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what other year transmissions will fit an 1998 ford explorer
water pump leaking. no heat, and car is overheating
when running heater there is a noise like a fan or a compressor running but its runs shuts off contiually ,its not the heater fan because that is continually running at the same time the noise will stop when i turn of...
The jeep wanders as you drive. The air pressure in the tires is correct and I have tightened the worm gear in the steering box to eliminate play. No unusual tire wear.
Where is the fuel pump relay located?
checked the front end for bearing failure no play at all?fromt end starts shaking at fifteen miles per hour and rotated tires no help either
vehicle wiil turn over trying to crank but will not crank.I sprayed with quick start and it worked. now it don't work any more can you help?
my clutch drops to the floor. then i have to pump it up,and as i drive the car it keeps drifting back down. fluid is full.
Appear to be leaking anti freeze near water pump. Most noticeable when i fill the overflow to the proper level. The next day a puddle appears on the ground. It stops for awhile then shows up again out of the blue. Any...
brake fluid has been leaking - put it in and its okay for a couple of months this time brakes went to the floor no warning with brake light
I was just informed that my cataltic converter is bad and needs to be replaced. My mechanic told me there are two catalytic converters on my truck. Is this true?
How much would a new or used engine cost for this vehicle
My turn signals suddenly stopped working. What should I do now? Not sure where the fuse box is.