When I push the button to wash rear window, water sprays inside near headliner. How can I fix it?

What can it be? Also hear noise while stopping and driving.

Where is the transmission fluid dipstick?

They look pretty rusted.

ABS light comes on and cuts off air and other functions of the car. How can you identify if it IS the ABS Acuator Assembly? What else can this cause if it is this?

Does anyone know where the keyless entry module is on a 2002 Ford Explorer Sport model?


This only does it after the car has been sitting in the garage all night, of if the car has been sitting for any lenght of time. If I only leave the car for a short period, the fan will turn on right away.

There is no power to the alternator when key is on. What do you suggest?

what would most likely be the problem and what order of troubleshooting should i follow?

how do I do it

Where is the PCV valve located in my 2003 Ford Taurus?

Please either show or tell me where to find pcv Valve on this vehicle,

Thanks in advance for your help

OMG found leak under driver side of truck it is a blueish fluid all titan 2008 33,400 miles please tell me what it could be also live in denver and who I could trust to take it to

I am planning to buy a car, the transmission changed back in 2008 on 54,800 miles. Right now car does not have any problem and I am buying on 78,638 miles. Will it be going to create any future transmission problem later on? If you provide me some details that will be great. Thanks.

95 Camry, usually between 55-60mph, car feel like it's driving on rumble strips. If I push on gas or let off it it will stop, and drive normal through that speed? Took it to shop they said mabey tranny lockbox needs replaced? Gotta go to Philly in 3 weeks trying to get to the bottom of this more annoyance than anything else. Oh yeah the stutter for lack of a better word does NOT cause loss of power or engine issues. I don't hear anything else just vibrates the whole car until I either gas it or let off then gas it again??