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I have a 2005 Taurus Ford. I cranked the car and put in gear and nothing as if its still in neutral, I put it in R, OD, and D and nothing, car idles fine just doesnt move. I checked the fluid and its fine, no metal in...
how many sparks plugs does this car need
the maintenance required light came on three days ago on my 2009 toyota camry.
Not always, but ocassionally the gear shift locks when I attempt to change from park to reverse. I have been using my key to unlock from the side box of the shift.
The tread on my the two front tires on my VUE are almost gone (the back two have excellent tread left) and the past week the steering seems off, slightly wobbly and loose. Besides the obvious of new tires needed, is i...
It sounds like it is coming from the rear.It happens all the time. I hear it more when hitting any size bump.
drove fine to school this morning. shut off ok went to start car to pick up daughter and would no turn over. wants to start but just wont kick in. helf
there's adequate oil in my engine but my oil light keeps coming on, after running for a while and shutting engine off, oil light stays off till next day when the same thing happens again.
Can I put a 2002 Lexus transmission in my 1992 Lexus?
where is the fuel pump relay located on my 92 ford tarus wagon GLSW?
The electric window will not close most of the time without several attempts, sometimes turning a corner or turning the engine off and on gets the window to close little by little. Is this a switch problem or a motor...
can i get a vechile book on parts and motor for my land rover 1996
gasoline is flowing out of throttle body into the air filter box..engine won't run
Anyone have any ideas to resolve my car stereo doesn't work when it's 10 degrees or below. Any way to fix this?
put new water pump, themerst... was running okay but when its parked at a red light it starts over heating.. i get out put more ant-freeze 50/50 and it will be okay then it will do it again every time i am stopped