It only comes on when driving long distances.
Thank you.

im replacing wheel bearing on prism,,want to no if can use wheel spindle off metro..are the splines for cv axle same? is the wheel going to ride same? sit iin or out the wheel well at same measurments? etc/

!992 mazda miata seems to burn a lot of gas for a 4 banger. I can smell gas fumes from the tail pipe while engine idles.

I hear a squeaking noise when my front wheels move while parking.

It can not be pinpointed to the weather changes because this has happened in Fall and in Winter. The car will turn over as if it is starting but won't stay started. There is no noises indicating there's a problem with starting and the battery voltage will read low. the sensor by the air filter has been replaced already and the SES light is illuminated. PLEASE HELP!!!

Interested in buying a 1999 BMW 740il for 2500 and they say it runs good with a smooth shifting transmission but has an exhaust leak somewhere. How much does that cost to get fixed if it was anywhere?

After a cooling period (5ish minutes) it will start and go a little further then repeat. It is throwing the primary ignition code 1320. I have changed the coil and still experience the same problem.

I have changed ford ignitions before but how hard would it be without the key? I have a friend with a 94 explorer that wants to bypass the whole locksmith bill and just swap the tumbler. is there a way to get it out without a key or do I need to change the whole column?

Recently replaced all tires and vsc seems to sometimes activate and make beeping noises when going around sharper bends, even on only wet or dry pavement, not even snow.

car was going fine and then all of a sudden a red flashing light appeared on the dash

Oil leaking from timing belt cover

Is this a maintence warning?

i've looked every where & can't find an ajutment screw

I had one of the guys at Advance Discount Auto do diagnostics on it & the results were "P0449 Evaporative Emission Vent Valve Solenoid Malfunction". The gentleman said it was probably a specific part but he couldn't be sure which one.

Just bought this car 3 weeks ago. Last week service engine soon light illuminated and stayed on. Advance Auto tested and code was P0550. Gas cap is good, so they suggested Fuel Injector Cleaner and reset light. 2 days later when I went to start the car, it hesitated just for a second before starting and light was on againand has been on now for 3 days. Should I try the cleaner again or replace the EGR valve? They told me that it could be that. I don't have money to do a full engine scan right now (about $90+) and will be starting a much needed job in about a week. Would it hurt to drive it for 2 weeks until I get a paycheck? Also would it hurt if I start using higher octane fuel? I now use 87.