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My 98 Grand Am 2.5 SE is bogging on acceleration like it's starving for fuel. It's been running strong till now. 175K on the odo and we try to keep the little car up. I've changed fuel filter, found a line broken to ...
Truck started making noise that sounds as if you're riding on the rumble strips of the road...when you're not. Sometimes a bump will make noise go away, or a real pattern.
mine alternator is good,how do i turn off battery sign on dash-board?
on a cold start this morning,the left side under the valve cover is making a broken sound or maybe like somethings trying to pop out of it.It's not a loud sound though.Please help me,i'm ready to fix asap.Thanks
My sister is calling me with this question just because I owned a 87 loredo I don't now what to tell her
Id like to know if my 94 has the option to have a key-in-the ignition reminder, I know most people want to take them out but ive locked my keys in my car waaaay to many times id like ot put on in
I have a 1991 ford mustang gt. While driving with the windows down or even cracked, there is a severe odor of fresh gas. I cannot find the problem. Any suggestions?
fuel filter had bad gas peopbably where on car is filter and any replaces ment hazars or difficultys
the overdrive light flashes off all the time and engine light is on
When i stop the car after it has been running a small amount of radiator fuild leaks under the engine for about two minutes then stops. it dosent happen when the car is jut siting.
having problems with my computer after replaceing the battery alarm goes off by itself
My engine icon came on today. When I placed the car in reverse the car actually moved backwards slightly, without my applying the gas. It had not done this prior, though there is not change in the sound of the engine ...
The ECM on our 2008 Ford Focus SE has quit after 60,000 miles. I'm wondering what a new unit should cost + labor. The quote from our local service guy seems high at $1,127.
how many hours to replace the heather core?
The rt front passenger window on my Pathfinder won't roll up, and I need to know how to fix it