The volume knob and power sunroof just stopped working and the powersource/cig lighter does not work, cant find any blown fuses- please help

Just started slipping between 3 rd & 4 th. Has 175,000 mi.

Pressure fine,turn indicatorsindide no work outside works fine...was told ny dealer that the GEM module is not comuniating needs replaced for both problems.

My car clogs up when refueling. (Gasoline returns back no matter how slow I pump fuel into the tank.

Thanks for any help

The check light in the dashboard comes on and off for no apparent reason for the air bag. No particular times or braking or acceleration. What should I be looking for first?

codes say gas cap is the problem, have replaced with both after market and original and still on.

no leaks pressure is fine

i have to wait 15 minutes before turning the car on again after driving

Shouldn't I expect to get more than 2yrs use out of new OEM steering gear?

It is under hood, but cannot find it and heard there are two, one behind driver's seat.

the panel light comes on and stays on

I have the sensors. I just need to know where they go.

Since the purchase of my vehicle, I have changed the oil and rotated tires as scheduled. No other maintenance has been done. Would like to know what needs to be done at this time and age/mileage.

Just started this afternoon, took a while to start blowing this morning, then lunch time produced no fan. Temperature gages are all fine. Any answers?

timing gasket disengrated and oi went eveywhere do i need to replace the cover as well