I got an estimate but I checked with another mechanic and the estimate from the 1st mechaninc in terms of time is way off.l

Engine run smoothly but has no idea if it is still good car to keep. Just bought on 1/29/12. Can I still return to the dealer. What do I need to do for now for the car to have it safely driving?

I have a 99 Sonata GLS, 2.0 6 cyl. I took it to the shop with what I thought was a transmission slipping issue. After several hours of their tech checking every tuneup item (compression, timing, etc.) they said that the front 3 cyl were not firing and that it must be the ECM chip.
I took it to the dealership and they said it's never the ECM but usually a tuneup item. They ran the same checks and 2 days later said it was the ECM. They finally get the right one in and it did not fix the problem. They are at a loss now and consulting with "Hyundai Specialists" which I assume means the manufacturer. I believe he said that the injectors are working on the front now, just not firing.
Anyone seen this?

I need to replace the alternator

Went for inspection today, failed due to OBD monitors not ready, two of them actually: catalyst monitor and the O2 sensor. Any help appreciated

The drivers side headlight is dimmer than the passenger side, and when it switches over to night time, even the high beam lights come on in a low beam setting. Why? Its not the BCM, I replaced that and had it updated with the new software. No change. I checked the fuses, no change. Is there a relay or power distributor for the headlights?

My heater is working, warm air coming out but the fan motor has stopped working, is this an easy fix?

The temperature on the driver side is stuck on 81, cannot lower it, the seat heater will not go on either. On the passenger's side, everything works fine, could this be a bad fuse?

It idles down initially after startup but then after driving idles up high in neutral. All new cap rotor plugs and wires, new IAC valve, some new vacuum lines. Could it be TPS?

if my gmc sonoma wheel bearing are going out would they heat up causing my front wheels to get hot ?

What is the cause of this noise. Ive only had the car for two months. Also, the mufflers sound like that are choking at first start up. Can someone help with these start up noise issues.

I put my key in and dash lights up,with all of the engine indicator lights,radio comes on and even the windows work but when i try and start it,,,NOTHING,,,no sound,,doesnt even try to turn over. I just replaced battery because of the issue and knew it was about 4 years old. Car has just under 100k miles

what is the permanent remedy of the problem

what is CRYOPhilic bacteria

Starting this weekend, first the 4x4 light comes shortly after starting to drive, followed quickly by the Brake and ABS lights coming on, followed by a beep. Googling seems to indicate one of three possibilities...steering angle sensor, wheel speed sensor(s), and transfer case actuator. The last one worries me. Do I need to go to the stearlership for a GT1 diagnosis? Snap On scan did not reveal anything useful: it threw out three codes: 24378, 50, and 00032. Will the autologic or any other scanner work?

When I step on the gas it takes a second to get up to speed. And when I step on the gas pedal I hear a popping sound. Also when I stopped the car shakes. Tonight when I got home I smelt a burning smell. I am worried.