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i put 20.00 in the gas tank 12-9-10 now am at a half tank 12-10-10. what could be causing this an what would be the fix
How do i compress the rear brake piston so I can slide the caliper over the new brake pads
I had several codes on the car, mechanic cleared all of them and started over. Now have code 1346 VVT Sensor/Camshaft Position Sensor Circuit Range Performance Problem Bank 1. The car was acting like it was jumping ou...
what side doese this face drivers or pass?
When I go out to get in the car in the morning, the rear of the car is really low. The wheel wells almost touch the tires. The dealer says I need to replace both rear struts. How much should it cost?
the abs, traction and brake lights all went on at the same time at about 115,000 miles on my moms car. Nothing out of the ordinary going on. There are no braking problems or symptoms either. Just lights and now it won...
My power steering pump has just begun making a very loud schreeching noise. It started once the weather got cold (+30). Dealer has checked pump, belts and tension and says it is not a problem; that Mitsubishi PS pumps...
car is dragging in rear and bumps hard when hit bumps
Every time I try to turn on the heat or air it will not turn on unless I have the number set at 4 or 5.
when driving there is a heavy rattle. we thought it was the alignment. then steering column started smoking!!!!What could be causing this.
I was starting up this very steep long hill with my 1996 Mazda B3000 4WD when I noticed the RPM's going way up and the truck seemed to loose power, it got smoky and smelled. I had to back down the hill. then the truck...
how do you find timing marks on 1996 volkswagon cabrio.2.0.
how much to replace it including labor (on average)