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Heater works OK while vehicle is in motion. However when vehicle is stopped, at a traffic light as an example, the heater blows cold air. As soon as the vehicle goes back into motion the heater starts working again.
this problem happened bout six months ago. windows and sliding doors stopped working one after the other. the a/c compressor locked up, new one(one year old). car has been sitting since. anyone know what grimlins are ...
My daughter dropped two pennies in the front cigarette lighter and it made my radio, power windows and my gas gauge go out. checked the fuses but they were just fine help.
how do i get the cd's out of the changer. how do i get the changer out of its slot?
Turn ignition key to start and starter engages. Engine will crank once, then starter just spins. Starter checked OK at auto parts store.
How much fuel do I have left when the low gas light comes on in a 2002 Winstar?
Dash light comes on and off
when replacing only (2) tires where would you put them? on the front or on the back? due to 2 wd... 4 wd on command
Engine light on and code given is p0340 so I'm trying to find out how much it will cost to replace the camshaft sensor. We can't seem to locate it on my 2002 ford taurus se which is a 3.0 L V6 12 valve
when idling the temp is fine, drive a short distance and car begins to overheat. Changed thermostat, didn't help. Any ideas?
Turning over with no compression. Everything is working, but the car is just zinging with no fire. Spark plugs are firing and the cylinders have light compression.
starts cold / will not restart after engine is hot, untill it cool's off again---then it starts right up, run very well. Computer say's ENGIN TEMP SENSOR--- however I can't find it. can you tell me the location of t...
Electrical problem. Rear window defroster and passenger and drivers seat heaters as well as cruise control are all totally inoperative. Lights on dash for seat heaters work however. Checked all fuses under hood (lar...
Got the part but unable to find it and had a pic printed off showing it to be on the oil pan but am not seeing it. If any one can help it would be great.
The first of Dec., the battery seemed low but the car started and I went off down the road. About a mile from home, the car died, and it was like the battery had gone completely dead. Called service. Got started,...