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I recently had body work done on it.

2007 with 117,000 miles

My 2009 2.0 litre engine started surging at cold start up,
it revs up and down for about 30 seconds only when parked overnite in a warm garage, never after that.
Can anyone tell me the fix for the problem,or has experienced this. Thanks

summary: i have lost all power to my car like there is no battery in it, this is after i had changed plus wires due to a miss fire! prior i had changed the spark plugs.. then a dist cap, rotor button and then a whole dist.. since then i put a starter on. i took the hot cable off the battery before removing, now i have no power and no clue. i have checked fuses and replaces all 30amps. anyone have a answer! i would highly grateful..

The new engine has 25,000 miles on it.

Do I have to remove the entire arm rest, shifter console?

This only occurs when I stop at a red light or a stop sign. It does not do it when I am driving.

the engine failed, it sat for a while. finally got the engine replaced. now i only have brake lights. i have ground signal. no power. battery goes dead overnight.

filled the tank, full as it would go, drove it several miles,gauge stayed on full mark but suddenly went to empty

the truck ran fine for about a week, then started stuttering on take off from a stop. after that it started shaking and stuttering worse when id turn left. thot it was points, so i got a new cap and roter. ran great again for a couple of days then started doing it again. my wife when to yakima today and says that there is smoke comming out of the tale pipe now. whats wrong with my baby????/ please help.

im not a mechanic but i know the basics about care.


The temp gauge goes all the way to the red i turn the car off for two minutes and check again and gauge is already back down to the middle what would be the problem

I have a broken passenger window and am not quite sure how to get started installing the replacement window

I had a electrical problem repaired with my igintion key

Have replaced coil, spark plugs, injectors, etc... You name it, it's probably been replaced. Horrible gas mileage, smells rich, rough idle, car will quit as a stop sign, within the first 7 mins of starting (idle), it will shut off. Help!!!noone can seem to figure out the problem and I am very frustrated with having to spend money that is not actually needed. I could have purchased a new engine for as much money I have put into "fixing" the problem that still exists.

*****dealers comments: the compression test # 6 cylinder is low & performed an actual compression test, #4 200 psi, #5 195 psi, #6 85 psi and performed a cylinder leakage test on #6, it has 80 psi leakage out of the exhaust, removed the valve cover & inspected the springs, they are in good shape, reassembled and gave back to me. Not sure what to do next... all costing money for each and every person to tell me nothing is wrong...

what other components can you replace while replacing the intake manifold?