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wondering if the svt focus can use regular or medim grade fuel?
where is the dip stick?
The high and low steady speeds work all the time when turned to that position....intermittent setting does not. If you turn it to intermittent it wipes once and stops..kick it up a notch or down a once a...
I can't open my hood after hitting a wall to avoid hitting another car, I can seem to find the hook
air conditioner evaporator -looses freon
I have power windows the drivers window was working earlier. It went down but now it won't go back up what do I do ?
Hard to start after a fill up
The engine and auto transmission module has been replaced but the transmission does not change after 2nd.The transmission module was bought with out the transmission control board. A control board purchased is giving...
both side mirror, cigarette lighter(light up)& radio all not working,
the 1996 grand prix gtp will not send power to the inition the key is stuck in the on spot and will not send power to the fuel pump our the dash how ever the info center will come on and the radio and heater but no po...
the waring light came on i looked in the owner manual and it says malfunction when i had retuned from going out i turned off the car and a few min later it began making a noise like the starter was trying to engage
I have replaced to vacuum solenoid and booster or whatever its called on the front diff.I heard somewhere that if you put the heat on defrost and then engage the 4 wh that a specific vacuum line is bad . I tried the d...
When I am driving around 40-50 mph, the rpm's run about 1000 and it threatens to stall, and if I rev it in park, at around 4000 rpms, the engine sputters. What do you think the problem is?
i was leaving my daughters caycare when all of a sudden my car putted,my battery light came on then the car stalled at light,i replaced the battery but when i tur key it try to start but wont actually start up,AAA cam...