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How much should it cost to replace a windshield wiper switch in this model? Thanks
I hear a knocking noise when my heat is on. this noise only occurs when stopped at a stoplight or stopsign. the noise goes away when you turn the heat off.
Oil leaking at rear of engine
it only came on when the car first started now it stays on longer and i same to have squeeking in the altanator, but i am now experience problems with the transmition so i am trying to figure out what the AT is all ab...
When my buick shifts into overdrive the rpm drops down to around 1500. When i try to accelerate the car starts to jump forward or seems like its slipping. The only way it will come out of it is if you slam the the g...
smell gas while the van is running
Is there a way of telling if it's a worn clutch assembly, or the slave cyl., and master cyl.? And whats involed in replaceing clutch, plate, resurficed flywheel? I need to replace the front rotors too. It I believe ha...
the car runs normal but the car gets hot and the heat does not work it just blows cold air.
my cadillac eldorado is leaking transmission fluid.when i turn the car off what is the problem i put stop leak in it.and it didnt help what should i do and how much do you think it would cost to fix thanks
The four speed blower switch in the dashboard has one working speed, high. All four speeds were working fine in the early part of the day. The car was turned off for aprox. two hrs. the next time the car was started o...
driving ans heard grinding sound , car slowed and stopped. Unable to go when gears changed... It starts up thats it.
system giving a high volt charge
When I step on the brakes, the peddle sinks almost all the way down to the floor. It started squeaking. What do I need to replace? Just the brake pads or brake pads and rotors? I haven't heard any grinding. Just squea...
have replaced circut on firewall that blower motor plugs into.Blower motor works when coected to power.Is switch on dash bad?
at what milage should I change my spark plugs