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four wheel alignment cost
i have 1993 g cherokee 5.2 v8 and 1994 with no motor or trans, can i take and put my running gear from my 93 in to 94 body?
what is the wiring testing process for non-operative tail lights? Do I need a wiring diagram? Do I need a special voltage meter? I replaced fuse and bulbs, only right rear brake light and same side turn signal works. ...
how much to do an alignment on this vehicle
where is the starter relay located, i looked in the fuse box next to the battery but none say starter relay. would it say something else. and where is the starter at also whats the easiest way to take it off.
The car does not heat up. I have put card board in the front does not seem to make a differece. The dash gauge never goes up unless you are just sitting. I replace the thermostate a couple of years ago.
Heater will not provide heat. It takes 25 minutes to get heat in vehicle.
car is stuck in park !
engine service light comes on when I accelerate to passing gear and whlen it shifts the coughs or jerks hard what could be the cause
My 2001 Mazda Millenia cuts off when driving. When I press the accelerator it accelerates, but when reaching a constant speed it will do it all over. Sometimes while at a stop it will die, but will start again. HELP!!!
The blower tends to work intermittently. It gets warm and stays on once it decides to work. It is not set on "auto."
My van everyone once in awhile doesnt shift in will jus rev but nothing else....I was told to change my transmission this the correct fix?
It started 2 days ago. After a few miles of driving it seems to disappear.
I have 153,000 miles on the car and my engine light came on with a gas canister valve. Any idea if a $1000 is the correct figure to fix.
car vibrates when i get to about 50mph. told that i have to replace wheels at a cost of about 1000.00