My truck has two codes popping up, PO455 Evaporative Emissions system leaks detected, and P1126 Manufacture Controlled fuel & air metering.

I replaced the Throttle Position Sensor and the Evap Canister and Purge Valve. Blew out the Evap lines with air to remove any dirt from them and searched the lines for any holes. I cant seem to figure out why im stilling popping these codes but i think there related to each other so fixing one will fix the other.

It was intermittant so I replaced the control on the turnsignal and now it will not engage at all.

show me how to find oil drain plug and size of plug

show me how to find oil drain plug and size of plug

this just started last night, also car is straining going up hills in forward; car is an automatic

The power windows will not operate at all. I'm not sure how long the problem has been going on I just purchased the vehicle today. Thanks for your time any suggestion on what could cause this would be appreciated. Thanks

Changed the brake switch still blows.

i do not have a tool to check the code for this problem

do we replace the entire mirror or just the film

Hi I have a 2008 lexus is350, and the climate buttons and LCD screen is not working at all. I push the buttons and no respond, the LCD screen has power to it because i can see a light, lighting up in the background. I think its the climate/hvac module? if someone knows where its located. i would appreciate it. or any other idea that you might think that are wrong?oh and I changed the whole climate unit console and still got the same problem.

2009 Chrysler Aspen with 26100 miles will not start. Took to dealer and they check battery and ran test and found everything in good condition. Yet 24 hours will not start again.

replace sway bar end links

have new battery still want start.

The check engine light is on and it will not pass the emission test.

I was driving down the road and engine just stopped. First time this has happened. Will not restart and all lights, radio, locks work. Not the battery. 2000 Chevy Tahoe and 150,000 miles.