6 cyl, two wheel drive, positive traction. I have owned it from the beginning. This Blazer has been garage kept.

Here is the problem. In this past year, there are many times that the breaking behavior on this Blazer is unexplainable.

Most of the time the braking works perfectly. Depresses down about half way to the floor, breaking is gentle, smooth and feels right. Other times it begins to pulsate as if I have a compromised rotor. The brake pedal is hard and doesn’t travel down as normal. Sometimes the pulsating just starts while I just driving. A bumping or pulsations which I can feel in the steering wheel, brake pedal and just overall in the vehicle. There have been times when I have to “punch” the break pedal, even when I am driving at speeds of 55 miles an hour to get the pulsating to stop. It is as if something in the brakes system is not releasing and/or just starts the breaking pulsating unexplainable. The only correction has been to stop the car and restart and the pulsating problem goes away and it seems right again.

I have had the brake calipers checked. They are well lubed and move freely, boots are in good condition. The behavior seemed like the ABS is trying to work for no reason at all. I was thinking that this was the problem. So, I pop out the fuse for the ABS.... This left my ABS & traction control, panel lights on and indicating the ABS is disabled.

The problem still occurs from time to time. So now I’m thinking there is something wrong with the computer which governs the whole braking system.

I would like to have some insight in to the possible problem. I have been to many auto service and dealerships service centers over my 45 years of driving.
Just to get jerked around by folks who can’t figure out a problem, and just starts to replace very expensive parts trying to eliminate the issue at a high cost to me.
I can’t afford this route. Just need to know what other possible reasons could cause my issue.

new calipers i squeezed the old ones with a c clamp quickly should nt have probably and bleeder screw was clogged rust.all new now.goes down the road striaght till i hit the brakes.abs light has come on and gone out.Tried to bleed them by myself i have no help.should i bleed both sides at same time.

My headlights will sometimes stay on even though I have turned the switch to the off position. If I turn the switch to the "auto" position the lights will sometimes go off. There are times when I have to turn the switch in both directions several times before the lights will actually go off. This happens daily. I have had my battery go dead twice because I didn't realize my lights were still on when I left my car during the day. What could be going on??

when vehicle is idling, blows cool heat. when driving, blows warm air.

My 4WD light is on but I'm pretty sure it's not actually in 4WD. A mechanic friend says "the motor" is fine, not sure what motor he's talking about. I think he said he thought the problem was the transfer case module. At any rate, I was wondering if there's anything else it could be before I go buying the part because even online they're expensive. Also, where on this particular car would it be located? I believe he said it was just a deal where the old one sort of unplugs and the new one plugs in, didn't sound like a big deal to you know?

I can drive about a half mile, then the oil light comes on. I wait five minutes and start to drive, then it happens again? What could cause this?

I can't turn on the air conditioning it has the compressor power killed at the pressure switch

While driving the drive control system just pops on. I took the car to the BMW dealer and they want to charge me 1400.00 dollars to fix it. They say I need a steering angle sensor. I just want to know if any other owners have experienced this problem.

wont stay idling

when im barley moving either forward or reverse, car is very hard to steer

my check engine light is flashing when i am driving and stays on all the time when its in park and it is idling rough

not enough power when ecelarating

I had to have the timing belt and water pump replaced after my Nissan broke down, but now the engine idles very rough. I took it for diagnostics and the guy said it was multi cylinder misfire, I believe it was code 0303. I'm worried that I bent a valve when the timing belt broke. The timing belt/water pump repair cost $700. I know nothing about cars. Could it just need to have the timing adjusted?

when i am driving it it has hesitation in it while driving down the road.Have had tune-up on it and it still does it carried to advance auto parts cause the engine light came on and they check it and the code was 1404 but they could not find 1404 in their book

What intake manifold gaskets require replacement when replacing the rear bank of spark plugs - is plenum removal required only or does the entire manifold require removal and gasket replacement upon reassembly?