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its a 3.0 V6 it hapens every time i go to put it in reverse it takes a few seconds to go in reverse and knocks into it hard when it finally does engage

starts it runs pretty rough until you open it up a few times the it seems to smoothe out...plugs seem fine fuel pressure is good holds fuel pressure losing 5 psi over night..checked egr seem to be in good condition replaced the ect sensor for the ecm has codes 13 and 43 knock sensor and o2 sensor..knock sensor was just unplugged has fairly good compression all the way around all with in a few psi of eachother...tried to get a look at the rgulator and it doesnt appear to be leaking...any ideas

i need to know how much torque should i apply to the header bolts since i replaced the headers

the truck started shutting off ,like it was'nt getting fuel,so i replaced fuel in-line filter,worked one day ,then started spitting & idling irratic & shuts off,so i'm trying to locate problem,is it the fuel pump or maybe the oxygen censor & where are they located? need advice asap please, thank you,it has a 454 engine and is a 4 door dually.

i have a code that reads p1400manufactors controlled auxillaryemission controls will a egr valve fix it or a egr vacume solenoid fix it

after 50 miles

i have replaced the ignition module

it will crank, and act like it catches but when you release the key it will not continue, it spits,, sputters, and quits. there is 121000miles on it. once it does starts and runs for awhile it is fine, runs smooth, good fuel economy, and is just a good car

start car,push on brake pedal to shift outa park,hearing clicking noise from shift lever also feel it.wont shift outa park when its below 55 out or humid

the speedometer the gas gauge and the odometer nothing is working there is no lights working and i just got the altenator changed whats wrong

The light is off when I first start away , but comes on after a few seconds and stays on. I don't have the sound of the abs brakes working when I hit the brakes hard.

The mechanic said it waking a little noise from the inside of the engine and it's no trouble, just if it bother's me, the chain needed to be replace then.

My 1997 Bonneville won't acelerate going up hill. The RPMs go up, the spedominer goes up, the engine revs up and the transmition sounds like it's chainging gears as normal yet it goes very slowly up a low grade hill, (apx 30 mph). This occured apx 3 months ago. The next day it drove perfectly normal. The engine, or any other lights have never come on during this eppiside. Please Help

after i replaced the radiator there was no spark coming fro mthe spark plugs and no fuel coming from the fuel pump but before i replaced the radiator the car ran fine, any suggestions??

Replace the bottom cat twice how can I find out if the cat or if it the 02's ?????????????????? help