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P0432 Main Catalyst Efficiency Below Threshold (Bank 2)
P0422 Main Catalyst Efficiency Below Threshold (Bank 1)
P0411 Secondary Air Injector Incorrect Flow
Do I need to change my catalytic converters or 02 sensors?

getting a puff of smoke when sarting with 120,000 miles o the engine and regular oil changes

we replaced cam sensor and still not getting fire what so ever

I am attempting to replace the automatic transmission fluid pressure solenoid. Where is it located? Under the hood or attached to the transmission (transaxel) under the car?
The car is a GT2 with 95,000 miles.
I noticed the car was up-shifting roughly yesterday. I checked the fluid the following day and it was NOT low. I talked to Pep-Boys technician who said "Check online forms". The forms told me it was either a bad fluid pressure solenoid or it needs a flush (did at 60,000). I bought an ACDelco 24219819 Automatic Transmission Solenoid for $25 online. Now all I need to know is where to put it.

Is there a backlight or fuse that works the digital cluster? You can still make out numbers but they don't light up. Also the computer displays that the brake light circut failed. Lights work but still displays failure.

im changing the nuetral safety switch and everything came off fine. now when i go to put the cable back on the shaft its not lining up. transmission is in park so is the shifter. the nss is lined up with the shaft and can be installed easaly.

Turned ignition on, car seemed to start but made a brief rump sound as if engine was racing, but no sooner I tried to put it on drive, engine turned off. What can it be and how much will repair cost?

Hearing clunks when driving over bumpy dirt road. Also repair guy says strut is leaking oil.

Supposedly the water pump and timing belt was change at 75000 miles. There is now 105000 miles and I am told the water pump is leaking and that pump and timing belt should be replaced.

I have seen a lot on the web forums asking the question and also that a lot of 2006 silverado owners are having this problem. I have burned out lights on my steering wheel controls. I would like to find an explaination with pics or video on how to replace these lights. Can anyone please help?

or on cornering.when restart may run very rough for aprox 30 seconds. May be either Cam sensor or crank sensor.please advise. also not i dis splash power steering fluid from loose resivior cap. could this have shorted a sensor(mabee unrealated)

during emissions inspection the check engine light failed to come on. What are the possible causes and How can this be fixed.

during emissions inspection the check engine light failed to come on. What are the possible causes and How can this be fixed.

my dear old 96 corolla 1.6 4A-FE, has a idle problem, it ranges from 900rpm to 1800rpm. and driving it is less than smooth between throttle on and off. almost as though it has a air leak. but none have been found, a friend has check the idle control valve and it seems to be ok. any other idea's

Kind regards Stu.

the ticking has happened for a long time,Iam not sure if it happened since new , the car runs great except for poor gas mileage