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I have changed the PCV last weekend. Hoping that would solve the horrible gas mileage and hard starting after refueling. Someone told me it was the PCVS which I can't find anywhere. I was told where it should be but I can't find anything that resymbols what they showed. My car is throwing a P-0449 code. If you have a picture of where the PCVS should be would be great! Also, any other issues I should try. Charcoal canister perhaps?

I had the alternator and battery checked they are both car only one click when i try to start it but with a jump it starts right up....could it be the starter?

thing is i think mine is clogged and backing stuff up in the engine causing over flow and leaks,tell me if i can leave it off and drive it till i an get a exhuast pipe fitted in its place.

the wheels still turn, but not even park locks the wheels anymore. What broke?

gas leak and need to replace gas lines

repair shop says it could be clamped line causing the shaking of the van when stopping because one side of the front brake is not doing the same as the other at same time, i have new brake pads my rotors were done maybe a year ago not sure but the shop said try the brake lines first then if that dont work turn the rotors etc

When I brake to slow down, the front shakes a little and I feel a little vibration in the steering wheel. Is this a rotor problem? If so, do you recommed replacing or resurfacing. There is 28,980 miles on the Rendezvous.

What fuse controls pump, lost manual.........

It's not the gas cap. Could changing the Canister Purge Valve solve the problem? I reset the code about 4 times per tankful of gas.

drivers side front wheel 4wd

the girlfriend left the window down and it rained. now her passenger window wont roll up and her drivers window keep rolling down by its self.

After being on highway for an hour or so, the flashers on my Dad's Buick LeSabre will begin to flash along with turn signals and won't shut off. Turn signals won't work at this point. Once car sits overnight, everything is back to normal. Only happens after car has been on road for at least an hour, not for short distances. Mechanic checked it out and could find nothing wrong. Help anyone?

It's real loud upon start up and idling. Continues throughout driving but not as loud. Seems loudest once you crank it up and during the first 2-3 gears. Almost sounds like a muffler, but not sure. It comes from the front and like I's loud roaring sound. Any suggestions before I can afford taking to the shop??? Thanks.

Besides actually taking a car apart and putting it back together. I can't afford that. I want to attend a mechanic school/program in Los Angeles that is highly acclaimed...academically, but don't want to regret going there, such as Wyotech, UTI and other highly priced schools. I would most likely like to work on cars as a hobby and not a career.

I am not starting fast. I can hear the ratching sound. It doesn't happen when I turn the abs off