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where is the headlight relay box located

i have checked fuses and bulbs even replaced brake light switch

i got a pin hole leak in the cylinder and i need to replace it.i just cant seem to get the wrench or socket close enought to the fire wall to get it off.

the cruise control light works on dash board but it will not hold any speed. Is there something that could cause this that wont cost an arm and leg to fix it?

I've had a wheel alignment and balancing. It does fine at speeds so far up to 70mph. but hit a bump or pothole and it shakes terribly.

Replaced EGR, EGR solenoid, and EGR pressure sensor. Code still returns. Any ideas what would cause this?

front tires are being cut when going in/out of the driveway as you turn and put some torque on the chasis. have changed the shocks. please advise, thanks

car runs totally perfecthas do i find this smal leak? and get ur done. need a smog check.only so many parts ,charcoal canister,purge valve,leak detect conrol,

my friend said it might be the coil pack. or does it need a hole rebuild?

When i givie it gas its hesitant to go and drives ok when i get to a steady speed

none of windows work but mirrors do?? i have check fuses dont know wat to do next

i replaced water pump but couldn't remove old fan from old pump . So I removed the fan and water pump together. I am trying to figure out how to separate the 2 now. I need help. When I try to disconnect the fan and the water pump turn together

I hear a loud humming noise from underneath, sounds like from the rear . Which leads me to believe I need my rear differential replaced!

Engine consistantly runs rough, code PO304 lights the check engine light, but only code PO304 appears, no codes for ignition coil, fuel injector, catalytic converter, lean fuel mixture, O2 sensor, etc.

The car won't start. Just got a new fuel pump. It is pumping but the car feels as if it is not getting gas. It just yang yang yang and won't start even when pressing the accelerator. What else could be the problem? Just replaced the radiator if that could have anything to do with it. It started after we put in the radiator but when we turned the car off it won't start back up.