No coolant leaking. What else could it be? Where is the Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor located?

I have a 2011 Buick Lacrosse. Since the purchase 4 months ago, and I've had it in the shop 3 different times. I've has the the steering column replaced, the cadillitic converter replaced, and not it's makes some weird whistling sound that seems to be coming from the front dash area. I even hear some rattling coming from the engine. The engine light is not on, so they can't tell what's wrong. I explained the noises, and they tell me I need to come in. I'm frustrated. I love the car, but I'm beginning to think I have a lemon. Anyone else have these issues?

I put a new battery and new alternator on the car.

I probably need to replace the defroster and htr/ac blower as it desn't work on any switch setting...the fuse is OK ...where is it located so I can replace it...Thanks PS..( I'm celebrating my 88th birthday today ) ....

Early this morning my car engine shut off while I was driving. I was slowing down to make a turn and everything shut off without any warning. There were no lights on the dash either. Also, for the past several days while I am driving, it feels like the car is trying to stall. I thought it might be having a fuel system problem, but this morning is shut off completely. When I turned the ignition off, I was able to start the car right back up. What are the possibilities that the problem could be?

I want to buy a 02 envoy selling for $4000, the differentials and wheel bearings need replaced, would it be worth it to buy the vehicle despite the repairs? and how much would the repairs cost?

it doesn't heat anymore

this is a 1993 7.3 non turbo diesel engine

What is the meaning of this light? What action needs to be taken immediately. Financially, unable to put alot of maintenance into repairs :(

where is the power cable that supply all the power to the engine to start

how do i change crank sensor

or does it automatically reset when problem solved.

it happens while i am driving

it is while i am driving was told it was a shifting solonoid

no codes first time no start..150k miles