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Since I picked up the car the ABS light has come on when I drive it. The repairs were made after an accident where I was rear ended on the highway.

I had replace the cap as suggested and to find out that the error code came back on after awhile, can someone please tell me the next step to look at. Thank You it is much apreciated. :(

it just started about three weeks ago it was working then it stopped

i'am needing to bleed my brakes i have already replaced the brakes all the way around and the abs light is still on so i need to bleed them but i need directions thanks

Oil drop when cars been driven and then parked

I live on a dirt road full of chatter bumps. Equinox clunks constantly when going down road, I believe in the front center of the vehicle. Don't usually hear it on paved roads unless I go over a bump. Today I turned the steering wheel back and forth quickly on dry pavement and it duplicated the noise. My son thinks its the inner tie rod ends. Does this sound correct?

Engine was tunning fine then went dead and after 15 started back up ran for 5 minutes and died again then started back up after another 15 minutes.check engine light is on.

After driving for a few minutes , problem does not recur.

When I start my truck and release the brake, the light on the dashboard remains lit. My brake reservoir is full and the fuse is not blown. is there another reason the light could be on?

Is there a can do it yourself maniual and is there a step by step process that would allow me to do so

what could cause this? Also, it's sluggish on pickup speed and now the steering wheel vibrates when going faster than 65mph. Also, the car seems louder than normal. Are these all related or separate?

im replacing the head gasket and a few valves and i noticed while taking off the harmonic balancer that it had resistance in only one spot as i turned it. i repaced all the gaskets and some valves that were burnt, im on the reassembling part now. before i torque the harmonic balancer back i turned the crankshaft to see if the resistance went away and it didnt. my book says that it might be that the valves are contacting the pistons but i dont think so cause it was like that before i did the job, and i dont really want to take the cylinder head back off because the bolts holding it down are one time use stretch bolts $150 for new ones. Any advice

The problem started few months back , but if i left the car for an hour or so, it would start and it will be fine for 3-4 weeks and it do it again, now the car refuses to turnover or start at all.Can anyone tell me where is the crankshaft sensor situated in my car Mercedes E320 Elegance 6 it infront of engine or on the back of it? photos will be much appreciated.

How do I replace the bolt?

costs about the same? got an estimate which seems way out in left field.i am nearing the poor house now, this may put me over the edge!!