car has been sitting in yard for two months.started the car this morning heater makes a noise in all setting heat works defoster works a/c works

Is this quote in the ballpark? And how about if they have to re-machine the cylinder head for warpage?? And who can I trust to do the work?

this morning van suddenly vibrated and made a serious chain like rattle from under dash only lasted a minute and was gone was traveling on highway clear and dry ,traveling straight

i used 0-40 mobile oil when i crank it up it make a tappin noise in about 5 minutes it goes away

This is a new truck to me, service unknown. Starts up fine, idles with a slight roughness. Most people wouldn't notice anything. Drives fine until about 2000 RPM, going up a hill, or during acceleration, the check engine light flashes. The check engine does not come during slow driving or during idle.
I've given it a complete tune up. Oil, Oil filter, gas filter, spark plugs, wires, rotor, cap, coil. Next I was going to check the compression of cylinder #6. Oh yes, prior to changing the oil I added Seafoam to the crankcase, ran it for a few minutes then changed it.

engine was cranking, voltage shows 14 plus volts, then it faded to nothing - smell of plastic, now no crank

When I turn the key to the on position to start the engine if the service engine light does not go out the engine will not fire. I have to let it sit with the ignition switch in the run position and eventually the service engine light will go out and then the engine will fire.

my plastic insert broke cant get it off at junk yard

I have not looked but I PLAN TO.

My heater blows heat out vents and defrost but when switched to floor alone or like floor and vent it just blows out the vent and when set to floor only it moves to the defrost I'm assuming its a vacuum issue so would be great to figure out where n whats causing this issue.


I foud a 3 wire black sleeved cablr coming from the cruise/wiper/turn sign. switch on the column that has a receptacle i dont reconize,I had a s15 before that I replaced the column in from a truck with cruise but mine didn't have it so I didn't worry about it.This truck is original & for some reason it's been disconnected,does anyone know where this wire is supposed to plug in? I am assuming this is why my cruise is not working, any help would be greatly appreciated..........thanx

Doesnt matter if it is warm or cold. Really hard to even get to 35mph.

how much to rebuild turbo on 7.3 liter diesel ....

My map light switch is broken and I need to replace it.