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what would you recomend to clean the lines on the egr system
When I turn the heater or a/c on I have noticed that nothing coming through the vents. The blower motor is on and you could hear air going through but nothing comes out ,or very little air is coming out.
worked as designed for 4 years then liftgate wouldn't open using key fob or switch on dash. would occasionally open by handle on liftgate. closure still worked. now nothing will cause it to open and closer won't work ...
my back up sensor stays of when reversing wheres the fuse located or what can I do to fix it help
I have replace the coil, plug wires and spark plugs. The code is p0304 that keeps coming up, I have did a visual look at each cylinder firing. All look good except #4 which has week fire. Ive even tyed different plu...
tranny wont shift when the speedometer isnt working
how do you get to it
my instrument cluster is not working could someone tell me or me the fuses, relay and the wire for this
When I bought this car the radio would not turn on. I have checked all fuses and they all are intact so I was wondering how I could go about trying to figure out what is going on. THank you for your help ahead of time.
vehicle was diagnosed to have timing belt replaced.
I was driving and my car just shut off. My battery light came on. what could possible be the problem?
do the speed sensors affect the shift? wont shift into drive sometimes and speedo guage goes wild...
some times the van will shift fine but other times the speedometer goes crazy and the van wont shift into drive does the speed sensors have something to do with this?
I just replaced the fuel pump and I can't get the fuel pump to turn on, I would assume it is a bad relay or fuse but I can't find either nor do I know how to test them.