I have changed light bulbs

it jumps when i switch gears

it idles really loud and then really quiet and it stalls to start

And how do I know if it needs to be replaced?

What is the problem? ive replaced the tranny seals where the axles come out of it and the axles.

has 200,000 + miles , just had new starter , new water pump , time and belt, ,but whenever i come to a stop with the vehicle in drive it cuts off unless i put it in neutral and give it gas. Usually if it is in park will not cut off. The alternator was also bad so replaced it thinking it may have had something to do with it stalling. Still stalling help

blinking help

Recently, I took my '05 Toyota Avalon to a car wash. The people at the carwash moved the driver's seat all the way up to vacuum underneath it. When we moved the seat back, something is now sticking out from the track that the seat sits in. It looks like a plastic rod and when the seat is all the way back, it is about the size of a pen. If I move the seat forward, it disappears, but when you move the seat back it sticks out again. I cannot figure out how to make it go back in the way it was before. Is this something easy to fix, or do I need to take it to a dealer for repair?

How much should I expect to pay for this repart, parts and labor? The truck has 28000 miles.

the lower radiator hose looks like it has a thermostat housing,but in my experience the thermostat is usually located off the upper hose.

I have less that 13,000 miles on this car. I also have a 1992 Sedan Deville with just over 109,000 miles. I don't drive either of them a lot of miles but I get on the freeway often and blow out the dust. The only situation I have is, due to a dead battery, I have lost all communication with Onstar. Right now I am concerned about the cost of first service. The Onstar situation is a seperate matter. If you can just address my question, then I'll know if I should proceed with the service.

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How do I get ahold of someone at Honda to review/refund my cost with replacing a clutch on a car with only 51,000 miles on it?

I doesnt make any sence?

I hear a knocking sound in the rear left side of the car, only when I accelerate from a dead stop, or when I take a corner at below 20 mph. I don't otherwise hear the sound on a smooth road or over a bump. My car has 188,000. First time I've heard this noise. Never had struts or shocks replaced. Brake inspection was negative. Is this a strut and shock issue?

When I began working on this car it would start and idle,give it gas or put it in gear it dies.Had OBD ran code was for an intake vacume leak,I removed top part of intake and on the bottom side the two plugs were broke off.Assumed this was the issue,repaired and cleaned it(with carb cleaner found out later shouldn't use carb cleaner it may damage TPS,checked it and seems to be ok but not sure).I replaced intake and tried to start, it just popped real loud back through the throttle body and won't start.Spark plugs soaked in gas spark is ok.?

passenger side tailight not working, brake and stop ok