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I need help find the fuel injection pressure regulator on this 1995 merceds-benz E320

my alternator was over chargin went i step on gas pedal was ready battery and brake and the volts on the battery was going up I disconect the battery and now wont start and my driver side window it wont work

I have a 94 D21 with the 3.0L V6 & auto-trans. 1st & 2nd gears seem to shift perfectly. 3rd & 4th gears however do not shift until around 4000 RPM and still sometimes require me to let off the throttle a little to shift. 3rd & 4th shift very smoothly, just at excessive RPM.

FYI: I just bought the truck. 180K+ miles and looks like the transmission had never been serviced. Fluid looked burnt (like tea almost) and it shifted very hard in all gears. Took it to a quick lube to have it flushed. Drove a little for the next two days and then dropped the pan, changed the filter & topped off with new fluid again. The high RPM shifting in 3rd & 4th are the only remaining problems. I have seen the check engine light two times, though just briefly. Brought it to my mechanic who plugged into the ECM under the passenger seat. No codes logged in the ECM.

I believe this to be either the TCM or the valve body.

Reason: a bolt broke (couldn't find the answer to this question in the self help)

I was washing my 2000 E430 and I lifted the wiper blade arm forward. Its a single wiper...then for some reason I can't put it back down without feeling like it's going to break. Any suggestions?

How do I access the drivers retractor to check the switch for problem with flashing seat belt light. Switch is not in the buckle.

I have a small coolant leak somewhere and need to find where the radiator hoses are so I can check for leaks.

The Check Engine light is on Code P0128

Should I replace the boot or change the whole axle shaft, I think its a torn cv boot because there is grease everywhere, including on the wheel well. It the front driver side

car doesn't leak oil. can't smell oil while car is idling. only smell oil after driving and stopping at street light. dealer said it was a leaking oil pressure sending unit that leaks a little oil onto engine once pressure increases. any help on the validity of his answer?

It just started today. Does it need fluid or is it something major. How much do you think this will cost.

Can I chance it and drive it a 2 more days and then take it in?

I know there is a trick to getting the oil light out but I can't find it. Some one said it was the fuse panel but I can't even find that. Please help me with this. Thank you.

The odometer and other gauges went out in my tacoma. i tried changing the fuse, but it did nothing. what do i do?

The hesitation only occurs when accelerating. Once the car is at a constant speed it runs smooth.

My passenger front right window wont roll up. How do I take the door off?