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The ABS light comes on sometimes. Wher is the module located And are the sensors on all 4 wheels or just the front ones??
when i put it four wheel drive, there is a significant noise and vibration coming from the front.. as soon as i take it out of 4 wheel drive it stops. does anybody have any ideas of what this could be.
What is the estimate time and cost to install helicore on number 3 piston? Plug blew, had a new one installed but has exhaust leak.
the timing chain broke on this car while driving at 40 mph,,,,is this a non-interference engine
also, may not be financially able to do this for a couple of weeks cause of xmas etc. will that present any dangers other than wear and tear associated with movement by the engine?
How to remove front door interior panel?
We replaced all 4 wheel break pads. break pad low warning still lit. Does anyone know how signal is sent from break pads to the warning on dash? Is it activated via an 'open' 2 wire circuit or a closed (shorted) 2 ...
it started in the winter.afther it starts runing for hour or more wend i cut the egine off it will not grank for few min
how do u get to the back 3 spark plugs on my 2007 crylsler van v6
my 1996 gmc suruban when running shifter will not move but i cut truck off trun swicth about half way the shifter will move.but when i crank the truck up in netural then put shifter in park the shifter will not move n...
steering wheel will go back and forth on its own ,no reason and not do it a all, all componets are tight
cold weather came neighbor said its seems like fuel line problem husband thinks its the starter
What's the mileage interval to replace the timing belt?
when i drive the oil light come on and the car trun off
I changed the fuel filter and it seemed to be better but now it is a lot worse, barely runs. When I'm on the freeway and i give it gas it wants to die like it's getting too much fuel and loading up, especially at high...