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my car will not start the battery is fine but the car will not turn over?
when step on the brake pedal the car brakes to the right 60% of the time and 40% to the left side are the calipers sticking or is there a brake pressure equalizer gone bad. Can the rack and pinion be part of the problem?
just happend truck was running fine
My temp gauge goes to max and stays at start up?
My vehicle has been running hot and is not blowing hot heat for the heat change the radiator and thermostat still having the problerms
i have a problem with my tranny it shifts into 3rd gear around 20 mph and is really slugish until it gets up to speed then when it goes into 4th i have to let off the gas so it shifts otherwise it slips into nuetral a...
i unhooked the battery to work on the interior of my car and when i connected tyhe battery the car would not staqrt and i hade to jump it with a a battery charger and the dash board lights are still on
i replaced the egr valve and the maps sensor because they were bad, now the car will not start, what do i need to do
while accelerating something snapped or popped and then stopped driving. Car turns on but won't accelerate now. Please Help?
Happens several times a week. Will not start light flashes. Ten minutes later it will start...
thowing water out the overflow, replaced thermostat, same problem. check old thermoster it was good. this problem started after pressure cap was left loose and vhicle got hot
There was not an option for V6 engine, but it is. What is the easiest way of changing the serpentine belt on a 2000 Saturn SL2? Thank you...
My chrysler ran so hot the engine shut down and now the oil looks milky what do you thint the problem is heads or head gaskets blown?
I recently went for an oil change. the technician informed me that I had a small oil leak in the front underneath the vehicle.What could it be?