Unfortunately, I didn't read this page saying that changing the timing belt is not for an amateur, and now everything is taken apart. We can't get the four cam/sprockets to hold in timed position when installing the belt. Different ones slip out of place each time we try. Is there a trick or a special tool to use to hold them in timed position?

Just bought a used '07 Armada and noticed the wet floorboard. Also, the TPS light is on even though all tires are inflated at 38 psi. Is it possible the sensor is bad?

Replaced Compressor, Dryer, and CCRM. Refrigerant full, clutch is not engaging. Anything? We are stumped. Power is getting to clutch.

i used a 3/16 allen key for the others just not enough space on the last bolt

i found a large spot of oil in the morning after the service

please email asap

Thay will not come on any time.

i replce the gas tank cap and the mech did not find no leaking what else can they look for

My car will not start up after putting a new battery in the car. the seems to be an electrical short the an not be found that is slowly draining power ffom the battery. the car has been to the mechanic three times and the problem has not been located.

could a dirty air filter or a dirty MAF sensor cause the light to come on.

i check the fuses none were broken. I dont have anything to test the fuses with. the circuit and relay i dont know anything about. BUT the power locks dont work and sometimes theres a clicking sound when you press the lock.

I have a 95 mazda maita mx5 that has 71000 miles and has started fluttering or missing when the gas pedal is pressed, and has gotten progressively worse now it also has a ruff idle, if the accelerator is slowly and steadily pressed runs great no flutter or missing. I have no check engine light, plugs look good wires look good, new fuel filter, and air cleaner, thanks

The radiator light is on, the ac is not blowing cool air, and it's running a bit hot. The fan isn't circulating ( unless I'm on the freeway).

where is the switch and how do you repalce it?

About three weeks ago had to replace the altenator and the battery. Could this have anything to do with the engine light coming on?