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I know there are no simple answers to this, but need a fix for pinion gear bind under load i.e. pulling or hauling. 1995 Chevrolet 4X4 pickup, 5.7L, 5spd tranny with 175,000 miles on original motor. Motor and tranny...
car shimmys bad when i slow down to a stop after any speed i come down from and it starts to shimmy at 15 mph , and i can stop it from happening if i shift to nuatral to a stop then i put into gear and it takes off gr...
My navajo won't start only clicks it will start only if you pop start the clutch,I have replaced the starter and sylinoid. What else could i do
check engine light comes on,will run a little rough,code says misfire,changed plug wires and spark plugs,no change,
I first noticed my temp guage going nnear the high and remaining there, Then it woud come down and fluate depending on my speed. One the the built broke. I replaced the belt and the tension wheel because it also look...
When should I replace the timing belt in my car, and how much should I estimate the cost to be?
My car has no heat or fan at all. Sometimes the fan will work if I hit a huge bump but other than this nothing. I pulled the blower motor out and it works perfectly. I think it might be the blower motor resistor bu...
Manual trans with a very noticeable noise coming from the engine area but I suspect it has something to do with the clutch or transmission. The noise does sound like a bunch or marbles or ball bearings within the engi...
have a creeking noise the first few turns in the morning
Hi, I have a 2005 porsche boxster, it is locked and the battery is dead, I can`t open it because it only has the electronic remote control(no key)and batery is dead, can some one help me?
it started a few days ago. my truck keeps bucking so i tried putting lucas fuel injector cleaner in my gas tank and it still does it. i also changed the oil now my check engine light is on?
i replaced my battery in my 2002 escalade i started the car and opened sunroof when i tried to close sunroof it wouldnt close any suggestions
the motor takes too long to start
abs light was coming on intermittently for about a week now is on constantly