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While driving, the passenger and rear passenger windows began going up and down and then finally stayed down. Once home, we let it sit and then after a few hours they rolled up. It was snowing outside and someone mentioned our window weatherstrip seals are bad and water got on the regulator. Not sure where the problem would be - any thoughts before I start buying random parts to try and fix?

self diagnostics

location and purpose

Pin and spring position

switch not turning with key

switch not turning with key

i waited 5 to 10 minute started again it started but i have to kept doing again and again

I really would like to know if there is a seprate panel for this or if I need to take the entire door panel off.

Car only gets fresh/cold when driving down the highway. I changed the expansion valve and the radiator/condenser fan.

when traveling about 35 to 40 mph..if i hit a bump or uneven surface.i recieve a floating or play in my continues until i break or slow seems like a caliper or something is loose..just over 100,000 miles.

float and drift in the front end like it loosenes the steering..almost seems like a caliper is loose..when i break or slow down it goes away

i have checked everything that i can think of

i will like to have it repair at a dealer shop in fayetteville north carolina. what has happen the light for the engine has been on, it was diagnosis lower intake flow valve, MB 1996 c220 4 cylinder, or what detergent can i use to clean the valve. thanks for your advise norton c. campbell

my headlights stopped working on both sides.i replaced the bulbs-no in order to drive at night i hav to hold the turn signal switch back to propmt the high beams.eventually something started to smoke near the steering column.i replaced the turnsignal multi-switch and it still begins to smoke when the lights are on.what could this be??

Driver side front tire is wearing fast on outside edge . Why ? New tires 2months ago .