I just replaced a stolen catalytic converter on my Malibu and all of the vehicle self tests show complete but a DTC of p0496 Auxiliary emission controls ISO/ASE DESCRIPTION: evaporative emission system high purge flow.
All the evap lines are in tact and electrical connections seem to be ok. I don't have ,or know anyone that does have a smoke machine to use. any suggestions?


once i start to drive car temperature gauge goes to normal

Only happens when I go 55 or above (more often at 65-75mph). Will not do it if I sit parked and rev engine. Will stop if I take foot off gas. What is wrong????
Sound comes from front of car.

Chech engine light alarm code states the trans.selonid package sluggish even though there's no problem noticed. Sometimes on hard uphill pulls, it shifts hard. I then removed battery cable for 10 sec. to allow the computer to reset and things go OK for a short period and then another alarm. Some have replacede their selonid pack with no improvement. Help!!!

have checked all brake lines, wheel cylinders, calipers, and even behind the master cylinder. no signs of any fluid leaking any where. The master cylinder was replaced a couple of months ago

Its on the top but not on the ground...Where is the oil module located?

i want to service my X5 3.0d
need to find out how and were the diesel filter is located and how to remove it so i can change it. pls help

I'm trying to locate a detailed diagram or photo showing it's location...Thanks

I have a double paned window that just mysteriosly shattered when I tried to role down the window. The strange thing is that the inside shattered & not the outside weird!!!!

every other gear seems to be fine, but when i shift into 2nd gear, it jerks when i begin to rev up and also it makes a very loud clicking noise when i go slower, but it turns into more of a grinding noise when i go faster. also, when shifting from reverse it is often hard to get the shift knob back into 1st gear position. any help?

how much should I expect to pay

and should I have to replace the timing chain

Front tires don't have wear side to side wear. When car hits pot hole there is no vibration. Steering wheel universal is suspect.What do you think?

also how often should i change my transmission oil>