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Heat and air not working properly. Had it checked with a computer,garage says thermostat going bad. Car temp,running about half the gauge. They also said it would take allday because it ia located on bottom of engine.
How do you replace the 4wd actuator on a 2001 GMC Jimmy?
I slid into a curb on the ice and bent the tie rod. This is the first time that this has happened.
cam sensor has been replaced, code shows fluxuating timing. would like to replace myself. if too big a deal will sell car.
Engine get stalled when the heater is switched on.This happens only when intermittantly once the car is started after travelling for some time.The first time it won't stop.
left front wheel area squeaky
How do I clean out the air intake system on a VW '98 BUG
I had a backyard/friend replace this part and he is trying to insult my intelligence
my truck reads hot, when i turn the ac on it cools right back down. any suggestions on the problem??
I am trying to change the Transmission fluid on my Front/2 wheel drive V6 Mariner but cant identify which bolt is the fluid plug.Is there a diagram I could refer to or a specific location to look when im under the veh...
When I am coming to a stop or in park, after a while my car just shuts off. It will come back on though once I take the key out and start it again. It started to do this when I first got the car but only once or twice...
diagnosed CODE P0103 problems listed under this code.
What other maintenance or repairs are normally done when replacing the K03 turbos on a 2000 S4 and what should it cost?
I was driving all day with a freind of mine my truck was fine not a problem at all. Then I droped him at his house when I got to my rould, the truck stared jerking real bad. I was presing the gas but it would not go a...