replace its been crash in how just a esimate

4 wheel brake job resurface 4 rotors replace pads

The passenger side drive shaft is bent due to a small accident and I would like to repair it myself if possible.

Last winter car wouldn't start and repair shop said it was the security passlock system. They replaced the ignition lock cylinder and did something to the BCM. The car would then start, but sometimes I had to turn the key on and wait ten minutes or longer. The weather turned warm for Summer and the car started fine with no problems all Summer. Now it's winter again and the car won't start up first thing in the a.m. and when it's been sitting for about 4 hrs. or more. My security light has NEVER came on since the beginning of this problem, last year. To start my car first thing in the morning, no time period with the key on will fix the problem. I have to continuously turn the key over and over again and the car will eventually start up within about 5 minutes, sometimes longer. Seems sporadic for starting. No specific period of time with key on, no security light on. Fuel pump and fuel pressure have all checked out okay. Once started, the car runs great and will continue to start each time - until it sits for a certain number of hours or overnight. Sometimes, when I continuously start it over and over again, I will also shift the gears and sometimes it will finally start in nuetral and sometimes not. I'm not sure this is a security passlock issue, but not sure what else it could be. Why would the security passlock problem not display the security light, only happen during cold months, and start after numerous attempts within a five minute period?

I have 113,000 on the car and don't have problems with it. They also suggested I replace the right rear trailing arm plus at the same time so that I have only one alignment. I have not experienced driving problems and wonder if this is premautre?

friend said it was a bad sensor cause temp was ok. after three mo. now temp has started to fluctuate. new water pump?

When the engine is turned on the SRS light goes off but it comes back and stay on

what is the estimated cost? could this be the throttle body? Could it just be cleaned or will I have to replace it?

360 motorhome(beaver)

what to do?

When the car is'nt in any gears the noise stops. Car shifts great, runs smooth otherwise. However, the reverse gear is gone.

It starts like a champ when it has been setting. But if I try to restart shortly thereafter, I have to try and try. Only successful if I gas it too. Cleaned battery compartment and cables. Bought a new battery and still problem... Any clues? Thanks!

When I back out of my drive way or hit a bump at an angle the rearend moves alittle side to side it feels like the axel is moveing and if the jeep is seting still I can push on the tires I can push on the tire and it feels like it moves the axel the jeep also has a 4" lift on it there is no noise comeing from the rearend and other then the movement it runs good what could it be

car idles well poor acceleration surging missing hot or cold po402 and code for gas cap open

There is a rough idel as well as hesitation when accelerating around the 50 mph mark. Ive had the cat replaced, engine tune up, ignition coil replaced, and trnsmission service rendered and the problem persists. MPG has decreased to around 18.3 from 23 on the highway.