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ok,i was off taking my niece to bowling and after putting the car in reverse,and then about to drive,it died,after several attempts to crank it, the engine did not want to "turn over"..seems like may not be getting added 1 gallon of gas,even though the gas needle read 1/4-1/2 a tank.last time i attempted to crank,it "clicked"..soo now its been on a 10amp battery charge since 4pm/April 14th.2012.thanks~ken n myrtle beach.

In thought it might be flat spots on my tires, thats what it sounds like.

please give me a godd price.

ran out of gas and my "friend" brought me a gas can and little did i know it was diesel fuel. So i was able to get my car home but with trouble and want to know what i should do about the diesel that ran through the motor?

Grandaughter pulled in to have her oil changed and mechanic told her leak was coming from around the camshaft area. Is this an expensive repair? I know difficult to estimate without seeing vehicle.

I just checked my trouble code and got a 14 (ignition signal). Does anyone know the things to check for?

I've been told that I have a broken valve guide on valve #5.

In drive SMG would not engage...engine would just rev.Suddenly it would catch and lurch forward.Then it would clear for several miles...then reappear again.Changed battery as it was suggested by dealer that 6 yr.old battery may not power all the onboard electronics.Red "COG" is now back with a vengeance
Yesterday RED COG again, would not engage in drive or reverse and then stalled and would not restart[middle of rush hour intersection]5 minutes later it started and ran without problems.What is going on?

Codes said to replace knock sensor but check engine light stays on.
Also, there was the smell of raw gas in the cabin and on the left side under hood but no sign of leak.

my car will still not start. very little spark when i check. Help please.

I have an Acura 1996 TL 2.5 with 110k miles.Leather seats are showing wear and spliting in areas. I purchased it with 17k miles. I sale value is est at $1800. I am starting to have issues with a/c.heater blowers, power window motor, brakes/rotors/cv boot replacement and a leak in the slow oil leak. (no sure where that is coming from) I am sure it could use new plugs/wires and who knows what else. I could take my money and put it into the car and repair everything OR I am thinking about purchasing a Caddy 2005 sts with 89k miles for $12k. Any advise on what your thoughts would be? I would greatly appreciate it. The Caddy is at a dealership and has had new pads/new tires and there were no other motor issues detected.

Car just had timing belt pulleys tensioner and water pump changed.

Car just had timing belt and water pump changed as well pulleys tensioner etc.

The car had been sitting for months and after replacing starter and new battery the rear right wheel is locked up in either forward or reverse. It just slides on the driveway macadem when pressing accellerator. I haven't been able to unloosen the lug nuts yet to remove the wheel and check it.