when pumping gas at the pump it won't take the gas it just spits it back out

When I got back in my car today I heard a continual sound that was like something was loose under my car and dragging or a rattling/chattering sound while my car was sitting idle. I popped the hood and the sound seem to come from the timing belt/water pump area.. What can I do to fix it or is this the sounds of my water pump going out?

When I start the engine first thing it idles at the proper rpm, but as it warms up the engine goes up about 400 rpm and never comes down till it cools off.

The mechanic did a code diagnostic and he said the EGR valve needs to be replaced and one of the cylinder is clogged and will need to be cleaned and will also do a tune up. He is charging me $350.00 to replace the EGR valve and $250.00 to clean the clogged cylinder which includes tune up. The total cost is $600.00. Is this a reasonable price?

Looking for a Diagram to show how to replace high pressure power steering hose on a 99 Cadillac Seville STS.

the customer wants to know if it will brake on her

My wife spilled a coke in the car so when we got home I went in to clean it. When I was finished I noticed a Service Airbag message on my dash info center. I must have got a sensor wet. How can I clear that code?

Can I swap the COPs from a 01 Escape 3.0 and replace them with the COPs from a 01 Mustang 4.6?

i did get gas at this lil country store do u think i got bad fuel

Parking lights stay on

just did this in driveway.fuel pump audible in start position don't know what else to check

Now the car will not start. What could be the problem causing the temperature gage to go wacko?

i have a cost of just over $16 for the gasket i need to know what the going rate for labor is

It only makes this noise when driving not in park. this is a sporadic type of noise and some times this will be 3 to 4 times in a row.

When windshield wipers get turned off instead of going back down they stay in a upright position. Asked around and got a bunch of different answers and I cannot get them to stay down please help!