I have checked: the Bulbs and the connections-no problems noted. I did noticed while the engine was running, the cooling fans turn on and the lights blinked? I do not have a repair manual to turn too. Help!

there is a leak in the tank beside the radiator i need to know how to remove it, can i remove it

i can't get it to do that. but it does idle ruff. and intake is leaking a little. fuel pump pressure is goog.

We flushed the transmission, helped for a few days then went back to same problem. Was told possibly bad torque converter but doesn't seem to fit from what I read earlier. What do you think might be the problem?

Full on oil. Some people say it is the oil pump? Will not crank even when cold?
A couple weeks before got codes for catylitic convertor and egr sensor. I replaced the sensor, but not catylitic convertor.

got the three nuts off of the mirror, but the wire goes down into the door.

car shifts fine in 1st 2nd and 3rd but no overdrive help

died while driving it got it off to the shoulder of the road no power brakes didnt want to stop no power steering it will crank but not crank all the way over

I perform the over-ride operation(from the manual) to unlock the shifter so I could drive home. I verified the fuse for the brake light is ok. Could this be the brake light switch being faulty? if so how can I verify and is it easy to DIY?

bulbs, fuses, ok. changed switch on transmission, still no lights. is there a relay or another switch???

I don't know what fell out, can't find it but suspect a spring. Where can I find some good pictures of how to fix this thing - it's annoying and the passenger can't avoid the hanging lid. Can't afford a repair place, but wanted to fix it myself. Where do I go to find out how? Thanks.

How much does it cost to replace the water pump on a 2006 Corvette coupe??

the oil has been leaking for more than 3months. i sometimes smell oil burniing. can i order the parts and have the shop place it.the shop is charging too much and i found parts online cheaper. should i just replace the o ring or the whole oil cooler.
thank you

I have replaced the lower hose sensor plus the expantion tank plus the sensor on the rear of the engine.

I have bought new tires 3 times in one year, a shade tree mechanic said it was due to the rack n pinion. Not sure of the spelling but thats what he said.