Today I was driving in traffic and I noticed the car was shifting rough. I then noticed the emissions light was on. The rough shifting continued for a bit but then was followed by unusually smooth shifting. This occurred previously and was supposedly corrected by replacing the intake manifold gasket, pcv valve, and O-rings which were causing a vacuum leak. Unfortunately it is doing it again. What might be wrong?

Replaced spark plugs and exhaust manifolds, any answers please!

First time this problem has happened while owner.unable to diagnose problem.need technical advise and guidance
what operates heater valve and where is it located? Car sat for 2 years not driven.

I am trying to find and distinguish between the two. Thank you.

Just purchased vehicle. All else works great, except CD player. Detailed service records reveal VERY WELL KEPT CAR.

Is it the horn pads on the steering wheel or could it be the actual horns itself? Please advise soonest.

drivers side

wen up to speed runs great

Where do i find the fuse or what is the fuse #?

To take the assembly off, I noticed a small bolt (in front) holding it. I removed the bolt, but I was unable to pull it (the assembly) forewrd. Is there somethging else on the inside holding it?

Estimated repair cost exceeds value of the car

It is like a hick-up and you came feel it down shifting too

Vibrations stpped after Engine Rubber-mount was re replaced. Now the car makes a vibrating diesel-type car noise.

any help on the code, please

Where is the temperature sensor on a 2003 jeep liberty,and how to tell if it is defective.

Thanx for any advice