Can you guide me how to replace mirror motor. I found the part on ebay.

I've been told it is due to the vapor recovery system, but when I asked my local Chrysler service dept., when the vehicle was still under warranty, they told me it was not their problem. If this is an ongoing problem, shouldn't it be covered by the company?

we replaced plugs wires cap and rotor also fuel filter but still having issues with fuel or lack of to keep car running fuel pump is kicking in like its suppose to but when it starts it runs rough then dies because it doesnt seem to be getting fuel

We were leaking power steering fluid and when we brought our van in, the shop said that our rack and pinion had a slight hole in it and needed to be replaced. Could someone shed some light on a fair price for this repair for a 2007 Grand Caravan? Thanks.

The interior and dash lights will not turn off even after the car is turned off and keys are out of the ignition, obviously causing the battery to die and every morning I have to get it jumped, sometimes the headlights stay on as well. Any ideas on how to fix?

check engine light code- fuel level sensor, misfire on cylinder 2

Had timing belt and valve cover gaskets replaced and shortly after that started burning oil on exhaust manifolds . I replaced valve cover gasket twice in the last two months and still leaking oil onto exhaust manifold . The valve covers appear to be OK . Does not appear to be coming from valve covers. Did all work as a preventative maintenance. Had no leaks prior to this

When it gets stuck on high idle then you shut car off and restart will go back to normal idle for a while but then will get stuck again. I am having to shut car off frquently when in route to get it to stop....getn worse

hi i bought a car and everything passes except engine light but sense it has been park for 3 years know the tester is saying there isnt no pblem the guy told me that a its the odbc2 that isnt comucatting but my friend that works at a shop cant find that # on any thing so so the guy might have told me wrong

I do not have power door locks or windows, just the interior trunk release button.

My light just dimmed on my instrument panel over the selector switch for the defrost/Floor/ Panel selector.
How do I change the bulb?

show break down?

Everytime i start my car it's vibrating and its running rough. I was told that i need a spark plug and a fuel injection i did that. It's running the same way. Any idea please?

I cannot check the oil reliably because one of the former mechanics broke the tube that the oil dipstick goes into. It broke off a piece about 8 inches long.

my 92 Saab 900S failed low idle emissions w 239 of 220 ppm but passed high idle w 94 of 220 ppm. what would cause this problem and where would i start in terms of correcting this problem (repairs)