all three freeze plugs under intake and exhaust manifolds are leaking

automatic rearview mirrors have white courtesy lites which stay on when vehicle is exited.How can I gain access to the lamps.They have blown!

the rear air blows cold no matter what setting its on. tried adjusting the heat on the front and rear coontrols still no change it always blow s cold air.. the front heater blows hot as usual..... any suggestions

truck wouldnt start unless cross out starter solenoid, replaced solenoid, same problem, used a test light to test the crank fuse , when i touched the fuse it turns over and cranks. brake lights dont work with key on, work fine with key on. wheni touch brake pedal with key off gas gauge goes all the way over past full. key on works fine but vibrating a little. any hints ?

i have replaced the 4 accumulators and the AHC pump, yet the car shows the same fault on the scanner C1763 and it keeps bouncing, any ideas would be most appreciated, oh the jeep is armored level 6.

Started yeaterday with full load of cattle on I-64 on North Mth outside Staunton,VA. Had in cruise. Started gaining speed. Had slipped to neutral but was still engaged. Stopped, put in low range,. put back in high, did not engage, put back in low,engaged went 200ft, put back in high, engaged. After got off Mtn was fine. Came back with full load. When started down mtn same thing. Stopped and started 20x. Finally noticed if touched break would stay in gear. Made it home . Any ideas?

I cannot pass inspection due to a cracked neck on my gas tank. The check engine light was reset to off. I was told to drive the car another 100 miles and to bring it back in. The check engine light was off, but I failed inspection again. The car has 95,000 miles on it and I want to sell it versus putting out $1000 to replace the tank.
Any recommendation is appreciated. Is their anything that I can add to the gas tank which would seal the leak and allow me to pass inspection?

i would like to know how much it would cost to replace all 6 airbags because my denali was in accident.

i need to replace my map or reading lamp bulbs - how do i do this?

abs srs lights come on at different times and then goes off.

have what sounds like a knocking sound when going over small bumps. also i hear a creaking sound.

How can I determine if the filter is failing or the fuel pump is going out? Where is the fuel pump and filter? How do I get to it? Could the problem be the fuel injectors? This is problem is not constant but is becoming more frequent. The engine light is on.

The engine light is on most of the time. Example today the car sat for two hours after driving to work with no problem. the car started fine. but when I backed out of the parking spot and put it in drive,with my foot on the brake the engine died. It started again with no trouble. I drove on the highway at 60 mph for 10 miles. the engine light was on the entire time. The engine ran well with no problem. When I pulled into my driveway I took off my seat belt and put the car in reverse to park and the engine light went off. It seems to idle low but doesn't sound rough. However sometimes it sputters or seems rough briefly when first starting to drive. The engine dieing is becoming more frequent. I am not sure if the problem is fuel flow or electrical.

please excuse my inability to use car technicial terms, I'm just a college student with very little knowledge of how my car works.
I am very thankful for anyones help since I live on a college students budget.

time they have gotten cracked? does anyone else have this problem? is it from ALL the roadwork being done on the freeways?