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transmission is stuck in 1st gear,you can crank and move car with clutch,but wont shift,could shifter linkage be binding,or can shifter be taken off at trans,and be cleaned,thanks.
I have owned my 2003 Toyota Matrix since 2002 but just recently whenever there is a heavy rainfall I find a pool of water on the rear floorboards. The front floorboards are wet also but the rear floorboards are worse...
how long will it take to replace all motor mounts?
transmission is stuck in gear! it is a 5 speed.what will fix problem.
runs rough at idle,black smoke at tailpipe.give gas rpm goes up no problem and runs idle #2&#4 port of ex manifold get red hot.replace dist. cap,rotor,plugs,ign wires and all of fuel injectors[spider].also re...
vans heater does not blow out that hot of air anymore it is warm and keeps the windows defrosted but not as warm as before the van has antifreeze in it and the car does not overheat
was shifting into 2nd gear hard after van warmed up i would let go of gas and decelerate speed and then gain speed again and it would shift now it is acting up sometimes in 3rd gear
The past few months we have noticed that the passenger side carpet closest to the seat is wet. We thought it was due to rain, but that is not it. It only has 36K original miles. We drove it this weekend and ran the...
what causes fail safe mode light to come on every mile or so and completely shut the engine off?
Do the motor has to be lifted to change the oil pan gasket.
Where is the up shift delay switch on a 1995 e420 Mercedes.
You can turn the heat on and it works fine after a couple minutes the blower motor gradually starts slowing down until it quits blow heat, you can have it on high speed, and its very blowing out heat, you can hear the...
where is the oil pump located on a 2004 f150 4x4 5.4 liter engine?
I need to know what the factory warranty on this car was !
what is code 1740 when the check engine light is on