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upper pcv hose came loose and radiator fluid is gushing out

the upper hose came off

My drivers seat completely stopped working. NO noises are anything.

the idle keeps reving up on it

Some say after 7500 miles and some say about 2 years because it has platinum plugs

It leaks slowly when the engines in run.

i have all this codes in my bmw, the transmission go to safe mode.

the ABS, but not the check engine light and is pulling abut 4ampts from the battery and killing the battery, put new battery and istill doing the same thing

I pulled that fuse and it corrected the problem awhile ago but I have forgotten the fuse position to pull and replace for 30 or forty seconds. Is the TCCM fuse at the powertrain control module 1 location?

it does not come down at all

they said they will replace waterpump tensioners and pulleys is this a fair price or am i getting hosed

How often does one need to rotate the tires to maintain the 100,000 mile warranty?

Happened 2 days in a row while driving, and wouldnt restart when it did start it stayed at 4-5 rpm rough idle and only while pressing the gas, after 45 min or so it started just fine and i drove it.

told both o2 sensors left side bad, replace both no difference also wont idle down when stopping now after changing sensors

Does the entire rack and pinion steering system need to be replaced because of a leaking rack boot? Car failed state inspection by dealer because of a leaking boot and wants $1000+ to replace the rack and pinion, states that boot cannot be replaced. I need to know within 15 days.