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I have a right side license plate light bulb that is not working. Replaced it but it seems like there is a problem in the harness that goes through the trunk. I took it to the dealership and they gave me an estimate o...
My 02 dodge stratus speakers went out and the passenger seat was smoking at the same time, what happened and how do i fix?
after i disconnected my stereo i got a code error on my stereo and i lost my anti theft card what do i do?
How do you know if u need to replace the ball joints?
1998 honda civic LX was running ruff so i replaced the plugs wires cap and rotor and o2 sensor behind catalytic converter and drove for two hours and then id just died timing belt still good but won't start any idea w...
I have a 2001 GMC 1500 4.8l and I am getting 11-12 mpg's on the highway, could this be an 02 sensor? My air filter is new, plugs, wires, and fuel filter are also new.
lost power now the car will turn over but will crank pulled fuel line at motor getting fuel there.
i have a 2002 chevy silverado 2500 hd and replaced the oil pump in it because it was not pumping oil but i still have the same problem with the new oil pump what can i do to get it to pump oil
because is an affordable price compared to others is a real good deal but my question is , is plastic tank good? please help me out in this decision, there are other for twice the price but similar description. than...
When I turn my headlights on, my dashboard and some of the lights in the center console do not come on. The first time this happen which was about four months ago. I went to the rear truck and pulled up the truck cove...
i scanned the egine i have a GPR FLOW do u no what that is
WHEN I TURN OR STOP AT A STOP READY TO TAKE OFF I PRESS ON THE GAS AND IT TURNS OFF....CODES 031 085 088 084 083 041 031 034 032 033 41 31 34 32 33 72
What are the parts required to tune up my 1990 Nissan Maxima
I loseing power when i excelarte. I excelarte to about 40 then i lose power.
At first, it would turn over and die, turn over and die. Then, eventually it would start. After driving about 1 mile, it would just die in traffic. The next time I drove it, same thing, turn over and die. The check en...