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Electrics are not working ... how do I release the storage compartment in back?

In addition to the occasional clunking, the car shudders when applying brakes going downhill over 40mph.

The dealer is saying I should replace the timing belt. According to my Extended Warrant the Timing belt is covered. The dealer says no. It' s PM issue.

Is that true.

can only find upsteam and downstream on cat. converter

has happened 3 times in the last 8 months..twice was an almost disaster..when slowing for a stop...the engine rev's up and severe pressure is needed on the brakes...causing the tires to spin... and putting the truck in park made the engine settle down . We have removed the floor mat to make sure it was not hindering the foot feed...but it has happened again...

A freind ask me to put his rear drum brakes back together. Someone else took them apart.

...when turn AC off the light turns off....its a 87 cadillac deville...

wish to remove lock in order to replace same.

looked in radiator do not see water flowing....

This seems to occur only when heat is on. BTW the air conditioning does NOT work.

When above happened. My powerstearing failed and driving was difficult, but olso my lights of my heater unit went out and my speedometer, stayed, on 50km/h even after I braked to slow down and suddenly, all neadles droped to 0 heathage, fuel Gage, and km/h, if I steped on the clutch, my heater unit lights went on and warning. Lights. Went off but p/staring still stiff and when I released. The clutch. All back warning. Lights on other light off can it be electrical. Or can solenoids. Have an effect or Tyre pressure did replace. Fuses.Read about p/stearing and fan, I might be wrong but it feels so electrical any suggestions?

Air will not flow out of the dashboard vents.

Water Troubles?
I checked all the fluid levels and the reservoir was down about a liter and a half. I filled it with water as it would have lots of antifreeze in it for this time of the year.
Engine Troubles
I checked the Gas cap and it seems fine.
Where is the Mass Air Flow Sensor and how do I clean it.

On my '96 7.4 a socket wrench would move the idler. Also how do I determine if a heavy duty alternator is used because that determines the length of the belt.

this only happens when i turn the wheel. the dealership just told me there was no problem with the steering when it was in for a check up