The Accelerator Cable Broke..I Have a Repalcement Cable... But I eed to See a Diagram of Where the Cable Come's thru the Firewall and Connect's to the Cable

The check engine light is on and then it blinks and runs bad then it goes on solid after a few seconds and runs fine again

could this be a bad engine mount or transmission problem?

where is oil drain hole.

Various settings did work, but the fan would shut off and remain off unless the automatic locks were used. Then it would run another 10 seconds or so and turn off. The dealer played with the locks and looked at some things and declared it fixed. The fan worked all the home, but no longer works at all. Is this a bad motor or bad electrical connection? What will something like this generally cost?

I'm trying to replace the purge valve on my vehicle.

I purchased a CarMD system and it says it is the purge control valve. Any other ideas ? I have also replaced the gas cap. I can drive the truck several days before the check engine lite comes on. Only seems to happen when the fuel level gets close to 1/4 tank.

My oil light had come on about a week ago. I added oil and light never really went off like usual. After a week of driving the car cut off while driving and will not start. Stick will move into gear positions without using the cluth and car would rev up a little while driving and would not pick up speed as usual. Please help me a lady out. Thanks

It would be a nice convienance to be reminded when a service is due by time as well as mileage.

Since this change when I make a complete stop at a red light, starting up again, the car hesitates or misses, is the best I can explain. This never happened before. Could it be the result of the transmission fluid change?

when adding coolant,noticed a leak almost immediatly beneath radiator area.

Water drips into the cabin, spilling onto the driver's left arm, after it rains. The leak seems to be between the convertible top and the top left corner of the windshield frame. Water comes into the cabin upon acceleration and on turns to the right.

My Hummer will start right up and sound perfect for about 5 seconds, then bogg down, idle really rough, then die. It's very repeatable.
It started when I filled up with gas at a local station, I was very near empty when I filled up. Is that just a coincident or could it be something to do with the fuel? Check engine light is on.

or shoul i bypass it

Is Their a DSpecial Tool to take off The Air Intake Tube..? Because It has Very Little Room For Hands..
If Their any Way Possible That I Can Get a Diagram of the air Intake, and Throttle Linkage as itCome off of the Accelerator, and Goes into the Firewall to Connect to The Pedal...?