This car ran fine before it was ran out of gas, it will start but it sounds like it is miss firing and will die out even if the gas pedal is held to the floor. I have replaced the fuel filter but am unsure where to look next. Any advice would be appreciated.

Does the odometer repair kit also repair the trip odometer?

i replaced the plug, plug wire, and the coil pack and i still am getting a misfiring problem i have hooked it to the computer at the local shop and its stating it is the 3rd cylinder that is misfiring will someone help me i neeed to get this addressed before i fry the rings or anything else at that matter

i have changed bulbs and it stil dosent work

why do i have to spray starter fluid in the air take to get it started

Passenger side floorboard gets damp when using a/c. There is very little water drainage under car.


This just started and if it sits for a minute or two afterwards it starts up. The alternator was just replaced recently also. Usually my husband does the work but if it isn't something easy to fix I would like to know possibly what it is before hand so I know what to talk about when I take it too a mechanic.

the switch is not turning on the compressor. but the suspention is still filling

while driving at normal highway speed, if I "stomp" hard on the gas pedal the engine will sometimes hesitate or sputter before downshifting, or seemingly lag before firing up to speed

The navigation system worked fine when they were plugged into the car's electrical system. It suddenly stopped charging properly. Could it be an electrical problem and needs to replace a fuse?

When I bought my van from the car lot it ran good untilm the next day and the motor blew up. The car lot put a nother motor in it. Now when I start my van the low engion oil level light comes on until I pull out. Then it goes off. Is this normal? Didnt notice it with the first motor and the oil is always clean and full when I check it. Also the check engion light has been on since since before they changed motors.

is this recall problem related to the ABS brake light being on continuously? I was told I needed 3 tone rings replaced.

when driving you can feel the truck losing and gaining power its not real bad but you can hear the motor changing almost like its running out of gas or starving for air when i first got the truck it had plenty of power but slowly losing power it has 140xxx miles on it the previous owner did all the schedul mantinence i have had the truck for a few weeks and its slowly getting worst what can i do the check egin light came on ran the code tester it said random miss fire i have checked all the vacume lines i can find all good a random miss fire would cause me to lose power what do i do

slams between first and second upon upshift