I have replaced the waterpump(it was leaking)I was hoping that was the problem. It gets worse the faster you go, with the window down at 40mph it pretty bad. at low speed you can make to get worse by stepping on the gas (it comes and goes).lying underneath at idle i can hear it. please help.

I know it's a wagon and is part of the "E" series, but what's the T for?

I had the alternator changed and the battery changed and the battery light still comes on. It only comes in the morning when it is cold the night before. If I stop after that and restart the car it does not come on, otherwise it will be on till I turn the car off...only happens when the temp. drops at night...if its warm at night the light doesnt come on at all...please help

Bought 2002 deVille from relative who drove it weekly and serviced regularly. Mileage at 14,500 then [original]. After 3000 miles more and 5 months, Check Coolant Level light comes on but no overheating. Add small amount of coolant to surge tank, drive w/o issue for 250 miles. Car sits for few days then start up, Check Coolant Level and Service Engine Soon lights come on [no overheating though] and white smoke comes out of tail pipe. After diagnostic testing, head gasket [cylinder 1] blown. I thought this Caddy engine problem occurred after lot more mileage [100k+]. Curious?

How to replace the throttle sensor

I cant tell where its leaking from and seems to run good when going down the the road but when I stop it leaking antifreeze and the radiator cap is not even warm

when it does start smells like it is flooded once when driving cut off an on and never did that again just started about 3 or 4 days ago when it got cold here in phoenix thanks Larry

Why does my van put out heat when it is riding, but not when idling?

While the lock button can be in the unlocked position, it does not open. Cannot open from inside or ourside. Started 5 days ago.

When pressing the gas while driving it starts to rev up and then takes a minute to drop into gear. Then when stopping it takes a minute to drop down into gear.

The 2001 BMW 330XI was running and lost and power. I checked the OBD codes and it said P1083, P0171,PO174 AND PO5OO. Can you tell me what you think. I was told it may be the purge solenid valve

I changed out the alternator then shortly after the 2nd gear in the transmission became sluggish. Now I have to let off the accelator to get it to shift into second gear. Any ideas.

This happens once the truck warms up about 2 weeks ago I went out and started the trk to warm it up just as I got to it it went dead and i had to boost it the same thing happened today. I had the battery and Alt tested on the trk at high idle it showed 13.8 volts. I have no idea where to start.

and have a loud banging/rattling under my roof of the car. Any idea what this could be. I called the shop who fixed it and they said something about a shield that may have come loose? Any idea how bad this is or if I can fix it myself, instead of going all the way back to the shop?

does this light suppose to stay on and does it mean im in 4 wheel drive mode? Ive tried turning the knob at front left wheel hub but the light remains on but only when my headlights are on. daytime without headlights there is no light. vehicle in question is a 77 Chevy stepside K10.