circuit board from used remote to my remote and reprogram to my vehicle?

Parts appear readily available

to fix valve cover gasket

I shut off car right away replace line, filled with fluid, and it works perfectly in drive but will not move in reverse. It worked great before,It almost acts like you are holding the brake down or its in two gears. The idle is a little high when it goes in drive but it kicks down when you put in reverse. You can feal it go into gear when you put in reverse. Any Ideas

Pl's tell me how to remove this blower motor

The car was left in the on position overnight. It drained the battery so I got it recharged reconnected it and the van started no problem. I noticed after that all the warning lights were on (abs, brake, check engine, and tire pressure). No power windows or doors, no radio, ac, heater, sunroof, or wipers. What could be the cause. I can't drive the car because when I depress the accelerator it does not work. Any help would be appreciated.

looks like gaskets leaking

need a way to shut it off so it can be driven in snow. had a near miss because i couldn't stop. it is overly senstive and it happens ever time its wet or snowy out. the power is cut down to the point you can't even pull out. i have relatives with older cobalts w/o traction control and they drive in the snow and bad weather just fine.

It starts, idles, and takes off fine. but looses power especially up grades, checked for leakes, changed fuel filter, tried resetting apps with no response. no codes or ck eng light on

How much should they charge to fix it

How much should they charge to fix it

was working saturday sunday am was going to store turn off had to put gas all the way down be for no need to low r.p.m will not move new fuel filter

How can I set engine idle speed?

wont clear inspection

I am pretty sure the front wheel bearings need replaced. It's not the tires (new), and all the signs point to wheel bearings.
2009 w 100k miles. Am I better off taking to dealer or attempting to take to my local trusted mechanic. I am hearing that the dealers are the only ones with the proper tool anyway.
how many hrs labor and what would be cost?