rear fan came on last week then stoped

I will turn the heat on to allow warm are to flow through the ducts. At some point in time there will be a "switching" noise and it will automatically change from going through the ducts to going to the defrost vents while the button on the controls will be on the for the ducts only. Again some time will pass and the "switching noise" will go from the defrost vents back to the origional position through the ducts. I have replaced the heating/cooling controls twice with the same results.

If I play blower motor controls for about a mile (rapidly changing from high to low then high then low) I can get it back to flowing from the ducts and not the defrost vents.

Again when I press the button for heat to travel through the Ducts at some point the heat will automaticlly change from the ducts to the defrost vents without the defrost button not being touched.


I had the tires rotated and balanced and now when driving after hitting 60+MPHs and slowing down the wheels shake and shutter.

The power battery light came on, then the power steering went out, manual says it is most likely the v-belt, and upon opening the hood can see the broken belt

I discovered this a couple weeks after I purchased the car,(used). I had the dealer shampoo it 3 times but it is still oily and they offered no suggestions as to why it is that way. Could there be something leaking that is causing this? I have taken it to 3 mechanics with no solution or ideas.

Tire has since been replaced and lights refuse to go off.

hestitate in low speed, sometimes like horsing!! engine always die in low speed corner and uphilling. I remember it happened after the touchless carwash!! Ps heip!!!

1995 4x4 ford ranger just want to have someone change the transmision fluid

The clunking noise happens only when accerating in drive only. When I take my foot off the gas pedal, the noise stops. And I can't hear the noise when going in reverse. The noise sounds like medal hitting medal.

The motor when out on the windshield wipers and the shop told me the transmission for the windshield wipers needed to be replaced also. I thought cars only had a transmission and that was in the engine. They told me the wipers have their own transmission. They charged me for a wiper transmission.

how do I fix it I couldn't get it out.

Hello, I drive a 97 C1500 pick-up and there is a lighting problem. My head lights turn on, but the the rest of the lights don't. The back lights only work when the brake is pressed and the reverse lights work when in gear. The bottom row of lights don't turn on as well as the dash board and back lights when the light switch is in "park brake"? I've already checked both fuse boxes removed the grille and fender. Didn't see nothing torn or ruptured therefore I seek help.

Anyone have any diags i can try short of buying another radio???

Need the location if anyone knows

I have 170,000 miles on my truck.. has been great baring a few problems.
I was sent a letter stating that my truck could catch fire and needs an up grade to the resistor and wireing harness. BUT !! they gmc limites the mileage to 150,000 miles.. Im appoled to realize that after 150,000 that my truck is now significately less likely to burn to the ground because of a defiency in the wireing.. Someone tell me where the HVAC blower resistor is located.. I'll fix it myself.. Thanks GMAC.. you failed me