Dealer did not know and cannot find any service manuals.

We put a different fully charged batter in it & it just clicked when we tried to start it.

Car is leaking power steering fluid.....visibly now. Went from a drop yesterday to a puddle overnight.

What should this repair cost? ballpark? Thank you

Took to several dealers and they couldn't open either

solus scanner code co378

replaced fuel pump and filter and checked fuses. gauge still does not work at all.

This vehicle runs fine until it reaches about 110 degees, and then has a dramatic loss of power with some surging. Fuel and air filter changed. Determined to be heat related. Put 1K ohm resister in coolant temp sensor circuit to make the ECM think the engine is cool and the car runs great. Replaced temp sensor, but problen still there.


ive replaced the alternator as well as the battery and it still will not stay charged the car dies completely out while i am driving

The Drive Cycle and Emissions Readiness Monitors? This site has been most helpful in explaining what it is, but can't find the requirements for this vehicle anywhere. Even the tech who made the repair doesn't know.

I turned it of, but when I turned the car back on it started checking and when I put it on drive it started jocking. What could it be?



i was driving when I noticed that my oil guages was going down, I pulled over to check the oil, i discoverd that there was no oil in there, (however, there were no visualible oil leaks on my garage floor.) I put oil in and tried to drive it home when it quit on me, after a while it started back up with loud ticking noise. I was told that it was the oil pump but ill be better off replacing the engine. I need advice and directions.

my car kept shutting off and in the freeway when it did that i put it in park forgetting to put it in neutral and after that it wont go into reverse

this is a follow up to question i asked several days ago. 1999 chevy lumina car overheated with no warning, no white sweet smelling smoke. Only gauge in red area while husband driving home and steam. nothing occured prior to this to indicate a problem. Now the mechanic that looked at car says it is the intake manifold and does not know if gasket needs to be replaced. They dont do repair we need to have towed agina to another shop. This is beyond what we can afford does this sound logical based on the information? Please advise.

when im driving in thefreeway or street my car turns off and sometimes when i turn it on it shuts back off, and now my car wont go in reverse it will go into drive but not reverse, could all this be connected and what can this cost to fix