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One day it looked like new and the next day it was cloudy and gray looking. Can't figure it out?

just wondering where the fuel filter is located on a 2003 h-2 hummer

I drove my 1994 Accord for the first time in a while (my daughter had driven it previously) and the ABS light stayed on the whole time. It was about 22 degrees this morning. I drove it for about 30 minutes to work mostly highway driving.

I need to replace the defective headlight switch on a 1992 300SE.

I'm told the part is about $200 as is labor, for a total of slightly over $400

Door panel is already off.

I dont know if you get to it from the inside or under the hood

Model is with the Supercharged Engine

It is having major electrical problems. The entire dash shuts off going down the road. this is not only problem. I also need to know why my brakes do not work. I replaced all brake lines. they blew out. I bled all calipers several times. still only have one brake. should i change out master cylinder.

With out damaging door panel. I want to repair switch instead of paying $400.00 for it.

my car wont start and i found oil on spartplugs on the headgasket what can i do

all the lights and everything work so I know its not the battery

but it won's start. It doesn't even click when you turn the key all the way over. The ignition switch has recently been replaced. It might do it once a month,it might not do it for 3 months, it might do it 10 times in one day. There is nothing ever the same. Just the surprise when it wont start. Any suggestions?

(not a mechanic) I have changed oil on this vehicle for the past 4.5 years using the same parts and oil brand. For the first time, however, I see that oil leaks out of the oil filter housing unit. All rubber gaskets have been replaced as I always do but for some reason, it seems that the oil is not contained in the oil filter housing unit. I thought it was a bad oil filter so I put in a new one but the results are the same.

Will not start has fuel pressure. Has spark. Will run as long as ether is sprayed into air breather.