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my car is slow about starting when it is cold weather
i had the alternator checked at auto zone and they said the regulator is bad so i need a to replace my alternator
wheels are just about straight. I backed up into drive way a week ago. Now went to drive & Key wouldn't turn. Tried to pull on steering wheel but then it locked. ALso tried duplicate key- still won't turn. Help! Pam
My passenger airbag light just came on ... help
had to change the blenddoor actuator..all was fine till we put dash back together. blower fan quit working. change relay, resistor, check fuses, even got new blower motor still not working any ideas???
A couple of issues recently popped up on my wife's '96 Yukon. My wife noticed the check gauge light came on. I checked it out, and while driving, the thermometer jumps from a bit above 210 to nearly 260. That's whe...
Car is running fine, not overheating, oil light not on. Took my car in for a regular routine oil change, was told we will not be able to change your oil, because you have oil in the cooling system. What does this mea...
I have a mouse getting into the interior of the vehicle. I had the same problem in my 1993 Ford F-250 and fixed it with hardware cloth near the heater vent on the passenger side. I'm assuming this is similar to my t...
engine light on, hyundai dealership quoted $695 for above job. YIKES! is it really that expensive????
when I crank the car in the morning after it has sit over night oil comes out the top of the oil filter canister or it sit for a week it does the same thing.
I need help guys. I have a 1998 Maxima with a major starting problem. My car has been hard to start for a while, but sometime I get black smoke when this hard starting occurs. I replaced my starter thinking that was t...
front heated seats have not been functioning since i purchased the car this past August. Can't seem to find which fuse to replace... any ideas? (I see rear heated seats only)
I have been told that my rack/pinion is going bad. I hear a knock when I make a hard left or right turn. There is a slight shake in my steering wheel. All tie rods (inner/outer), balljoints, sway bar link and strut...
coolant going to heater core not getting hot.... does it have a heater control valve?
loss of power> can drive but like pushing up hill