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vehicle wiil turn over trying to crank but will not crank.I sprayed with quick start and it worked. now it don't work any more can you help?
my clutch drops to the floor. then i have to pump it up,and as i drive the car it keeps drifting back down. fluid is full.
Appear to be leaking anti freeze near water pump. Most noticeable when i fill the overflow to the proper level. The next day a puddle appears on the ground. It stops for awhile then shows up again out of the blue. Any...
brake fluid has been leaking - put it in and its okay for a couple of months this time brakes went to the floor no warning with brake light
I was just informed that my cataltic converter is bad and needs to be replaced. My mechanic told me there are two catalytic converters on my truck. Is this true?
How much would a new or used engine cost for this vehicle
My turn signals suddenly stopped working. What should I do now? Not sure where the fuse box is.
It there a trick to unplugging the tail light assembly ffrom the power wires. There are 2 wires. Can't figure how to get the larger one off.
2001 Chevy Express Van The brake lights won't work if the head lights are on. If the head light switch is turned the brake lights go out. Why?
replaced fuel filter battery check engine lite not on
about every two weeks the car wont start. I get one click from the ignition. after leaving the car alone for aday or so it will start and run fine for another week or so. any ideas?
After start and warmup engine idle lopes and is erratic. Cant find any vacuum leaks, replaced clogged and dirty pcv valve, replaced MAF sensor, and TPS....any suggestions?
I cannot charge my cell phone because my cigarette lighter has a short in it. Who can you recommend to repair it.
What part of the engine that cause P0171 System too Lean (bank 1) error?
The transfer case locks in but the axles still turn could it be the vaccum line