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all start a week ago: need a long crank to star but today won start, i change spark plugs, wires, after check all electric fuse won turn on i change the fuel pump 2 times in a year the last time was 5 months ago some ...
The front wheel bearings on my 2002 Ford Ranger 4x4 with abs, do I need to replace the whole hub assembly or can I just do the wheel bearings?
My Lexus is overheating within 15 minutes of running the engine. I think the water pump is not working and needs to be replaced. The car has over 250,000 miles on it. Is the water pump easy to replace? Where can I...
my car idel real high and when in park it even higher
I just bought a 1979 chevy camaro and the person I bought it from said brand new transmission, some how the transmission is not working anymore I'm not able to put in any gear please advise. Thank you
What are the probable issues with the seat not working up/down, but will move forward/backward?
What does the "T/C off" light mean?
Why does my starter have to be relaced aprox once a year? The car has only 85000 kl
seems the more gas i give its the less it wants to run
seems the more gas i give it the less it wants to run
I've put plugs,wires, new coil pack, fuel pump and filter, gas tank completely flushed, gas cap, Car went in for service, ran good and still does, until it goes up hill. drove car about a week, after service, check ...
How much should a full front and rear brake job cost?
Tried to start car this morning and would not start. There was a single click only. Pulled out starter, it tested good. Battery is a few months old, could it possibly be bad? Voltage was over 12 volts at starter termi...
I have a oil leak, I changed the gasket on the filter housing and now I see a leak between the engine housing and some other part. Is the a gasket or does this need tightning