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It will start but then die like starving for fuel then it would not start at all. Replaced the fuel filter and now it will start but die. There is fuel to the fuel rail. Could it be the fuel pressure regulator?
how do you replace a heater core in this car? what has to be done?
I would like to know if there's a special way to remove the rear hub nut. I've tried using a 1 3/16 socket x 3/4 with 18" breaker bar,no luck. Would like to know if you have any other suggestions. Thanks Greg...
i have a 2001 pontiac grand am i am trying to put a motor in and want to know if it will come out through the top without pulling the transmission
how do i turn off my airbag light
Left light on the whole night and in the morning when I went to turn on the trk it seem like the ignition got lock it won't turn all the way only 2/3 of it. Also a low battery message came on I tried to jump started b...
My car won't switch into gear. When I put it in drive or reverse nothing happens. Has anybody had this problem? If so please send me info on how to deal with this problem. The problem started today which is the first ...
My car was towed and now i have it back. I put the key in the ignition and started it, no problem. Got home and the key would not come out. Tried every thing, moving form park to neutral and back, also removed the cov...
on my 2001 deville the fuel gauge and the temperature gauge are not working and the security and battery light are on. the battery voltage is reading 14.3 volts so i know that the alternator is charging. i have checke...
I put new rear pads on the vehicle and ever since seems like the emergency brake is locked on. Can't seem to get it unlocked at rear.
initial code after the engine stopped was P300, multiple misfires. replaced plugs and wires. Wouldn't turn over so replaced starter. Turned over but wouldn't start. No codes showed up on code reader.
truck cranks over , but will not start
the antifreeze leaks out of the engine quickly and overheats within 5 miles. mechanic said it was leaking at timing chain gasket and maybe the head gasket. he put it under some pressure. any solutions
How do I reset the fuel pump?
I have a 1990 Cougar with 115,000 miles. the windshield wipers stop working. You can hear the wiper motor when you turn them on but they do not move. All suggestion welcome.