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engine overheats after driving 10 or more miles at highway speeds. i noticed exhast noise a few weeks ago, tought it was a broken pipe, discovered that ox. sensor had stripped out and was hanging under car. wondering if this sending false signal to ecm causing issue with heat sensors

When I pull on the hood latch release, you can feel that the cable is nolonger connected.

my ignition key will not turn past the 1st position

Heat stays on and become very hot.

This sites estimate calculator was much lower.

I replaced the light switch but still have the same problem

replaced light switch but I have the same problem

it died, still turns over but won't start. changed 2 spark plugs. the engine light IS on but was told it was because the thermostat needs replaced. a car buddy of mine said it could be the crank sensor or alternator?

how do you check and change trans. fluid

First start up of the day is fine. After its been driven, sometimes it wont start unless I pump the gas pedal while turning the key. Car runs fine, but sometimes while stopped at a red light it stumbles like it wants to turn off and sometimes it does. When it occurs too much, I spray the throtle body intake and it seems to do the trick but only for a few days. I've changed fuel & air filters, spark plugs & wires, O2 sensor, cleaned fuel injectors, egr & pvc valve. Fuel pump makes its electrical hizzing sound when key is turned so i take it its working fine. I havent learned how to check for vaccuum leaks. Repair shops dont mention the minor possibilities, they right away suggest the most expensive repair, fuel pump.

Changed plugs test drove check engine light and on Idrive screen Emission related fault warning.

If there is a power steering fluid filter in the resevoir, is it replacable and how is it removed? The power steering come sand goes and the belt squeels at start up.

.....PLEASE send feed back. Thank you very much. Atlanta. Georgia.

Also swapped Tns relay. I have power at tns fuse but no power at fuse inside. Ran a wire from barrery to fuse inside, lights work but switch does turn or off the lights. The lights stay on. Some one mentioned to verify light control module. Where is this?