I don't know what fell out, can't find it but suspect a spring. Where can I find some good pictures of how to fix this thing - it's annoying and the passenger can't avoid the hanging lid. Can't afford a repair place, but wanted to fix it myself. Where do I go to find out how? Thanks.

How much does it cost to replace the water pump on a 2006 Corvette coupe??

the oil has been leaking for more than 3months. i sometimes smell oil burniing. can i order the parts and have the shop place it.the shop is charging too much and i found parts online cheaper. should i just replace the o ring or the whole oil cooler.
thank you

I have replaced the lower hose sensor plus the expantion tank plus the sensor on the rear of the engine.

I have bought new tires 3 times in one year, a shade tree mechanic said it was due to the rack n pinion. Not sure of the spelling but thats what he said.

I've checked the battery, fuses, plug wires, etc. It turns over and I have gas and cylinder compression but no spark. The battery is new and the NGK plugs are new also.

It was giving me a p1760 code and it is for a solenoid. I replaced the solenoid and ohmed out all the wires to it. All wires have the volts they are suppose to. It jerks hard when I go from park to reverse or drive and when it shifts into 4th gear only. All other shifts are smooth. I have a vsc light on and a vsc off light on. If anyone has had this problem or might know what the problem might be please let me know here or at my email. I was told that i need to replace the pcm cause it was not grounding.

2004 4.8 ltr v8. I had to replace catalyic converters at 84,000 mi. I replaced 2 sensors and got a code for a weak rear sensor. So I replaced the other 2 but it is still coding a weak sensor.

fluid level is good car hase 125000 miles

No major problems - just want a list to be aware of based on the age of my car.

could this be in front axel needing greased?

My control switches for my heater is not working

This happens upon just starting the car, or upon acceleration from a stop. Just a short sound, but getting more frequent. Has 189K and a new timing belt last year. No warning lights, just the ? "vibration", squeal sound. Any ideas? Thanks

I replace the timing belt but it wont start it turns over but will not fire any help?

Car is in good shape, has had routine maintenance.