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Thermostat went to H immediately and car over heated. I kept driving till I got home and not the car won't turn on. Did I kill the engine?
I would like to replace the interior controls area. It really looks bad and appears to be falling apart. Where can I get this done
How much should a tuneup cost at 100,000
when the truck is cold and i`m driving down the road the truck starts to bump almost like someone is tapping me in the bumper lightly mainly when i let off of the gas but when it worms up it runs good do you think it ...
estamated cost to replace a control arm
how do I change thermostat on my nissan
Is there a contrast adjustment for rear view mirrow with the auto diming feature?...The rear window is always difficult to see through.. The windows are tinted which adds to the problem... Thanx for your help... d...
My car is leaking when it rains. I end up getting a pool of standing water in the front passenger seat. It doesn't seem to be coming in through the roof, but rather through the side. I think it has something to do ...
1990 dodge caravan stalled now no crank and no elec on dash is it the key switch?
when car is idling it revs up and down by itself. could it be an idle sensor or do these engines have an idle sensor?
power seat malfunction driver side
When I shift gears my vehicle doesn't move unless I use overdrive or 4x4 and low range. Reverse is better than forward. I've been also told my oil pan is leaking and cost for pan alone is over $850. Can an epoxy gl...
had a dead battery, jump started and when I went to rev engine nothing happened. Had no problems before. Could it be filter, sensor etc. replaced battery but still nothing
service engine light on how do I fix
I have changed the thermostat, pcv valve, new coolant and it still overheats and has an eratic idle. It does not have eratic idle upon startup, but after about 3-4 minutes is when it starts. Also the hose for the pcv ...