I think my a/c fan switch is going bad, because my fan will only work when it is set to the highest speed. The air will still be heated or cooled, but the speed is all or nothing.

Has anyone who owns this type of vehicle having problems with having to put gas in it more frequent than expected?

looking for standard labor time on replacing spark plugs, egr valve and fuel filter.

i cleaned the pads,rotors, caliper etc. is it the brakes making the noise?

It only happens when the car is still and idiling. the engine light will flash and go away. When driving the car it is okay.

I was informed by Volvo that my sway bar bushings are plastic and getting worn and would need to be replaced at a cost of $650.00. Is it really necessary to have them replace and who is Columbus, Ohio besides Volvo would replace for a cheaper cost?

Torque Converter Clutch Can Stick After Extended Freeway Driving. How much is this part, where can get one and replacement instructions?

I need to replace the horn for a inspection sticker, but i can't seem to find it. I look in the manuals and they have no say in it. I've looked down my the bumber and in the center of the grill. Where would I find it?

will not start

this happen when i changed rotors

One day my 460 gas truck just quit running, for no apparent reason. Fuel pump cycles at turn of key, It has spark, it has 45 psi at fuel valve on rail. Noid light on injector plug is dark upon engine cranking. I replaced the EEC and still no good. Please help

cuando le acelero en la caretera no avanza tengo que acerlo despacio algien save como se regula el ahire y la gasolina cuantas vuelta de el ahire y cuantas vueltas de gasolina ayuda la lleve al smog chek y me le movieron y lla no responde no esta acelerada pero no avansa cuando acelero como antes es cuatro cylindros gracias

Mr car will only run on four cylinders,I have replaced both coils and checked the distributors but It still wont run on all eight cylinders...any advice

I'm getting them replaced but now my low beams aren't even coming on. After reading the forum I see I'm not alone with the headlight problem. Needs to be recalled

Dimmer switch (on turn signal lever), won't dim the dashboard. Also, can't turn on the courtesy light with it. The fuse is good (open door defeat switch, which allows you to remove your doors without the courtesy light on all the time)