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just bought truck, enigne light came on after driveing a couple days guy put full synthetic in the truck recently and now it idles a little rough when i start it and oil is over full by a little bit on dipstick all power seems there not sure temp guage runs colder then normal as well guy said he put something in the truck to make it do that but ive never heard of a truck running colder.

they leak right off the gas pump on the gas tank evrey time the engen runs

How do you change transmission fluid 2006 Dodge Hemi Charger RT

the car is a 99 ford escort,and i am attempting an engine swap

how do you change transmission fluid 2005 Dodge Charger R/T

Acura says bulb must be replaced from behind instrument
panel. How is this replacement accomplished. Is it easy
enough to be done by me?

2002 Nissan Maxima, it has dtc c1111. as soon as you take your foot off the gas all 4 wheels will stop

Changed spark plugs on truck and forgot the connection order of the wires to the distributor cap. can any help be provided.

I'v got a P0141 reading on the OBDII. How many sensors are there and where are they located?

Truck started running a little rough after i change the battey and air filter. After recieving codes ( p0316 ,p0301 ,and p 0300 ) from autozone I went ahead and changed plugs and wires but truck still jerky especially when trying to accelarate after switching gears. ( misfire occured during first 1000 engine revolutions .code P0316 ) ( misfire at cyl 1 detected code P 0301 ) ( AND P0300 random misfire detected )

but my truck gages says it only puting out got a nother one it tested 14 volts at the s not the right one for my truck i had ti splice in my wires to make it said old alterantor charged just fine,the bearing was bad.Is it not charging on mytruck because it not the right one for my truck,the plugin were different.i bought a new alterantor it will be in friday it the one they say is the right one for my truck,hope it solves my proublems.

speaker cover passenger right rear, when door is open. Need step by step instructions on how te remove and replace speaker cover part.

my 2009 pontiac vibe turn signals do not work when it is warm out. the regualar headlights don't work either, although the daytime running lights do work and then headlights work when it gets dark out. Very very frustrated. Have taken it to the dealership but when I get there everything works and so they find no issue..ugh...

the fuel gauge is pointing straight up.....temp and radio are ok....518 265 3900...ken

replaced worn valve cover little power 1st and 2nd gears