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Fan does not work on heat or cooling

replaced Water pump on the car because it had been leaking and could have possibly overheated, but nofor long. There is no no coolant mixed with the oil, in the engine. Also what should compression be the car won't start now seems it lost compression.

I need a better little engine with a decent hp boost. A list with the direct swaps would be awesome

wants go forward when shifted into neutral

It just blows warm air from within the car.

cold side heat still comes out and even if the a/c is on is hot air summer is coming and i need the a/c after work plz help . i keep tring things like charging a/c

replaced fuel pump, pump relay, intake manifold tuning valve relay, fuel filter, cranks over tries to fire sputters and dies. Cranks and cranks. Turn key off and on a few times and tries to fire again. Pump comes on for 2 seconds when i turn key on and kicks off. Shouldnt it continue to run?

just need to know where it is at can anyone help me with this

the ignition key is the right one with the chip on it but the security lamp on the dash stays on when the engine is running

On start up no acceleration engines r
ev up to over 3000 rpm but only
goes 15 mph

can not find the part, i just bought the car, it needs a turbo power booster

how long does it take to repair?

First time this has happened, drove it up hill in snow and slush and when I came to a stop and tried to put it into park it wouldn't go into park. Plus the key won't release, probably because of car being in gear. anything else I should check?

How many hours and what would the cost be to fix a front differential leak in my truck. If I bought the hub assembley kit and the seal.

always in the mornin when you first start