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the passenger side front axle is leaking like crazy. would replacing the axle fix this issue or should I just fix the seals..
I drove my Mazda MPV van about 22 miles and then parked it. After 30 minutes when I started it again to come back to home, "engine check light come ON" and "OBD code P0303" detected by my scanner. Also code P2404 is ...
can anyone give me a step by step instructions on how to replace a head gasket on a 95 camaro 3.4L v6.
random mistfire change out spark plugs, coils, spark plug wires oil change and oil filter change
service engine soon light on when heaters on goes off when its cutoff
need estimate on replacing fuel pump
Looking to buy 92 sc400... seller says was all power, then extreme loss of HP. I previously owned 95 sc400 and know what it should feel like. (extremely responsive) It will barely go, yet does not smoke at all. There ...
worse when it is warmed up, when accelerates, and can feel the steering wheel vibrates. husband checked belts, hoses, nothing disconnected, has all fluids at level, help please
Can the timming belt or chain cause hard cranking ?
when replacing right front brake rotor, does both left and right side rotor has to be replace at the same time?? I can see the right brake rotor is worn but i don't see it on the left.
just after 14 days break the town car is dead. The battery is all most gone( some drain must be there). I changed the battery form the lincoln with one from a suv so just to try.. but nothing happened. It even do not...
hi, my belt tension pully is broken, do you know how much this may cost to repair ?
I have a 5 speed manual transmission an it won't go into first gear but all other gears work fine an i can drive it!! when i push the shifter all the way back it seems to partly go in but when i leave out on the clutc...
only had this car for a month