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where is the fuel relay and fuel shutoff switch located on this vehicle
iam getting to much crank case pressure and litte vacuum in hoses
Check engine light came on and the computer shows that the EGR solenoid is bad. I tried to find the part I could not found it.
the car just seems to not be idiling properly. Haven't drove it for fear of causing more serious problems.
transmisson shifts hard . sometimes doesnt seem to matter hot or cold sometimes 1st to sec. sometimes all gears transmission shop code reader shows nothing and auto dealership shows nothing
My 2006 PT cruiser vibrates everytime i accelerate. I just had the spark plugs changed and I had all 4 tires replaced with new ones and it still have the same problem. It does runs good except when I accelerate, I fee...
It doesnt work need help locating it.
My miata cranks but there is no spark coming from the coil packs. I have already replaced the both the coil packs, Crankshaft position sensor and cam sensor. There is current going thru the cables to coil packs but ye...
My prelude has been shuttering a lot from the front right wheel when I accelerate for about a month. The good majority of power is going to my left wheel when accelerating as well. Could this have anything to do with ...
2005 Chevy 1500 with 52k, the 4wd system will not engage. The lights on the switch assembly work on all modes. When i press 4 low i can hear the shift.
My repair guy said that the valve on my number 5 cylinder is going bad. The pressure is about half of what it should be and I wanted to know what kind of price I might be looking at. Thanks.
my # 8 spark plug is constantly being saturated my oil . I have replace valve cover gaskets same thing. This only happens on the # 8 no where else
the four wheel drive doesn't come on all the time or sometimes not at all and I don't know if it could be the actuator or not.
thermostat location
engine does not even crank,(nothing).turn on the key just trouble lights, light up. the break light stays on. Diagnostic codes are 0code,2inc,02snsr,02htr,3ready. battery checks...