water temp guage, speedometer, and fuel guage not working. also the heat will not work. fan motor blows but the actuator for the position to put it on defrost or floor is stuck in the facial position. only blows cold air and temp setting will move but no hot air is coming out. coolant level is proper.please help.

I had problem with my battery, turning the car off and playing music for even a second will kill my battery.

I have sudden battery issues and had to jump start the vehicle about 4times recently. I read somewhere online that, opening the truck with remote key whiles the car is lock drains the battery.
I also, had a jump this weekend, and my Hood ESP and BAS warning lights came on and wont go away.
What can i do? This is the worse car i have ever had. This R500 was assembled hastily, and the did not put effort into it to accomodate consumers. How can they possibly put the battry under the passenger seat without any easy way of taken it out. Outrageous. Will advocate to Ban this vehicle.

I had to replace the alternator, belts and battery. Found out oil been leaking into skid plate. Had valve gaskets replaced still leaking oil do you know where this is coming from?

i own a 2002 qx4 with 116k miles I had new tires and wheel alignment done. 2-3 months later the rear end begins to sway while driving when I press and release the gas pedal. Havent driven it to much since then but now it just feels terrible. Does anybody know what might be wrong?

the air bag is busted already

Does anyone know where the blower motor relay is and the blower motor for the cabin.

i`ve changed calipers,brake pads,rear brake cylinders

when the transmission changes to higher gear and i'm above 2 rpm it slips back to lower gear and now the malfunction light is on.

I just replaced the battery but it still does the same thing

the leak of coolant seems to be coming maybe where bottom hose connects to engine

The cabin heater does not produce heat. The AC runs well and the fan seems to be doing it's job too. When I turn the heater on I can feel air coming out of the vent, it increases as the knob is turned, but no heat is produce. I noticed this recently and has not happened in the past.

I am open to all suggestions.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions I may receive.

The pedal slowly has gotten more and more close to the floorboard. And now it is all the way to the floor before it engages and when cold grinds when you shift. Is there a way to adjust it? Or does it have to be replaced again?Thank you very much!

They are flattened and cause the engine to vibrate.

Ran fine yesterday, today won't start. Has husband baffled.

I'm not getting any heat in the car. The a/c seems to be working fine. No overheating issues. Antifreeze is full.
Any ideas??