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Front windshield wipers just stopped working while driving. Any ideas on causes, costs of motor replacement(by a pro)?
my car only start sometime after the new thing i have put into it it still start some tome the radio and light come on but it will not start
When making sharp turns usually at a pretty low speed the front end makes kind of a grinding noice, happens when turning in either direction
How do I change out the power steering pump? I do not know how to remove the belt. How do I take it off?
Is the fuel filter on a 1996 Cadillac STS located inside of the fuel tank, or on the outside?
press on brake pedal, can feel vibration in the pedal and steeling wheel. replaced rotors, pads, calipers. rotated front wheel with drivers rear and the vibrations are still their but not as bad. Help please.
only worked on 1 speed then completely stopped changed blower resistor and still nothing
My ford bronco died while sitting at an idle and now it will not start. Any ideas
Basically my wipers work when they want to. They will start up just fine, but than they'll start to slow down and than completely stop. You can hear a grinding sound when they start to slow down. The wiper motor was r...
engine light code found was 1624 midas said thermotast housing unit should be replace ,they said because of this car is waisting more gas than normal,because thermotast stays open all the time engine...
this car was in an accident it was repair sometime later left wheel fell just disconneted from the metal body of the car (while driving at a parking lot) mecahnic said need to have new controll ar...
The fan in the front that blows out cold AC air and also THE HEATER FAN STOPPED BLOWNING LAST SUMMER.You can hear it switch on but, it does not blow. What could be wrong and where in Paso Robles, Ca. is a place to do ...
this is the first time, they are grinding when i stop
I'm replacing the cd player unit and need a little help on how to remove the dash. any ideas?
I started to back up and the indicator lamp lights up and its saying its PDC Malfunction.