Started after brake job. They rusty wheel drum

I need to pull the headlight to get to the DRL that is below it. The DLR is busted and I need to replace it and I think the way to do this is to pull the headlight out. I pulled the pin and the only screw that I saw, but I still can't get the light out. What else do I need to do? This of course is thie same van as the Chevrolet uplander along with a Pontiac and a Buick.

The radio equipment I intend to install is rated at 50 watts output at 440mhz.

I need to repair the cloth on my car roof but not know how to remove the roof panel.

what is the average cost to repair this? Will they total the vehicle? Is it an axel if one wheel is turned and the other one is straight?

The problem is when you put it underload it misses and sounds like the motor is popping, this has slowly got worse over 10000kms, fuel economy is still excellent but when idling you can hear the motor running rough but starts every time no problems. Can you tell me if it just needs new plugs and leads it has just ticked over 200000kms had the timing belt done at 121000kms thank you Greg

It only occurs after driving for awhile.

the tilt works side to side but not up and down. I can hear a click when i press the u/d button.

how can i raise the window manually until i have time to change the motor/regulator?

still doesn't work to go into 4 wheel drive, HELP!

how hard is it to change the water pump?

The blower module is the thing that controls the blower that sends air into the car. Such as the heater, defroster, A/C, etc... We replaced the blower module and it still does not work. And yes, we do know for a fact that the blower works.

Hubby says I need to find liquid gasket and oil plug to complete repair - any ideas where to find online? APW has the tray but not the gasket or oil plug.

Question: Why does the screw on my steering box keep snapping..


LarryFrancois, San Diego, CA, December 06, 2011, 14:31


The first time I had to replace it was 2 years ago and here I am again..
Its a heavy duty screw behind my wheel wel connecting my steering gear box to the under body and it just snapped again at random.. Does anyone else have this problem?

what can I check ?