98 yota 2.4l 190k mi. 5 spd. Truck started misfiring real bad every time I hit the gas. Autozone diag says it's a misfire on cyl 4. changed all plugs, checked all wires by swapping and trying to get the misfire to follow a certain wire, checked compression and it was fine, (even a little high). Plugs and exhaust smelled like gas. Could it be valves? Fuel injector?

replacing head gasket and need to know if there is a required torque and bolt tighting procedure?

The air bag light comes on frequently

i just replaced ignition lock cylinder

i can not find it

Fuse below steering column is fine. Is there a wiper relay or other fuse that needs to be replaced, if so, where are they located? Do I have to replace the entire assembly located in steering column [module also seems to include the turn signal]

Have the oil pan off and the rods removed ..

Wheel bobs up and down and thumping sound heard when moving. Bad installation? Or is axle not running true due to bad part. Thanks!
1998 Suzuki esteem wagon.
Does wheel bearing influence this. Estimate repair please.

The other day, I noticed a clear fluid coming from the rear right side of my truck. It was at least half gallon to a gallon that poured out. Someone said it was just water that build up in the muffler. That does not sound right to me, and I'm scared to drive it not knowing what it is.

please explain why it won't fit, if answer is no. Thank you

why do i smell gasoline through my vents when the air conditioning or heat is on?

replace battery and starter , only starter move slow when turn ignition key

The car runs fine-no problem there-so I know it isn't the fuel pump.
the leak looks like it is coming from around the top of my gas tank.

How to change front break pads for 2002 lexus c430.

My driver's side headligh beam is higher than my left side. is there any way tu adjust this issue?