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where is it...................

has large and small evap emissions codes in computer

I can turn it on and drive it, just can't remove it. Tried park, neutral, the wheel, the brake etc. The diagnostic doesn't recognize the problem.

2008 mazda miata auto transmission. How is the fluid changed?

twice a week

Truck was dripping gas. Took to repair shop they said fuel pump needed replaced. They replaced fuel pump and fuel filter. When I went to pick up the engine light was on. I asked the guy why. He hooked up machine and it said check fuses. Check wires.. We are clueless they is why we took to repair shop and the repair guy didnt want to help!! What the heck so now we have no clue whether truck is even safe to drive.. Any advice, suggestions?? Thanks

I need a part # and price, and where I can buy one.. my truck needs one and I cant find it anywhere...HELP!!!!!

The panel has been torn off is there a way to manually override it and move the seat if not how much does it cost to get a new panel and rewire it.

The cover came off and was put back on and then damaged by ice during late spring snow strm and could not be repaired. The replacement cost is$150.00 and I wondered if it was a necessity. I have a diesel engine.

need to replace right inner tie rod

we know the reverse is out and the valve body has several different modules that control the gears but we need to know where the valve body is and how to get to it? We do not have the money to take it to a transmission shop. everyone we went to wants to rebuild the whole tranny.

my heat and air is not working at all no sound from the blower, no water on floor board, no air blowing it stoped working / no heat what could it be, it doesnt come ever b ut used to work , before the air used to go low when i would turn a corner and then pick bk up, then finally it all stoped, my interior lights went out not sre what happened with that, checked bulbs there good

Just stopped working

03 tahoe LT awd had the transfer case rebuilt. after installing it back in the truck it is stuck in 4 low and will not go back into there some way to reset the control module for the t-case.also is there a way to adjust the t-case position sensor.

happening all the time.