I asked car dealer about it, they said the one at the gas tank or the one in the motor compartment? how can i find the right one thats bad.when i remove the gas cap to fill up the car will not start unless i press on the gas padel.

I have misplaced my owners manual and this is the first time I have had to replace one

Lost speed, when accelerating the light started blinking,changed spark plug,fuel filter,and air filter. Problem did not go away.

My brake light on the back of the vehicle do not work. The fuses are fine and so are the bulbs. My ABS light also came on and the gear shifter stays in Park.

Dealer performed an oil change & said that front sway bar was getting loose.

My doors unlock when driving or slowing down....what is the reason for this? is it a recall?

when i push overdrive switch it stay in overdrive anybody had this problem

How do you remove the center hub to access rear wheel bearings ?

Car starts and runs fine to me. 83000+ miles, idles fine around 750 to 850 rpm. Original plugs K&N air filter use gas additive to clean fuel system every 5000 to 7500 miles. Change oil every 3500-5000 miles and do a transmission fluid dump and replace every 3rd oil change. replaced fuel filter at 70000 miles. Hwy mileage will get 22 to 23 when new got 26 or better. 3.0 liter 6 cylinder w/AWD

window rolls down but not up

every time

is it possiable to add a fuel gage in a 2000 2500 chev van?

2011 before my warranty expired a week later. I was told it had a 12 month/12,000 mile warranty for the system(which I am not close on either). Now the system blows hot air. I went for an oil change and the place checked system and said it was compressor. I took it to dealer and now they are saying it is probably the evaporator. Shouldn't it be part of the original a/c system changed in 2011? I shouldn't have to pay to get it replaced, right?

After buying an '02 Buick regal at a car auction, I've found I need a new dimmer switch. Without it, my cruise, headlights and wipers are all nonfunctional. Problem is most shops are asking for $300+ bucks for it, and I can't quite afford that. However, the place that held the auction also has a lot filled with junkers, and they have a '98 model that they say I can take the switch from for cheap.

I just need to know if I were to pull the dimmer switch from this '98 if it would even work for my '02. It'd be saving me a ton of time and money and I'd really appreciate it.

is there something wrong with the fuel cluster gage?