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I changed the plug and swapped the coil to rule them out. What is next.

My check engine light is on.

It will start right up and run for a while then just quickly die wait a minute then it will start right up and run for a while then die. It won't run any longer than a minute or two. I was thinking control module, fuel filter or coil, but I can't afford all three. Does anyone have an idea or am I way off. Thank you

We have replaced the high pressure switch and the relay module. The problem started with the AC not blowing cold air, just air from outside. Now, the air works, but when the dial is in the AC position, the compressor will not shut off every so often like it's suppose to. When the dial is turned to off, the compressor goes off, just in the AC position it never turns off. Does anyone know if its the switch or the module that's bad? or another problem with a different part? Thanks!!

I am trying to change this but i am needing to know what tools are called so i can find them.

Will not start, when valve is pressed no fuel sprays out

leak is where rubber line meets rigid

got leak at crimp between crimp on rubber hose and where it meets the rigid line is this one piece

both wheel sensors missing signal. would it be a wire or the abs. unit itself.

I cant open the back seat to get to the stop light

When I hit bumps it squeaks when I start from a stop, when I stop, when I turn when I am moving or when I am stopped

After pulling up the carpet and drying, I drove the car through rain and when it is dry weather and the floor has not been wet again. HAS THIS HAPPEN TO ANYONE ELSE? Also I replaced the cabin filter. Could the water be coming from underneath the car?


no air comes out the front vents only through windshield and bottom.

especially going up hills or stepping on the gas peddle really fast to gain speed.