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i replaced the both valve cover gaskets i check the oil pressure sending unit it was not leaking. I DONT KNOW WHERE THE LEAK IS COMING FROM IT LEAKS WHEN I TURN THE CAR OFF AFTER IT HAS RAN FOR A WHILE. ALTERNATER SMALL WIRE ALSO HAS BURT OUT.


and the truck does nothing. i release key back to ignition and everything comes back on. Why will my truck not start ?

The "loop" which wraps around the post on the battery has split. How do I replece this? It looks as if the cable is crimped into the connector piece and there is come kind of connector in the other end of this connector piece.

diagram anywhere on line

All of my windows will go down but not always go back up. They go up and down very slowly. The drivers side window will barely go down and than will take days to go back up. I dont know what to replace or where to statrt

worked fine, but the next morning when i started idling was very low and engine cut off, but if i keep my foot on the exeleration pedal for a 10 seconds then it starts to idle fine

I have a 2002 Hyudai Santa Fe, production date October 2001 2.7 litre engine
I have an A/C problem.
I have replaced:
hi manifold line
Shrader Valve
I can charge the car with R34A
but the R34a only works for about 2 weeks and then there is no cold air.
The compressor works as the A/C system operates perfectly for two weeks. Any ideas

When do I replace the water pump? What other recomended maintenance should I do?

My repair manual says it is located toward rear of engine slightly left of egr and on cover, located what looks like a pcv valve but it will not come out. Is there a replaceable PCV valve or not on this engine?

I had a check engine light come on a year and half ago and the dealer charged $99 to diagnose and tell me the gas cap was bad. So I replaced cap. Again, Check engine light comes on, Dealer charges $99 to diagnose and then say it is a bad gas cap. For $100 couldn't I buy one of those stupid machines that would tell me what the code is? Next time I think I will just buy a new gas cap.

My Driver Side Window will go up & Down,but when i go to close it,it still likes an inch to being closed......

how would my truck running if my injector were going bad or clogged?

i changed my transmission fluid and filter the other day and filled it with a gallon of fluid my wife purchased. after that the truck started running funny like stuttering when i hit the gas from a stop,and when i turn left the truck shakes. fells like it shakes more towards the rear. did i put the wrong trans fluid in. pls help!!! this id the only car me and my wife have to drive

i own a audi a4 fwd 2.8l 133000 miles on it no check engine lights im noticing a power loss and a slight noise coming from exhaust/engine workings under the passenger side im starting to think its the cat converter im kinda low on fundings and im wondering if i could weld on a magnaflow cat converter? and how much would the price range be for install of either the replacement stock part or the magnaflow universal