car runs rough and idles roughly

do i need specail tools?

had oil changed less than 2 weeks ago, radiator keeps leaking water out and now oil smells like gasoline what is going on??

I get an occasional OBDII code of P0496. I can clear it with my reader and it returns after a week or so.

When the transmission is cold it feels like it's not in 1st. when it warms up it is usually ok. sometimes the tansmission leaks like it has high pressure

it runs slugage

I am going to change the cats and o2 sensors on my tacoma it is a 2001 with 118,ooo miles on it. Try after market part,but the last 2yrs the engine light comes on 6-8 weeks apart.Now it is on again. the dealship wants around $2500.00,a lot of money, but I am tire of the junk. And you guys avice is to go with toyota parts.What is the warrenty from the dealer on cats and o2 sensors.And if any other comments, please forward them to me.
Thanks for your help.

The radiator has a slight crack in the tank and it was low on oil.

I have bled the brakes, checked all the wiring. I just started the car on a cold morning and the lights never went out. The car brakes fine, and all the brake/tail lights are good

All of the remanufactured pumps are sold without a pulley and i have been told that you cannot remove the pulley on your current pump & put it on the one you are putting in. is there a solution to this??

had car at dealer, fixed vacume leak last wk. light off for about 3 days then back on ?

2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee needs new throttle sensor and pig tail wiring that goes with it, auto place says its a common problem with Jeeps. They want to charge me right at $500.00 for this; is this even in the ball park of being reasonable? I live in St Louis. Any opinions is greatly appreciated.

Car started idleing quite high (around 2000+). The next time we tried to start it up, it is VERY difficult to get it started. Once started, will not stay running once foot is taken off of the accelerator. HELP!

we adjusted all screws,checked for vacuum leaks and checked the distributor

The letter D is flashing on the shifter, and dealership cannot figure out the problem