The soft close feature stopped working. The trunk will close manually, but not with the soft close. The inside switch to open the trunk will not work to open the trunk , nor will the button on the key. The dash display says the trunk lid is open, when it is mechanically closed and locked. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

the light stays on but I'm not having any problems. Am I going to have problems and if so, what do I need to do to fix it before it happens. Thanks!

first repair said the harness needed replacing, now between 30 & 60 mph, the problem is worse after replacing the harness.

I have had my battery and alternator tested and they test fine. Do I have a electrical promblem

all my lights on dash board started going off when I was on highway and I lost power. what is wrong. I had crank sensor replaced also

How do you get behind the dash to oil my speedometer cable??


My car says I have 0 miles to go but I just filled up. Any reason why this may be happening?

checked the gas cap and it was not loose am thinking that it may be in the emission system

99 Galant that turns on and runs but then after about 20 minutes it shuts off. When we try to turn it on again it starts but shuts off immediately. It's all the time occurrence to where we have to leave it parked.

2008 hyundai elantra

will go out after about 15 minutes.Does not matter how much fuel is in tank.

engine is sluggish at take off and some times goes dead.

I just replaced a stolen catalytic converter on my Malibu and all of the vehicle self tests show complete but a DTC of p0496 Auxiliary emission controls ISO/ASE DESCRIPTION: evaporative emission system high purge flow.
All the evap lines are in tact and electrical connections seem to be ok. I don't have ,or know anyone that does have a smoke machine to use. any suggestions?


once i start to drive car temperature gauge goes to normal