if i touch the clutch pedal just slightly niose stops, some times ringing niose will not start, but 9 times out of 10 it starts as i rev engine, if i rev engine and just slightly push down on the clutch about3millimetres it allways stops ringing even when driving

My 2007 toyota has a humming noise that can be heard from the inside of my car, its loud and cannot be heard outside the car...also when turn signal on I can hear the difference in sound of motor?

I can go into other gears n0 problem. Can the shift handle be tighten up?

i need change the valve cover gasket, already loso all bolt below but nothing is coming off do i missing something

i replaced it cleared the code and it came back and the airbag light is always on as well as the one that is a triangle with a circle around it....

shop said it will come on because of ethnol in fuel!

recent codes: 0117 coolant circuit low imput

recent codes have been: 0633
0117 i think, it was coolant circuit
low input

recent codes have been: 0633
0117 i think, it was coolant circuit
low input
zip code 14850

What should I check next? Water pump? Head gasket? Radiator does not leak. After replacing thermostat, car ran fine for three days then it started getting hot again. Cooling fan works fine too.

I filled up on Friday morning and by Saturday it was almost on half full. I did put a fuel injection cleaner in my gas tank on Friday. PLEASE HELP !! I didn't drive it far.

I just added a fuel injection cleaner on yesterday.

the HOLD light on the dash comes on ramdily

Car is running properly, however can not access the services provided by the I Drive. No access to radio, no ability to adjust temperatures settings, no access to the Navigation system, etc.