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my thermostat housing is leaking somewhere i don't know where how difficult is it to change???
need to replace blend door actuarer. have part what is laber caust.
when i crank the car in the morning oil comes out the oil filter canister
while im driving my battery gauge just drops off to show nothing. Is this a sign that my alternator is going out? Truck still drives when this happeneds..
How do I replace the xenon bulb light(head light)
how do you loosen the tensioner pulley to get the belt off
Turning on turn signals causes all the red dash info lights to cycle on, oil, coolant, abs, etc while killing the speedometer, tach, and gauges. When the turn signal goes off the tach and speedometer, etc go into a re...
battery drains and wont start until jumped any suggestions?
My wife got her mothers Lexus and it drove awesome when we first got it, but not it seems to get really bad gas mileage. Just got brand new tires, Balanced etc... I don't know much about cars, but i wanted to see if i...
I have a 1996 Saturn SL2 with 143,000. The car was driving fine for several days then my son parked it in the driveway one night, turned everything off and locked it. The next day he went out to start it so he could...
my car is slow about starting when it is cold weather
i had the alternator checked at auto zone and they said the regulator is bad so i need a to replace my alternator
wheels are just about straight. I backed up into drive way a week ago. Now went to drive & Key wouldn't turn. Tried to pull on steering wheel but then it locked. ALso tried duplicate key- still won't turn. Help! Pam
My passenger airbag light just came on ... help
had to change the blenddoor actuator..all was fine till we put dash back together. blower fan quit working. change relay, resistor, check fuses, even got new blower motor still not working any ideas???