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Purchased used 2006 GX470 at 48,000 miles. After 30 days of ownership, check engine light came on with P0158 code. Replaces o2 sensor - bank2 sensor 2. I week later, engine light came on again - P0051, bank 2 sensor 1...
Jeep sat for one week during Christmas. Now the jeep will start but not run. it ws fine when parked last week.
My son was driving it off the freeway. He was on the off ramp when he started hearing the knocking. The dealer told me it was a bearing causing the knocking and was unreapairable. I would need a new or rebuilt engine.
the car will hit but not start and is putting out over 90 lds of pressure from the fuel pump, it had to have a timing chain and water pump and ran for a while after that and now it will not start help!!!
will a 1988 back window from a 2 door chevy fit on a 1994 chevy blazer
My 1999 ford ranger is having some problems but I do not know what to do or how much it will cost. When you look at the left side of my gauges, my gas gauage works but it doesn't light up like the right side. Also...
daily drips in driveway
low oil pressure went awile between changes
All doors are unlocked. The driver side sliding door will not open. How do I get the door open?
Does my car have a timing belt?
When I shut off my wipers, the passenger side wiper seems to be bouncing over what I can will describe as a stop block so that the end of the wiper comes to rest on the hood. It appears that it want to park below the ...
assuming have to replace regulator/motor. Any guess as to cost?
im trying 2 find out why my idleing stays high. use to be only when the car ran then came 2 a stop the idle would stay high
I am replacing a heater core and can't get the steering wheel to lock to get the column off. from what I have read it will damage the air bag if not locked. any ideas why it won't lock in place?
I had my car serviced and they say I had a pretty good amount of oil from the timing belt cover. May need to replace cam & crank seal. How much should this run including parts & labor?