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Im trying to remove the right half shaft but the inner joint is stuck i cant pry it out, it is the snap ring type im sure, other mechanics said they were real tough and they had to disassemble the inner joint on the new part and put the bearings in the old cup that is stuck,i cant do this because the new part is an update and is alittle different,does anyone have knowledge of these?

After a drive of around 55 to 70 miles an hour for an extended period of 20 minutes or more. I put my car in reverse and there is a sound like rubber on metal, and I can feel the sound at the same time coming from rear of car. I replaced all pads, and rotors, and I know I have a leak at my differential pinion seal , but when I changed my diff cover I did not see any metal shavings in the fluid, the fluid did look frothy though. My car also shakes violently when driving between 60-65. I found that all my tires were severely under aired. Haven't driven far since adding air to tires. Pinion seal comes in next week some time. Any ideas?

Ive checked the vac lines found nothing, it doesnt do it in reverse only when accelerating forward it boggs down and acts like the fuel is being restricted.

suddenly hear a rattle only at idle.i believe the converter is loose.can i cause more damage if driven long like this

i was driving and my headlights cut off. i turned them back on but the switch didn't hold. i had to drive and hold the switch at the same time. sometimes it stays sometimes it doesn't.

cylinder heads are plugged w/carbon. VALVE JOB NEEDED

Knocking occurs only during turns,has been heard on both sides. Van as in recent accident due to debris in road, much work was done to under carriage.

I called a dealer to quote a transmission flush and he told me this car doesnt need a flush. He explained that it uses a special fluid to replace and that's it. Does this make sence? He said this was per the manuel. I will look myself, but was looking for other peoples thoughts and experiences with this.

I have a 2004 Kia Spectra that becomes VERY hard to restart after fueling. I'm going to change the charcoal box as well but think the purge valve may also be bad. I'm having problems locating the purge valve.

I have a whinning noise underneath when I acellerate or climb a hill. I just changed the front diffential gear oil after 1600 miles and found about a thumb nails worth of filings in the magnetic plug. How long till I am needing a tow truck?

trying to replace the radiator on my eldorado and for the life of me I cannot get the electrical connectors to the two cooling fans apart. I'm sure it is something simple, but the solution eludes me. Any help would be appreciated

Where is engine cover manual release?

What is the normal cost for a right front motor mount? It is a hydrolic mount

4 cyl, 2.2

the temp mode buttons light up, but the display does not light up