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it had drum brakes, and the bearing is whinning when I am driving.

im going from 4.64 to 4.9 ratio, i have lift kit with 35x12.5x15's and needed to get speed-o and odo back in range. ive found all bearings and seals for pinon and diff and spacer as well as bearing adjuster and im not sure i will need shim kit for this model. i have the H433B rear axle diff w/o lsd.

When the a/c is on the temp is just above middle. When I turn it off the temp goes almost to the red. I have replaced both fan motors, thermostat and manifold gasket. radiator two yrs. old. One head replaced. My mechanic and I are both stymied. HELP please.

My 2000 Buick Century has a problem with it not going into drive. It will only shift to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd and in reverse and the car's transmission pulls with no problem in those gears but soon as I put it in drive it does not pull. It only revs up like its in neutral. Can anyone please tell me what it might be???

Blows ac fuse even when all fans , compressor, controll unit unplugged.

Who shoud I take it to for electric window R/R, a mechanic or bodyshop?

The rear wiper just started doing this, this week. Up until now I haven't had any problems. I have not tryed anything to fix it. Earlier this week the wiper was very slow. Today it quit working.

how often should i inspect?

defoster be repaired?

problem just started

So I can get an estimate on the price it will cost in labor.

The engine makes the interior of the car rattle when in newtral and rattle even worse when in reverse but when I put it in drive all is quiet. Which motor mount would be most likely to cause this?

My vehicle passes the smog test; howver they will not pass my vehicle because the check engine light is on. It is on continuously; but drives good with no apparent mechanical problems. thank you for any help.

was told it was a engineering flaw, and the manifold had to be replaced. the manifold was $359 plus labor. what brought this about was that I was loosing coolant.

The window goes down but needs assistance to go back up.