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after awhile it goes good. it a 2.8 in 2 door canyon. what could be causing this to happen or is it normal

can't find the map sensor. have it but can't see it

My cadilac is slowly leaking antifreeze. coolant level message comes up about once a week?

i flushed the radiator and also added freon to theac system

It takes 15 minutes if you want the car to start up. Almost like it is flooded. Thought it was bad gas and egr valve. But it happened to me the other day when I purchased gas. Real annoying bc gas today is a routine purchase. I want to fix the problem. That way it won't take thirty minutes to get gas and have cars building up behind me.

I don't think its the motor bc it still operates when you push or pull the lever. The problem comes when you use the twisting motion on the lever.

started about 3 months ago, stopped for a while started back, getting worst, replace gas cap and air filter, did not solve problem.

I heard that they gears could possibly be out of wack, but there is no noise from the motor to be heard. So I think it is the motor for the recliner, any suggestions?

I have a 2 door explorer so the windows in the backseat are small non-powered and open by latch. I need to replace this broken window and found a used one at the junkyard for $50, but I cannot find do-it-yourself instructions. I have been searching for hours but only find how to replace the power windows. Does anyone know where I can find installation instructions?

When I tap the brakes, while the engine is idling, the RPMs drop about 300-400 RPMs.

Its happened before and the shop replaced the sensor. I would like to how to change the sensor myself

Check engine light has been on since I bought my 1997 Pontiac Bonneville a month ago...i drove in the rain for the first time yesterday and the car ran really rough..with hard acceleration there was a popping sound under the car...what's up?

well i was driving home and i was at a stop light and the car was idling rough then it started to stall i pressed on the gas and it didnt stall drove good sat all day then when i was comeing to work the first stop sign i went to the car tryed to stall again but it drove to the next stop sign then it finally stalled out..tryed to crank but didnt let it sit for bout 10 mins and car started up again.

I add fluid at least once per week.

My brake pad warnind indicator lamp came on. I replaced the pads and rotors as well. How do you reset the warning indicator light. Does it automatically reset itself after so many miles?