It turns over but it sounds like theres no gas getting gas to the engin.... I tried changing the distibuter cap but it just won't turn on!

I pulled the rubber plugs underneath car, and foam inside is wet also.

what tool will i need thank for the help

when I try to start my car it will spin over and actually start but when you go to give it some gas it bogs down and shuts off and wont start back up.Is it possibly my fuel filter is clogged,because you can hear the fuel pump working.The car was running fine a few days ago now this is what it is doing.

While driving the timing belt broke which caused damage to the head. I had both replaced also the cam and shaft sensors and a nother belt. Now that they have it put together it wont get a fire.

reseated fuse,hitting bumps while driving doesn't have any affect, acts same in am/fm/tape/cd-changer.no codes.


Checked fuses and auto manual. NO Blown fuses. Yet can not access power to these two devices

i need a jump starter because i had a problem where my brake lights, no matter what i did, wouldn't turn off which caused mt battery to drain. I have no idea which would be the most powerful and compatible for my truck.

Can I just replace either the male or female side

We have a shudder at 45 mph and would like to try replacing torque converter vs. the entire transmission.

The front door is loose and drops a little when opening. I can't find access to the bolts to tighten it. Do you actually have to remove the front fender to access the bolts?

It seems everytime I have my brakes changed on my Rendezvous I am told that the rotors need to be replaced. Is this normal. I thought they could turn the rotors instead of replacing them. The service adds another $200 to $300 for the work.

Tried jumping the car and would not start. Have lights and full electrical. Tried to start with the key no sound from key turning over, no click but have electrical. Could it be a blown F9 fuse?


Both my spedometer and rpms will flucuate up and down with out any change to my speed or rpms. my spedometer will fluctuate 10 to 20 mph at a time. It seems to do it the most when engine has not reached opperatting temperature yet. Any ideas?

gasket & I'm looking into that but does anyone have any other suggestions? I've taken off twice, recleaned everything, put it all back together, checked the bolts & everything. At a loss what to do now.