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service engine light on how do I fix
I have changed the thermostat, pcv valve, new coolant and it still overheats and has an eratic idle. It does not have eratic idle upon startup, but after about 3-4 minutes is when it starts. Also the hose for the pcv ...
I was driving it yesterday and leaving my destanation my car would not start yet it turned over and has power
Anyone have problems with the axle and CV Boots being replaced and this seal leaking? Trans problem or dealer/mechanic fault??
I disconnected battery and, check engine light was off until I got up to 45 mph and light came back on. Any suggestions. Also, car has 270,115 miles on it and, runs great even with light on.
i need to know how to put the timing belts on
At start up my civic seems to be loud. What's causing the loud noise? It has 167,000 miles. Just recently my check engine light came on. Used a dianostic code reader. It read PO741. Any helpful info would help. Thank ...
how much to replace both shocks
do I have too take off the timing belt to replace the water pump
i just bought a 99 jetta and on the way home the turns signals, flashers, and right side rear brake lights died. any ideas?
My work van works fine but after a traffic light sometimes when I press on the gas it moves slowly and then it picks up speed. In addition sometimes when I am on a traffic light the car seem to jump foward (like a kic...
Where is the water pump located on this car and is it possible someone other then a trained mechanic can replace it successfully?
Everything was fine with it yesterday, it's really cold here right now and it seems not to like that too much, but it hasn't given me any problems. Just changed the battery out 1 month ago, filled the tank 2 days ago...
I am buying a 1993 del Sol and went to the inspection station. They said the beam was distorted and that I needed to replace the entire assembly at $240 - are they serious? Any suggestions?
Car only seems to skip when headlights, heater and when idling in DRIVE or under load