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i had a fire in the wireing when i tryed to to install mini lights and it started a fire

When ordering parts I need to know Shoes or Pads & Drums or Roters.

Is this an easy fix or does it require special tools?

I have spark and fuel pressure but it won't start?

should the engine be running and warm when checking the fluid level in tranmission, if so my level is just visable on dipstick 1/4 0f an inch, do you think I need to top it up very carefully????

What is the best method to repair this problem?

This just happened for the first time today. Even I stop the car it sounds like loud fan is still going inside. I called a mechanic & he said it is the mechatronix. However, I looked that up online & it appears that is related to the transmission not my temp panel. I was thinking/hoping it was just a fuse. Please help!

engine has 10 miles on it just rebuilt.when try to accelerate it coughs and almost stops step on gas and it tries to die and almost stops

the interior lights only dim when car is starting to move

how do i fix problem

I jumped my friends car when i first got it, which now i know was really bad for my type of car. It's been doing this for about 3 months now.

Power outlet has no power. Checked fuses, not blown, but replaced anyway. Dealership said it was my charger. Charger for portable DVD player works in back outlet and cigarette outlet. Any ideas?

I think this is whats causing my truck not to start sometimes. all 3 times my truck failed to start this message was flashing.

A macanic friend said it sounder like the hub bearing was going out as he was driving my car I assume it is on the left. Have very limited funds need to know how critical this is and how much approx. to fix

I have noticed power loss at highway speeds look down at the gauges and notice that the message center says 'Failsafe mode'. The engine either quits or goes to a rough idle. To clear the message and restore engine performance I have to pull over put the transmission in park, shut off the engine, wait a minute or two and restart. This happens a few times a year over the past few years and has resulted in power steering loss and power brake loss while driving on the interstate at 60-70 mph. I have brought it to the Ford place and they stated that they could not replicate. It has been doing this since I bought the truck new. It now has 110k miles.