp on in a 2010 hyundia sante fe. Will this damage my engine or my car some how?

Took it to Autozone to check it, they said its in the evap system, something could be clogged or fuel cap. Took to a mechanic, 2nd time he cleared it @ it never comes back on, now. But I told him before he cleared the light, I smelled "gas in the oil" when checking the oil. Im surely thinking he's bypassed something in the circuit to make the light NOT come back on, cause he viewed me as a pest, though I asked him to fix it.?? Few wks later, In any case Now the car whines off and on somtimes kinda loud just from underneath,as it resonates and you cant pinpoint it.. Till the other day when I took it to a muffler shop that put it on the lift and found a egr thing located under @ by the gas tank. He jiggled it @ it quit making the sound. Thinking a solenoid may had been stuck..? Though it,the noise, came back 2 days later, "today." Any Advice or similar happenings that I might can do to FIX Myself. It shifts out fine.. And it has 203,870 miles. Has New plugs,timing belt, belts, fuel filter, radiator fluid changed, and hoses too.. just saying. Excellent condition.

missing badly i've replace serval things nothing helped, how do i find the values in this motor,have replaced heads 3 times ,intake manifold gaskets 2 times, timing chain and gears with gaskets, water pump,drive belts and pulleys, hoses and water resiovor and i still lose water what else can that be

i have 2007 nissan pathfinder le and just want to know how to improve the gas milage.

I checked all the fuses and some were burnt so I replaced them with the factory recommended types. Then when I turned on my headlights only the high beams would work, so I rechecked the fuses and the headlight one was burnt out. I replaced it again and the lights went out once more. I put in 15a instead of a 10a and everything seems fine, but my dash never came back on.

I recently put in a car stereo and I was having trouble with getting it to stay on, but that turned out to be a ground issue.

In the well closest to the oil filler cap, there is oil. There's no burning oil on the engine, so I don't think it's a crack in te engine. Any ideas on what it is and how to clean it?

Tried looking for the dipstick everywhere, can't locate it.

This happened suddenly and the car is locked into neutral. I am uncertain as to whether this can be managed by removing the console to access the gear shifter. There appears to be some mechanical blockage to block shifting in either direction