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engine slowed down on 55mph freeway drive-stopped\start ignition-accellarate but car wont move though rpm goes up
I was in an accident, she hit me on the side i fill my tank. for a while the check fuel cap light was comming on then the check engine light would come on now just the check engine light is comming on and the meter sa...
No spark ,but I changed crank sensor and coil and still no spark.
i just wanted to know where the fuel pump relay is located
Struts were recently replaced but not sure if the Strut Mounts were replaced.
2001 Subaru Legacy GT auto transmission 118,000 miles 4 door sedan AWD 2.5 flat 4 cylinder (boxer engine) rear spoiler 87 gasoline grade regular engine oil I just got back from the Subaru dealership in Scottsdale Ari...
stopped working today
also radio turns on but no sound? bose, the brake light did this before MB said they reset something?
the window has started lowering very slowly then stops about 2/3 of the way down. I put it back up and it starts VERY slowly then speeds up a little. I recently changed the car battery----changed after window troubl...
how do you flush the heater core? while ideling gets warm. driving gets cold. has new thermostat, but will not get the cab warn at all.
the check engine light is off. but as soon as I put the engine in gear, stalls and won't go. The gas filter and gas pump had been replaced. The trottle body and air flow sensor had been repleaced. What's wrong with my...
I've changed the oil the last 2 times on my LeSabre. When I drive uphill, the oil smells like it's burning for a few moments to 30 seconds. It won't do it driving downhill or on level ground. The oil filter and oil...
where is crankshaft sensor located and how do i replace it
does 1996 have a check engine light or GEN light what year did they come out with the check engine light e-mail
the front heated seat are not working I check all fuses