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There are no check engine lights or error codes. I have noticed a burning smell for the last few months but after driving a short distance today, the car was smoking pretty bad from underneath the oil cap.

had 4-codes-oxygen sensor mass air sensor egr system evaporative purge valve i have replace all this itstill fail

just recently, sometimes when slowing down for lights, car will almost stall, spedometer will flash eratic numbers (ex: 7, 55, 3, 42)--has shut down but would restart. Just had tune up, idle controler replaced, water pump. This "system failure" on driver information new-never seen before and have had car 10+yrs. thanks- also only 130K on car.

I changed the starter n the alternator they were bad when I tested them I also change the solenoid on the firewall n I got a new battery that also went bad but it wont start it just clicks at the solenoid. was running fine it just shut down while driving. also i hooked up the scanner n it won't link to it. please help

My car was making a squeking noise when I turned. SO checked powersteering fluid it was empty I refilled it still not turning. Then I noticed there was leak under right front tdire.

Bench bleed master cylender before install and have bleed the brakes severy times and still have soft peddel. Truck stops just fine but unsure were to go to next.

Tried installing aftermarket radio and I sure i have the wiring right but for some reason the Radio fuse under the hood keeps breaking. I am not sure what is causing this but any help would be appreciated.

replace valves

want start p2104 0222 2111 codes 113000 miles no warranty ive cleaned throttle body and sensors connections with eletra clean unplugged battery over nite

We just bought the van & this light just came on & stays on at all times.

Thanks for the help!

how do u set the timing on a 1.8 motor for a 94 geo prizm and what is the firing order

i had a rocker arm come off, i got it back under the cam, by loosening the cap bolts, but i dont know the spec for torque on those bolts.

Recently purchased with 160k on it, but you can hardly see the numbers......mostly guessing

i have been reading that there was a recall of the sensor. iam the original ownerand never recieved noticed;for i would have it done.i am faithful w/ oil changes and scheduled maintaince.How can you help me?

When urnig to the left there is a grinding noise heard by the right brake area.