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Where is the fuel pump located and how can I access it.
Where is the power steering rack located? Could it be damaged by sliding into a ditch?
My 02 camry has driven in only warm seasons throughout it's life. I'm moving to Wisconsin so should I buy All season or Snow Tires for winter driving?
I've asked a number of knowledgeable mechanics and we're all stumped. Figure this one out and you win the cookie. :) Symptoms: At normal driving temperature, the temp gauge fluctuates between "Normal" and "Red Zone....
I tried to start my truck and I let the key go too soon.It kinda sputtered as it has before.I turn the key and it won't start.The sound keeps changing like thetiming keeps changing.
Passenger headlight good. Driver headlight super super dim. Replaced lightbulb only to find a gunk coming out of one of the three holes for the lightbulb to connect to. It's a whitish/yellowish thick goo. My son clear...
1995 blazer wont start turn starter over and it stay running when key is off also when started idles good but go down the road it starts to miss have brand new starter an fuelpump and alternator and sometimes i look a...
With 250,000 miles on my 4 cyl.Camry and will travel from the south to Wisconsin in winter! Any advice on what to prep for? Snow Tires?, Engine warmer device?
im looking for the location of the engine control unit on a 2000 isuzu rodeo (4 cyl)
The engine makes a rattle noise when accelerating
electrical problem -have no start no click no wipers no dash light up as if battery is dead -but tested and has volts replaced ignition switch and still nothing
Since installing a NEW battery, my car will out of the blue go completely dead when going to start it. I took it to have the amps tested on the alternator and the reading was 30 amps...I have been told that the amps ...
I have a severe water leak coming from behind the dash area somewhere(the dash is curled at both the top by the windshield, and bottom, like it has gotten wet alot)The water runs down the passenger side by the fusebox...
where are the fusible links?
driving motor stops- all dash board lites come on - all fluids o.k.- motor cannot be turnd over with started or by hand- wrench on crank shaft.