and how do i change it

Have had the 535xi for 3 months and love it. No issues. 2 days ago i headed up a relatively steep paved hill at about 25 mph when the car started to vibrate. It felt like the transmission was slipping in and out. Lasted for 20 seconds. I am not sure how to check the transmission oil level as yet so if you can tell me THANK YOU. Appreciate the help.

Just bought the car and know little about it. This car seems to have 2 engine coolant sensors and I believe the upper is a coolant temp sending unit but cannot find the part on line does it have a different name? Car seems to run ok.

Constant driver side wheel squeal while driving, and goes away when you apply the brakes.

do i have to lift the engine

fuel pump is good, barety is good. alternator is good. fuse is good, the truck cranck but dont start

never had this till a 2rate shop installed a new drag line at 20,000 miles... instisting l needed it, now l can't get rid of the shmmy

It seems fastened in the front but i don't want to pull hard in case there are more screws.

ck. codes that was ho2521-po303-p1131-p0171-po174-p0316 and cylinder 3 misfire. i have replaced oxgen sensors,plugs,wires,and coil. and it is missing.i ck. codes and now reads misfire on 4-5 and 6 have ck.wireing wireing ok no cross plug wires .it has no power at all and mising bad

where is the ac/heater control module

how to place new springs in place

When I try to start it it turns over but is not firing

Happened after fill up with Mobil gas, which I use regularly and from same station

The problem seemed to be only in cold weather and would go away once the car warmed up. Now it's all the time and quite loud.

i took it back and the mechanic said i needed a valve job. 1,200.00. it accelerates fine but as soon as i let off the gas it starts sputtering/skipping. the wire he put on looked aftermarket. at first he said the wires that he installed were faulty and replaced them. how can i tell if i need a valve job? what are the symptoms of bad valves?