When I turn the ignition key to on position, message appears and then disappears when I start the SUV. Check engine light is functional and no codes are present in the computer

when i have my headlights on and go to hi beams i lose all lights. i can not find a fuse for hi beams. so is there a fuse or both my hi beams burned out

my mechanic installed new wires, plugs engine light came back on annd still missed at that speed he then put it on diagnostic and a smoke test he then installed upper intake gasket set , EGR Control Solenoid I drove it around for about 10 miles it still miss at 30-40mph my mechanic said to always drive with overdrive off in town it will drive smoother and then the engine light came on after he said that WHAT ELSE COULD IT BE ?

Have you had this issue? Gears shift, but when we press the gas car will not go in either direction.

2006 corolla, everything works fine, just that light won't come on. Smog guy said light has to come on to smog it. Toyota wants $700 for kit to replace the whole panel with spedometer, etc., says engine light bulb linked to this. Is there a simpler, easier way? 3 weeks for kit to come too.

I have a "P0449 Evaporative Emission Control System Vent Valve/Solenoid Circuit malfunction". Can this be corrected by owner?

I turn the radio volume down and it gets really loud.

how to replace battery

The control button on the upper drivers side door.

My Sebring the two cams moved on me while changing the tensioner. There are three points i need to set.

You can remove cup holder insert screwdriver to release linkage and get out of park.

1990 toyota celica, bad rod bearings very loud noise engine has not locked what will it cost to repair 137,482 miles on the car

only the front signal works not the back

Eps light appear during driving then steering suspend thats will not be end exipt if i restart engin

Ive replaced the shift lock solinoid and the brake switch and all the fuses are good and bulbs are good.