When I bought my van from the car lot it ran good untilm the next day and the motor blew up. The car lot put a nother motor in it. Now when I start my van the low engion oil level light comes on until I pull out. Then it goes off. Is this normal? Didnt notice it with the first motor and the oil is always clean and full when I check it. Also the check engion light has been on since since before they changed motors.

is this recall problem related to the ABS brake light being on continuously? I was told I needed 3 tone rings replaced.

when driving you can feel the truck losing and gaining power its not real bad but you can hear the motor changing almost like its running out of gas or starving for air when i first got the truck it had plenty of power but slowly losing power it has 140xxx miles on it the previous owner did all the schedul mantinence i have had the truck for a few weeks and its slowly getting worst what can i do the check egin light came on ran the code tester it said random miss fire i have checked all the vacume lines i can find all good a random miss fire would cause me to lose power what do i do

slams between first and second upon upshift

it runs great it just burns gas

When I bought the car, the person had just replaced the front (bank 1) O2 sensor. 10 days later the light comes on and the code indicates that same sensor. I had a friend clear the code. Light came back on about a month later, then went off by itself.


the transmission selector lever gets locked

i dont know how to replace cam follower i believe its inside or near fuel pump. i also want to replace fuel filter dont know where that is either i believe thats by the fuel tank. i bought both online will try this weekend

How much does the fan relay sensor cost to replace and where is it located on car

How much does the throttle position sensor cost and where is it located on my mazda 2005 mpv

How much does this part run and where is it located on my Masda 2005 mpv

I need to use the manual pin to unjam the transmission selector

would like to change my fuel filter myself

Vehicle has 121,000 miles on it. Local Oil change service company said CAM timing sensors were bad. No codes on then or now. They just thought that would be the fault. Took it to Buick dealer and replaced plugs and wires and ran BG fuel treatment through sytem. Did not replace CAM sensors. Surge going down interstate is only slight, like moving gas pedal back and forth. Rough idle is very slight at stops but can vary in degree. Dealer drove vehicle with computer attached and found nothing. They said one time while idling in shop, engine stumbled slightly but not enough for computer to register it as an engine misfire. Technician thought it may be slight injector misspray on cylinder 5. Put full tank of premium gas and some Sea Foam in (1 oz per gallon). Been running this for a week now and no improvement. I suspect a bad Oxygen sensor or possibly fuel injector. I haven't replaced fuel filter in a while but it doesn't seem to be a fuel supply problem. Not sure if Dealer checked fuel pressure. If there is a vacuum leak I haven't found one unless it is very small. Sitting at idle, the RPMs fluctuate slightly maybe 100 to 200 RPMs on the tachometer.

howling in the what sounds like rear end at lower speeds 35-55. If you let off the gas you don't here it. After you get up to 65 mph plus i don't hear it. Is this anything serious?