Now my son is saying there are three numbers to starting the volvo,he showed me 0,1,2,3 i turn the key it goes to the 1,2, but not the three position, he say the key is not going all the way to the on positionfor the car to start, ifeel like it is going all the way to the front i just know it will not click, no sound, just the sound of my antenna going up and down.

i have replaced the water-pump,thermostat,heater core ,radiator,heating sensors,heater control module and a new radiator cap but still no heat what could this be .its not the blower it blows strong but only cold air and the car doesnt over heat


And when I turn the knob to any other position it still stay's on defrost.

2009 Town & Country

is it difficult to do by yourself?

I got pulled over and need to repair this problem before going to court. Can someone help with this matter? I thank you in advance. Juan

There is no noise so figured it must be fuse.

My 2002 accurs tl needs to have steering pump replaced.. Is it critical to do it now and also how much should i be paying

after about 5 or 10 minutes it goes back to empty. Sometimes it will come back up to half full or more then drop back to empty or up to full.

When I put my car in 4H, it clunks really loud and makes a really loud whining sound (kind of like when you need to shift a manual). The rpms are high too. It also feels kind of like its strugling too. When I take it out of 4x4, it makes a loud clunk again and then everythings fine. I just put oil in it because I thought that was the problem. Turns out its not. Please help.

It might stay off for a few minutes or a few hours then it will come back on.Somestimes it will work when I first crank the car then cut off and stay off a while.It works on high or low when it works.

code PO135

Is there a fusible link for the whole car...even interior lights wont turn on with a charge...assuming it was a bad alt or belt, did it fry the computer?

My 01 Regal LS started hitching when accelerating a couple months back. Then, last week it just revved out of sight to 5k all on its own. I replaced the tps, now the thing won't start. Any ideas what it could be? Help Please!