I have checked fuses and all are good.

it seems to be working fine, locating stations....but no sound, what do I do now on how to fix.

Recently I had brought my car into the shop because I got a maintenance required soon warning up, along with the check engine light. The technician cleared the lights, then took it for a drive - the lights did not come back, and they could find not problems. But now I am getting lower gas mileage. The dashboard eco drive is between 30 - 35, where it used to be over 40. Any reasons you can think of? The technicians are saying they don't know, only 46k miles on this car.

The key turns all the way and doesn't start the car and the steering lock isn't working. When turning the steering wheel, one can feel the locks rubbing

My coolant light goes on when I first start the car then turns off when engine is hot. Any relation to needing service

Light flashes code 19 with car running and in drive or park.

I own a 1998 VW Jetta 4 door

car will start and run great and smooth at idle.. when given at gas at all it bogs sown and acts like its starved for air.

car idles horrible at stops but runs great at higher rpms like on the highway. changed all 8 plugs and coils, fuel filter, cleaned throttlebody, changed valve cover gaskets and spark plug seals, did a compression test on cylinders and they are all within 5% of each other. the car has no engine lights on either so theres no codes to read...im stumped and so is my mechanic, jag dealer told me it was 1 bad coil pack and one bad fuel injector which i changed out and still runs horrible... any info would be great

changed out trans,a hose which looks like a vacuum line is sitting on top of trans,,dose it hook up to the engine,an if so were???????

We replaced a front headlight and back brake light but the indicator light is still on.

I was just quoted $1,650 to replace the starter due to the fact that the transmission had to be removed to do the job.

heated cat not supported catalyst not ready evap system not ready egr not supported air system not supported air conditioner not supported

the car does not overheat, and the dealer tells us that the coolant needs flushed. i have replaced the heat actuator under the glovebox and it did not solve the problem. wondering if it the problem is in the actual heat controls in the dashboard? The car is under warranty but the dealer wants to run diagnostics which they are going to charge me for. so i decided to try and figure the problem out on my own.

I have rattlening noise coming from right side of vehicle. Chevy 1500 Silverado has two smaller convertors coming off right & left side of engine, then going into master catalytic convertor. Right side of my vehicle has non-manufacuture weld and part on left side of catalytic convertor. Any reported issue of catalytic convertor recalls for 2003 Chevy Truck Models

Where is the dip stick and is there a portal to add?