I have the instructions for the installation. I got it from Chilton but doesn't tell you where it is located at in the car. Thanks in advance!!

its a 2003 it runs well. so far no problems.

when it warms up its fine just when its cold. Is this a easy fix or do I have to take it to a repair man or dealer? I f i can fix it let me know.

My car has 21500 miles on it. I noticed fine cracks all along my dahboard. It to0ok 4 months to get a reply from the Service advisor & that they will supply the dashboard. I hve to pay rhe labor. I hve never had a car with leather interior that has cracked like this. Poor quality product!!!

check engine light came on OBD2 codes are P0452 and P0449

Engine does not stutter occassionaly the service engine light will stay on along with the theft light but will turn off when the car is turned off. Have changed the alternator out.

Just started today.

auto zone read me these codes P0441, P1353,P1351, p0313,p0492, p0491

Car won't start, coils not firing, got code PO322, would this
be the reason the coils aren't firing?

Repair pal screen says yes, but my dealer service advisor says no. He claims it is direct flow to the heater core, and there is no heater control valve.

How much should I pay for these service. Dealer was at $1,400.00

On the bulb the plastic melts to where the wire no longer makes contact. I have used bulb grease but it still melts the plastic on a 3057 bulb.

the line runs from the front to the back of the truck

horn does not work, cannot operate steering wheel radio controls, volume

Should the water pump routinely be replaced or only if there is a problem?