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I believe the cd changer is causing my battery to run down the cd changer continues to cycle with no cd in the chamber I would like to disconnect the plug or remove the fuse for this device.

at stops or cold start will ramp up speed

I had the uel pump replaced but i am still have a problem.

I have changed the tie rods, Lower ball joints/tension bar. Changed both struts.. Still have the same noise..

at 800 rpm it has about 6 - 8 lbs of pressure

How do I remove the glove compartment box?

You only have one time to get it correct when insatlling a new brake switch under the dash if not it will damage the part and cruise will not work correctly. Does anyone know how to correctly install the switch? Please advise;

it shut off when i shut eng down
fuse was ok

Clicks when trying to start . Battery is fine. Happens in the Morning when first started and if Car sits too long. Please be specific with answer. Thank you

I was told this needed to be done due to oil leak.

nneds to be replaced. do i need to buy whole pack? which consists of? and the costs?

i checked the fuse in the trunk it's not blown. what would my next step be to check out?

It works fine on #3 and #4 settings nothing on #1 or #2?

Oil like fluid leaking out under the coolers dealer can not trace the sourse

Why would a car lean to one side after the changing of both struts on the front of the car