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and the a/c takes a minute to turn on and start blowing out air.

i am going to fix it myself but cant find a good draw out online to tell me where it is i need to look

shimmy an alert!

knock sensor is out after we fix the air control valve is this common

what do i do i have had the car for 1 month and the power steering goes out when i go slow

my car shows that it is in "drive" yet my shifter is in "park" when I try to shift gears it does not change on my dashboard. how can i fix this myself

where is fuel filter located for 2002 honda CR-V and how to change it?


I have looked under the hood and everything looked good . I checked with a meter thier is no power going to it or where is the switch to turn it on ?

i live in columbia NC i love my lil nissan but anyday da beds guna fall to peices from the rust im trying to find a cheap bed thats in good shape and if u have fenders too i need the passenger front fender

I get voltage reading constantly changing 6.8-10.2.I checked on my 97 dodge and I get steady 4.6 volts.This 93 dakota has a re-man computer just installed.Truck runs good at times,and mostly missfires the higher voltage is.

abs and brake warning light come on, and there is interference on radio, all stops after a while

relay has been changed with no luck

with the engine running shifter will not release how ever turn the engine off and ignition to run and it will release
what could cause this.

I have replaced all oxygen sensors, catalytic convertors, vaccum hoses, intake gaskets. The idle drops below 1000 rpm oil light starts flashing and then the car dies. It starts right up after and runs great when not stopped and clutch pushed in. There is no o/b code that comes on.

When i reach over 60 mph it acts like its down shifting or trying to change gears. it is really rough like a jerking of the car. As soon as you go below 60 it stops