I try to take off fender and have a lot of stuff sush as windshield washer that big problem I can't do that.

I have a check engine light constantly on ..I've been told many components are connected to this...

my seat is back all of the way and will not go forward

When I'm driving the car the car will cut power suddenly and the engine will miss, like when you are driving the car just bucks. I was thinking maybe a fuel related problem??

When the truck is under a load, such as plow on or pulling trailer up inclines, the temp gauge begins to climb and the truck loses power and runs rough. This starts to happen after driving a few miles. The gauge will even red line then go right back down again. I've stopped and had engine temp checked. Gauge was not reading accurately. As soon as I remove the plow or unhitch trailer, the truck runs rough for a short distance and then runs great. Temp stays at steady 190.

New switch, new regulator with motor, and checked circuit breaker and all fuses. Nothing has helped. Checked volts at connector to motor, there is more volts in the down push than up push of switch. What else is there besides a broken wire, which I tried looking for?

total fuel pump assembly needed???

5 speed manual transmission,its in 4 high, lockouts are in locked position, light is on in the dash?

it will not engage

the sales guy said it was bad gas.gave me some seafoam to put in tank and the to change the fuel filter.....in process of it now...light still on...
any ideas??????/

The squealing it very loud it does it when its in idle and in geer

i had instrument cluster problem and my non-dealer warranty sent the dealer an after market cluster to install. As soon as i picked up the car from the dealer the right side lights began going out. first the low beam then the turn signal, then the high beam and then the standing light

i cant get my in side heater fans to stay on it turns on for a while then shuts off need help please

Changed out fuel filter, Oxygen sensor, Crankshaft position sensor, to no avail, gas milage is still below normal. What next? Also deaccelerates when climbing hills. And acts like it has no power.

i have a 1991 500sl roadster 86,000 miles