They worked, i took my car in for some work at a shop and it came out and the wipers did not work anymore, could they have just blown a fuse?

About 3 years ago, we had mice under the hood and in the vents. Trapped them all, and took the pieces out of the vents. Since though, car has had no heat. Local mechanic has replaced everything - rad, water pump, heater element, flushed this and that. Could not fix it.
One guy suggested maybe the mice chewed through a cable or something.
Can anyone give me precise directions on how to check this?

automatic tranny problem with gears,1,2 ok but don't change on 3rd gear, go to neutal,the scan give me code # P0652
GEAR MONITORIN IMPLAUSIBLE SIGNAL,before this happen, i change the transmission fluid and new neutral safety switch

my car sit for a week and went i started it start ok went i started driving it run very rough then went it is warm it runs good

4th gear only worked downshifting not upshifting past four weeks. 1st-3rd, 5th and R O.K. but some grinding in shifting. Seems clutch is probably gone but I'm concerned transmission is gone too.
198,617 miles. Repair or trash???

Have a scanner available. have not changed EGR solenoid but have in hand. Is MAP sensor suspect?

this one is a pain i had the alt check out it's bad

radio won't work. where can i find the radio code

I still have no fuel flow to the engine ( injectors ). There is no fuel leakage within the fuel line system. I am completely baffled by this. Please help?

wrecked door will not open

when you try to accelarate it wont go further than 5 mph.

How much gain in HP & torque with a aftermarket dual exhaust system with X pipe vers the OEM exhaust system?

Where is the best place, or is there a vacuum port on the intake manifold? This is on a 2011 2500HD 6L engine.

The rusty hood latch behind the grill still has the cable attached and tight on both ends (Release Lever in truck) I wish there was a way to get some grease on that latch or better yet get the hood opened first....

my brake pedal goes to floor and you hear air coming out of the pedal area.car is hard to stop