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When parking the car, if I turn wheels extreme right or left I hear a "clunking" noise. While driving, the car will pull to the left or right or, rarely, not pull at all! On one occasion on a very cold day, the car ...
I need to find out if I need to reset my Timing and shift points after replacing the spark plugs? Can I do this myself, by disconnecting the battery for 10 to 15 mins?
has anybody put E3.54 spark plugs in there car.I have heard pros and cons I would like to here from someone who has tryed them in there cadilac.thanks triump68
I've had lots of problems with components of the convertible top system failing, beginning around 70,000 miles. Mostly electrical/computer problems, but also some seals. The repairs have been very expensive. Has an...
blows fuel start fuse when you try to start car replaced it lasted about a week then blew two more right away
Driver door lock doe not work- open and close from passenger side- alarm went off opening driver door- no power to car at all
brought new every 400 miles 15% is burning oil no leak engine sounds like old car now is 38000 problem is worse.
only here clicking sound when trying to start car and it won't start.
My heater is working. I can feel hot air. I can adjust the blower and hear it working, but air is not coming through vents no matter what the setting. I think it is a vacuum issue but cannot narrow it down.
a bad gas line filter
How much should it cost me to replace passenger side mirror?
should i have a voltage reading to the fuel pump when the key is in the on position or only when turned to start?
My car has been diagnosed as being "not ready" to do emissions testing. I understand that if a car FAILS emissions testing, there is a limit to how much you need to spend to get the car to pass the test. However, I ha...
Can I change the fluid myself or use professional shop?