It revs very high when in park! Took it auto parts store to see what I needed to fix it they gave a list of three different parts trying to pin point which one I need to avoid the cost of buying three parts please help!!

the engine went out in my 95 corolla so i went looking found one but its for federal emissions not canadian will it still work are will i have to change some things around?

How hard is it to replace a converter catalytic and cost?

Thanks in advance.

honolulu hi

just started happening. after drving for a while, the check eng. TCS, and D4 light start flashing and the vehicle acts like it wants to accelerate without me steeping on the gas. I stop the car, turn it off, reset the TSC, turn it back on and it drives fine.

recently my civic 08cuoupe starts showing engine light since then its burning too much gas. it took it to auto zone i got this code p0171 bank1 system too lean. i really done know what to do? i need to fix engine light and solve gas burning problem whats the best way????

is it safe to drive with failed abs pump

the rt side switch only goes to defrost on all selections it doesn't have vacuum just electric does any one know or had this problem?

my car is mitsubishi 2004 awd 2.4 l my rear wheels make a noise when i move the car from the driveway but after 1 km it is ok.I got my brake service done pads and drum all new.

checked for spark at plugs,ok


I just bought car. The 6-CD player will not accept nor reject any CD's (don't know if there are any CD's in it) Is there some kind of reset button? If not, how do I go about taking it apart? Or is a job for Ford Dealership
thanks much

When the key is turned the car engine will do nothing. tried jumping with no success. When the key is turned, the car does not start or attempt to turn over. THe rdaio lights and horn all work with no issues.

Could this be a fuse ? is this a known problem ?

The back of the seat heater works just not the seat itself.

I have a slow leak requiring a few ml of fluid every month or so. I have some MB P/S fluid, but would like to stop the leak without costly repairs.