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problem just started

So I can get an estimate on the price it will cost in labor.

The engine makes the interior of the car rattle when in newtral and rattle even worse when in reverse but when I put it in drive all is quiet. Which motor mount would be most likely to cause this?

My vehicle passes the smog test; howver they will not pass my vehicle because the check engine light is on. It is on continuously; but drives good with no apparent mechanical problems. thank you for any help.

was told it was a engineering flaw, and the manifold had to be replaced. the manifold was $359 plus labor. what brought this about was that I was loosing coolant.

The window goes down but needs assistance to go back up.

We all know a car has different systems working together in order to make an automobile function. Cooling system, electric system, etc. What would be the most crucial to learn?

this was for replacement of starter & alternator. Can I assume that I received rebuilt parts and not new ones?

Since someone tried stealing my s70 it wont start. I was told there is a relay or switch under the passenger seat or the truck? where is this and how do I test it?

It's lit up inside the car constantly and blinks if I manually move switch up and down

when first starting down highway. Mechanics found nothing. No warning lights on dash. Clank is now louder. Does it on accelerating and decelerating. Two mechanics are stumped, including one gm mechanic

i check the fuses replace the drivers side maste control swicthes twice. the drivers side controls will put all the windows down and up in the rest of the car and there is no power to the doors only when you use the swicthes on the drivers door

this is on my magnum 2.7 se year 2006

There's a whining noise

cruise control speeds up when set. speed tends to drift
when in cruise control