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so I just bought this 1995 toyota corolla and while in idle it clicks over and over again without stop. My friend who has a toyota corolla too says its some kind of engine thing something rubbing against something in ...
my power seat goes forward and backwards , but wont go up and down?
Can the front lower ball joints be replaced separately from the control arms? Is there an aftermarket ball joint available where you can install nuts and bolts instead of the original rivets?
do I have to take the tilt steering apart to change the ignition rack gear
Idles very high in park. RPMs won't come down.
How do i adjust the steering box on my 2001 jeep wrangler
About 2 months ago my car started to idle very badly. I took it somewhere and they said it was my spark plugs so I had them change it hoping it would fix it well it didn't. Took it somewhere else and they told me they...
my car would cut off,after it sit for a while it would start back up,so i replaced the fuel filter it stayed crunk for about ten seconds and cut back off
How hard is it to change front wheel hub/bearing?
I already know the problem, I just want to know the estimate for a whole replacement near Holmen, WI.
I keep receiving a display message that states bulb failure postion light ..All lights are working what does this mean..
I bought an acura tl 2003. I cant open the trunk with the key or from the can i fix it? do i need a code?
at a stop light with a 1/4 tank of gas left,when gas petal was pressed car would not move or accelerate. but car was still on.
i have problem whit my car whend i try to start it
my keyless just stoped working list night i got off work & went to unlock my truck but it did not unlock or lock it my batter is good i got a new one put it in but it will not work what do i do to fix it