I have tried to do what it says to do in manual to unlock the theft deterrent system but it will not work. What to do now?

everytime i start the engine shortly after within seconds you get a strong gas fume smell, not an exhaust smell but more of a gasoline smell, any ideas as to why that is?
i have taken it to the repair shop a few times for brakes and other assorted things yet none of the mechanics say anything about it like it is normal or something.

Last change timing belt @97K. Car now has 226K.

got up the other morning and went to warm the truck and after 20 mins got in and the truck was not warm, had to leave so went to take the kid to school and the heater started blowing, it does everytime i am driving but idling goes back to cool air, what can be done to fix it?
i have checked the coolant levels and those are right and on the money

I smell the burning smell through my vents when i stop my car. And now the engine is idleing slightly high and rough.

leak that is spraying gas onto manifold; does mechanic that installed engine have to repair gas leak problem being they just fixed engine 3 weeks ago?????

When switching vent control sounded like something fell from inside the dash. Now only blowing from front of dash, not the defrosters or floor.

Engine will die when stop if I turn on the heater...


It seems to be glued do I use a solvent or scrape it?

trying to pass emission testing.I have checked hoses,changed charcoal canister and code is still cuming up.the only one thing thats left is this particular Solenoid that falls up under this code P0455

The shop said the part will cost over $1000. Does this sound right?


Now it sounds like I have to re-do it because it sounds really bad. Mileage is pretty high (209K) and it's a 2000 so clearly is getting old or rusty but is this normal that I would need this type of work done again?

we had a gas leak and asked if we had engine work done on car.
so my questions is does the mechanic that did engine work; have to fix fuel leak being car is got fuel leak that is a fine mist leaking onto the manifold that can cause our engine to catch on fire.
and we had to inform them that was found by another mechanic that replaced our heater core; after they smelled gas leak.
and the mechanic that did engine work didnot inspect our car throughly before releasing car to us = only had car back for 3 weeks after having engine work done.