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how can i be sure to replace timing belt correctly when i replace head gasket?
car won't start. ford company upgraded system but it is still doing the same thing. when you turn the key to the off position there is noise coming from the dashboard where the mileage, avg, temp etc. Ford said they...
I cant get my gear shift outta park was told its the safty switch and would like to know how to replace this myself thanks for all your input again guys!
The overdrive engage/disengage on the left side of the shifter sometimes works and sometimes it doesn't. The up-arrow light is on. It will go off intermittently and when it does, the RPM's are definitely lower, tell...
must rev car to 3000 rpm to get some heat, replace engine thermostat,radiator cap, and antifreezee,still then same
i have no brake lights on my mason dump. i cked the fuses bulbs and changed the brake light switch any ideas or help
car is in failsafe mode
timming belt replacement
how to change battery
How do you adjust the clutch in a 1995 Fod Ranger
It cranks and sometimes tries to start. Sometimes really rough then dies. It has been sitting for about a month and I started it a couple days ago and let it idle. Did the same yesterday. Today, it won't start. Lif...
whats the brake bleeding sequence on a 1998 chevy silverado k1500
I just recently posted a question on here about my Outback recently purchased from the third owner. It has 140,000 miles on it, and upon purchase, it appears the seller lucked out in that the head gaskets had just st...
the car drives normal , after the car warms up maybe 30 min into driving ; only when i come to a stop and then take off the trans slip but not all the time .if i park for a while it works fine .there is no leak but it...
Cost of replacing throttle position sensor/switch for 99 honda accord 4 door.