I know I have to get the serpentine belt off, any thing else?

87K Original on the Odometer.
just this morning I got in it, started it right up as usual but when I put it in reverse to back out it didn't move, So I put it in drive, hit the gas, it didn't move just revved like I was in neutral. up to this point gave no signs or shutters of transmission problems.
I haven't checked the fluid yet, but have noticed no evidence of it leaking, it is parked in the same spot every night.

any ideas guys?


emergency brakw

I was told my power steering pump was leaking, but I have no drips on garage floor. Service guy said it had a pan. Just wondering if it did or not. Haven't heard of this before. (Not noticed any change in steering.) Thanks.

I just got a call from my repair shop telling me that the stablizer that cups or goes over the left and upper ball joints need to be replaced also. What is reasonable cost?

Im pulling the ac out cause I don't use it how do you get the evaporator out I got the dash out and all the visible screws and bolts but it wont budge any ideas?

I've been quoted $633 to fix a broken transmission mount. Is that right or am I being ripped off?

I was told there are trace amounts of HC in the cooling system and the error codes are PO300, PO301, PO302 miss fire and PO420 CAT efficiency. Copious amounts of blue/white smoke on first start up and also a decent oil leak in right front area near tire. Gas mileage has gotten bad recently also.

I got overheat due to the cooller was dirty with mud we have been increassing water all the time, so we drive a car on the safe place for 100 km due to the night time,and on next day we put water also tried to change a breech gasket but on sump inferior we found oil mixed with water.
Started and the engine run for 10 min without problem,checked oil again still have water(just tried start). so my question what happen and what can i do? may be the breech is damaged or all of the engine must be changed.
Thanks a lot and regards,

The blinker light on the left side was blinking faster then the one on the right. The head light switch was in the off position. Now my batery is dead.


and the sensor with no success. still not working do you have any ideas of what else I can do. it is 20 degrees in the morning here and my wife is freezing to death to drive it.

I have to stomp on the accellerator very hard to get it to release. I thought a broken engine mount might be the problem but isn't.

when we came back from vacation start truck and it was find for a couple of min. than the pressure dropped icheck oil it was full a tech told me to add a quart of oiland se if pressure stays up it did any suggestins

What could be wrong?