Is this a leak that can cause about 1 gallon of coolant to disappear over a 20 mile run? There is no sign of leakage anywhere except there. The shroud is wet under there also. water pump, exhaust pipes, radiator hoses, radiator all dry.

most of the time they will flicker

I have a 2002 BMW 325ci and on December 9, 2011, i had work done on it to fix a small problem relating to a oxygen line or something to that effect that had burned out. approximately 2 weeks later, i went to get my car inspected for registration and it failed, as the report read that the evaporative system and the oxygen heat sensor monitors (or something to that effect) "were not ready." the folks told me to continue to drive it in hopes that the drive cycle would take care of this problem.

so, i called the shop that performed the work on the 9th and they said bring it back in. they then found another problem with a line that also dealt with emissions or oxygen (forgive me for my ignorance) and repaired that and told me that this was likely the problem with the monitors not being ready. they also mentioned something about the secondary oxygen pump maybe being the culprit, which i hope its not being that the pump is approx 300. so, my question is why would it take so long for the monitors to be ready after the initial repairs being that i drove the car everyday and put approx 20-25 miles on it per day? also, is there anything that i can do to help to get the monitors ready? is there something else wrong with my car that is causing the monitors to not be ready? Your help would be much appreciated!

I have changed the plugs, wires and coil and the van still runs horrible. when you are accelerating it runs very slugish and has a miss to it. once you get up to speed it runs pretty good at constant speed but if you accelerate, it will start missing again.

My daughters car started losing speed and acceleration. Check engine light came on. She had it towed home. I checked with a scanner and it displays the following codes: P1151, P1191, P1193, and P1151 again. P1151 says Accel Position Sensor, but I can't find any information on one for purchase. I can find throttle position sensors, (they all have 4 pins) but this unit attached to the end of the accelerator cable has 8 pins. (Located under hood mounted on the passengers side wheel well facing the rear of the car) Is this the correct sensor and where can I get one?

also has traction, abs,brake lights on?????

It has been replaced, but it needs adjusted.

it started leaking at the weep hole is this defective or is there some other reason?

Transmission oil help

car didnt pass inspection cause power port would read

I have a 99 Durango. I was low on gas when I parked it. When I came out to start it, it didn't start. So I got about a gallon of gas and put it in. Still didn't start. It tries to turn over so it couldn't be the starter. I hear the fuel pump priming. So, I put a total of 4 more gallons in the tank. Still wouldn't start. It has had absolutely no problems before. So, I threw a little gas in the throttle body and tried to start it to see if it was a fuel issue. It still didn't start. I checked the coil and it is fine, so I checked to see if there was any spark going to the plugs. There wasn't. So, I changed the rotor and cap. Still not starting.
Any ideas? Thanks!

Trying to avoid paying $200 for diagnosis at shop to tell me its a $10 hose. Is this common with this truck to leak and how likely is it that it's the radiator? No crack in reservoir or top hoses visible. Also, will it harm the system if I use K-Seal to stop radiator leak if that's what it is? Thanks for any advice.

The car doesn't seem to drive differently when this happens and once I turn car off for a long while they'll be off before I start car again. After driving for awhile like 40 miles they will go on 1st abs than tc and then 4 wheel drive icon

how much should I expect a rear main seal being fixed to cost me? I have a 1999 jeep grand cherokee limited

I just got a 2000 Chevy Blazer LT with a Computer climate control.
When I press the A/C button (or the buttons for air recycling/direct air), the indicator lamp on the buttons flashes a few times, but will not say turned on. Is this normal? Since it's winter, it's had to know if the A/C is working or not.