The gearshift is stuck in park, it's not the ignition lock, that I can see. Where is the brake safety lock located, I can't find it.

It has been cutting off on us while backing up for the most part, but this morning when we went to crank it up it wouldnt. We thought the battery was dead bc the back door wasnt shut all the way for a few hours, so we tried to charge it but nothing happened. The radio and lights are working so I figured its not the battery, if you have any idea plz help.

The A/C was working fine until one day I turned on the A/C and heard the thump. ever since then the A/C will not blow cold air.

need to trace wires to computer from trans harness

How do I fix this?

Just had a transmission oil change on my manual transmission because the transmission was whining and the light is on. The whining has stopped but the light is still on. Is there some reset delay for the light, or am I looking for another problem?

This problem just started a couple days ago.

front heater not blowing hot air.
inlet to heater on firewall is hot but outlet is cold

It goes back up to about 28 lbs when rpm reaches 1000 or more.

If headlights are on, I've been told I have no rear lights. I've also noticed when cruse control is used, engage blinker cruse control goes off. Ford mechanic said a module in steering column controls all those electrical items. My car not be used for months. I love my van and want it fixed. When this first started about 1 year ago, I took Chevy dealer and they couldn't duplicate the problem, had no idea. What can I do!

when i hit about 55 mph someone told me it could also be the sensor on motor causing the problem since it seems to do it after the motor is warm Tried premium fuel and fuel enjection cleaner seemed to help for a little while.

Have to restart car and turn off again I noticed that everything uinder the hood is really dirty. does it all need cleaning. My enfine has never gotten dirty like this before!

if its a wiring problem what could it be.if it's the alternator how easy would that be for me to replace?Thank you.

wheres the switch located

I have to change the 3.0L belt and I know there is a screw you loosen to take off some of the tension to be able to replace the belt but I just cannot find it. Can you help